Update for October 4, 2011. Don’t Call Canada Until It’s Dark

Well, the rumours are flying around Sally and Tyrone. She did share a snog but Kevin got the wrong end of the stick and thinks they’re an item. Sally, realizing what her husband suspects, