Update for Tuesday, September 27, 2011. A Winter’s Tale

Rita Sullivan, you still got it baby.

And seriously, nobody does Christmas pop tunes like the British.

Corrie Standard Time: December 25, 2010

My perfect Christmas would be watching the family open their gifts first thing in the morning, followed by an early Christmas dinner, maybe go out and build a snowman with my kid, then just kind of loll about on the couch, eating Quality Street chocolates, drinking my rye n’ ginger and watching Christmas videos from the 1980s.

I wouldn’t last a minute on Coronation Street.

At the Barlows, Tracy is making cracks about the Kabin as Simon opens his present: a tram. “A train,” Ken later corrects but still embarrassing. Meanwhile, Tracy is making plans to go get Amy from the Macdonalds’ seeing as Becky dresses like a Russian prostitute.

At the Rovers, Becky, dressed like a Russian prostitute, is decorating the pub with what she calls a “Lapland” theme but it looks more like the Christmas department at Canadian Tire threw up. Tina shows up in sexy red and white seasonal dirndl thingy. Becky later changes into a silver pant suit with angel wings.

At the Websters, Sally is reminiscing about last Christmas when Kevin couldn’t wait to go jump into “THAT TART’S BED!!! More mince pie, Jason?”

“Just because someone’s dead doesn’t make them a nice person,” she adds.

The Barlows, Deirdre is missing Blanche as it’s their first Christmas without her. Tracy commiserates, as she too missed Amy when she was inside. Deirdre says that’s different. She misses her mum because she died and isn’t here. Tracy missed Amy because she murdered her boyfriend.

So Tracy goes over and gets Amy, who is wearing a cheerleader uniform as seen on “Glee”. At the Barlows, Tracy gives her a fairy dress that was thoughtfully made by someone who was in for drugs, or may have simply been a mule. Amy wants to wear her cheerleader outfit so Tracy splashes wine on it and tells her she now has to change.

Meanwhile, John Stape’s Christmas isn’t too good as he ends up being roped into dinner at the Hoyle’s where they eat turkey and listen to the late Charlotte sing “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” When he finally gets back to the hospickle to see Fizz and baby Hope, Roy and Hayley have brought in another Christmas dinner. So basically he’s like anyone with in-laws whom you don’t want to offend.

Later at the Rovers, the party is in swing and Ciaran is going around with the mistletoe stealing kisses from everyone, including Steve. Claire opens her last present from Ashley: a beret and a bateau shirt. Tears.

Tracy comes into the pub and starts insulting Claire about what happened with “whathisname”.

“Ashley. His name was Ashley.”

“I forgot you’re mentally insane on occassion.”

“Only in certain company.”

Aannnnd Amy, who overheard a recent conversation between Steve and Becky”, informs her mother that Max, her new brother, was bought by Steve.

Nick offers to run the bookies for Peter while he does his rehab. This eventually results in a kiss from Leanne who comes back into the Rovers to announcement that, on Valentine’s Day, Peter is proper marrying her this time.

Eventually, Becky is unable to hold her tongue and gets into a fight with Tracy. Later, Tracy plays her trump card: if she isn’t allowed to have Amy full-time, she reports them to social services for buying Max. Then Becky loudly that she sold Amy to the Croppers.

And ten points to Graeme for standing up to Deirdre when he spoke ill of Tracy for her insults about Ashley.

“She’s my daughter, shame on you.”

“Ashley was my friend. Shame on you.”

At the Websters Christmas dinner, Kevin is made to sit out in the conservatory with baby Jack until Sally, at some prodding from Sophie, softens and relieves him so he can have his pudding.

Mary turned the camper into a mobile news agents and they went around sweets and papers to the locals. Mary says she mistook a request for a lifesaver for a lightsabre. She was about to imitate her contretemps with a Sith when Norris corrected her. Pity, I would love to hear that.

Kirk and Maria came over to cheer up Tyrone but it didn’t work too well.

At the end, Rita sang “A Winter’s Tale” by David Essex as a montage played. Did anyone’s screens go really dark during this bit? I tape the Halifax feed off Bell.

Anyhow, it was lovely.


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39 Responses to Update for Tuesday, September 27, 2011. A Winter’s Tale

  1. S. Poole says:

    Becky did look like something else in that silver suit, maybe more like a fembot from Austin Powers than a Russian prostie. Seemed like a pretty adult themed party cooking at the Rovers early on considering all the kids were present.

    Agreed, Graeme’s line to Deirdre was great.

    Nicky officially back to icky BTW.

    No dark screen on Rogers in the GTA.during Rita’s song, the one and only time I will say a positive word about that company.

  2. Gayle says:

    I agree about the party being adult themed. I offically hate Tracy! She has absolutely no class or manners.

    Becky although very rough around the edges does have a softer side and she is crazy over those kids.

    I don’t think Tracey wants Amy full-time she just wants to hurt Becky and Steve.

  3. Long Time Lurker says:

    Have those people on Corrie Street not suffered enough – now Tracy for Christmas! What more can befall them??
    I’m not ususally a Gail-fan, but I loved her tongue lashing of Tracy at the Rovers – I’d like to bottle her tirade in case I ever have to use it.
    And shouldn’t someone be urging Tyrone to get some counselling? Very soon, he is so going to regret giving up young Jack and someone should be documenting his mental state at this time (that’s the lawyer in me talking.

    • missusmac says:

      Counseling? On Coronation Street? Hahahahahahahahahahaha! The minute I realized Gail, David and Sarah Louise were not getting counseling, despite living with a serial killer who also tried to kill them by driving them into the canal, was the minute I realized no one on Corrie will ever, ever get counseling. Instead, they will all put the kettle on.

  4. Gayle says:

    Long time lurker, I agree with you completely. Tyrone is in desperate need of counselling I really feel compassion for him.

  5. beanie says:

    What a beautiful song and Rita sang it so well.

  6. Wendy says:

    I can’t believe how much I hate Tracy! Seeing and listening to her absolutely infuriates me, I want my chance to go all “Becky” on her too! She is seriously a fantastic actress (god that was hard to admit, I can’t seem to separate the two…). She definitely does NOT want Amy full-time.

    Where in the world is Maria’s babeh?! Have I missed something?

    • Bea says:

      I was wondering the same thing. She never seems to have him with her. She must have some great child care situation going on.

      • Long Time Lurker says:

        I thought I saw Maria’s baby for just a moment when she and Kirk went to visit Tyrone for Christmas. For a moment, I thought it was baby Jack, but he was with Kevin, so I figured it must have been baby Liam.

      • barbee says:

        Didn’t Maria and Kirk have wee Liam with them when they went to Tyrone’s? I had been wondering what dishwasher he’d been left in for so long as well.
        I just loved Rita’s singing that beautiful song – thanks for identifying it for me.
        Tracy makes me almost physically ill; she’s a real psychopath and how her mother doesn’t see it is beyond me. Although as a mom, maybe I’d be as blind – who knows?
        Poor Claire, all this and now Tracy too!
        I kind of hope that all this misery morphs its way into traditional Corrie – we need a few moments of levity (Mary and the lightsabre notwithstanding).

  7. Modge says:

    I must be the only one who found Rita’s use of that song to be rather insensitive considering Claire’s recent loss. However, I suppose that it was a plot device with which to get her outside to see that big, shiny star.

    • S. Poole says:

      And it was snowing, just as it did on their wedding day.

      The meanness of our Tracy seems a little OTT, her treatment of Claire in the Wed episode was despicable again. Time to get a little catty, the actress playing the part is good and all but she has aged in her time away. 😉

  8. haili says:

    I know I’ll get sick of her but I kind of enjoyed Tracy’s entrance and the reaction it got from Gail. Go Gail! Loved Graeme’s comment to Dierdre too; actually I like all the come-back remarks answering Tracy’s nasty digs.

    It was really sad, hearing Rita sing that song and what it did to Claire and I forgot how much Claire has been getting on my nerves lately. She was going to leave Ashley about a week or so ago and now she’s all broken up with grief. And I shed a tear.

  9. City says:

    (Hi, new girl :D)
    I wish someone would stick Tracy (and Kylie!) in a little wooden boat, and drop it into the middle of the sea. Let ’em fight over seagulls. Not really a fan of Gail either, but I loved how she went after Tracy. I find it a bit hard to really feel for Claire and Ashley, that whole thing with France was too random.

  10. lovethestreet says:

    (Hi, new girl.)Tracy is absolutely unbearable. Can anyone tell me if the writers have gone over the top or if that really is how borderline personality sociopaths behave? Surely, in real life, even a mother would be mortified by her cruel, selfish behaviour.

    I’ll admit that my eyes have welled up a number of times these last two weeks, the storylines have been so sad and so well done. However, at the lapdance — I mean Lapland — theme party, my favourite moment was when Mary stood beside Tina and said “twins”!

  11. lovethestreet says:

    …one more thing…loved Rita’s singing…

  12. Mary Prankster says:

    The problem with the great writing & fast pace of the 50th Anniversary week’s shows is that it raised the standards and our expectations. From the moment that the streetwalker fishnets & ridiculous heels of Tracy’s costume made their appearance at the memorial carol service, I’ve been mumbling “Aw C’mon, writers!” It’s not just the actress’s portrayal. The writing is so OTT, it’s lost all credibility. Tracy has a history of generating animosity with almost everyone on the street, so it’s not surprising that there would be some verbal skirmishes, but to make her go out of her way to insult and offend everyone seems just pointless. I do know that Corrie has a long tradition of sharp-tongued, mean-spirited women, but this seems gratuitous. And perhaps it’s because I don’t know the history of Tracy’s childhood, but I can’t believe that Dierdre could be so blind to her daughter’s “faults”, having dealt with the consequences of her behaviour for so long.

  13. corrierules says:

    I wish this was like Facebook so I could “like” comments. There are so many here today that I agree with…..
    Like so many here, I also loved Rita’s song and the montage (please pass me a Kleenex) and I hate Tracy (pass me a baseball bat, please). Oh, and Nick? Go away please…

    It was a beautiful episode and once again, Sophie broke my heart

  14. corrierules says:

    PS. My Facebook comment in no way implies any criticism of this site. I am deeply appreciative of the bloggers’ hard work and excellent product. Thanks for creating and maintaining an excellent site!

  15. haili says:

    This site is so much better than facebook IMO. I guess I’m old fashioned but this is more like conversation than the silly small talk on facebook where I rarely comment and can’t be bothered to “like.” I do like reading the opinions of others on this site whether I agree or disagree.

    I was wishing Leanne would leave Peter and re-marry Nick since they are still so attracted to each other. I don’t see that chemistry with Peter and he’s bound to stray or fall off the wagon one of these days. This affair she’s having with Nick will hurt Peter more when he hears about the sneaking around. I think it’s Simon she cares about and the reason for marrying Peter.

  16. Barbie says:

    I absolutely hate Tracy too but she sure makes things interesting.
    Oh, and my screen went black too John.

  17. Robin says:

    Can someone refresh my memory about what went down with Tracey and David prior to her going to jail. Did he lie for her and/or did she threaten him? I remember them having some sort of relationship. I was going to google…..but am trying to avoid spoilers.

    • barbee says:

      If I remember correctly, Tracy convinced David to provide her with an alibi, or at least to lie under oath during her murder trial, in return for which she would sleep with him. He did and she didn’t, in her own spiteful way. Psychopath, I say, psychopath! And if I have it wrong, please someone correct me.

      • Long Time Lurker says:

        And now it looks like both of Gail’s idiot sons are going to sleep with Tracy! Honestly, can’t these guys keep it in their pants, just once. Even Gail doesn’t deserve this.
        Good for Emily for not putting up with Tracy’s b.s.

  18. Bea says:

    Did anyone notice the song that the carolers were singing just as Tracy’s taxi pulled up? Something about ‘the Angel of the Lord came down and glory shone around’ Bet that wasn’t random. lol

    • lovethestreet says:

      ..and she said something to the effect of “most exciting arrival in 2000 years…”

    • Modge says:

      Just like Charlotte’s CD – somebody had made the comment that the Carpenters wasn’t really Charlotte – however, her singing of the Carpenters’ song “Close to You” certainly wasn’t random, either.

  19. missusmac says:

    I could not last a Christmas Day on Coronation Street. Don’t have the drinking or skirmishing stamina to do it! Funny, I had really no reaction to Tracy plotting to and then actually killing Charlie, but was shocked when she purposely spilled wine on the Glee outfit from Becky that Amy obviously so adored. (Ok, I’m also a little shocked Amy’s watching Glee at that age, but then again, Becky is her long-term mom. I can see Becky just lubbing Glee!) I cheered Graham at his reply to Deirdre, and am actually worried about Claire — who recently I also could not stand. Her character seems extremely fragile and wounded right now. Does she go, or does she stay?
    Changing my mind, I think I could really enjoy Christmas at Eileen;s. Am betting there is much chocolate, much booze and lovely sappy Christmas moves on the telly! Heaven….

  20. lovethestreet says:

    Are we ready to start betting on “who dunnit?” Steve, Becky, Gail, Nick, David, Claire…? Why, even Emily was spotted speaking angrily to Tracy just the other day. Hmmm…

  21. missusmac says:

    My money is on Mary. She’s nutso enough to do it, and seems to be able to terrorize people and never be punished. (Think Norris and an isolated cottage.)

  22. haili says:

    I couldn’t wait so I looked it up and was surprised.

  23. lovethestreet says:

    I love the way characters have been asking one another — without much apparent concern — “did you do it?”

  24. missusmac says:

    Other than Deirdre, no one else seems to give a monkey’s. Even Ken seems somewhat sketchily trying to distance himself from Tracy. “My actual daughter? Nope, not really related…”

  25. fondue123 says:

    Can I just say…I am astounded and disappointed by Kevin’s behaviour. Kay fine, his back’s against the wall, but jeez…what a d-bag. And who is his lawyer? What chance does he really have on the high road against Sally, he cheated on his wife and had a bastard child…um…duh. I just don’t get how he thinks it’s going to work out for him.

  26. fondue123 says:

    …And where’s the love? They’ve been married for yonks. They’ve both been responsible for problems over the years, and figured it out, forgiven each other and kept their marriage whole (yeah, weird but true). But I think this one is entirely on Kevvy, and I really don’t see his perspective at all. Especially telling his girls that his priority now is baby Jack, sorry. Way to throw everybody under the bus, Kevin. Can anyone explain Kevin…?

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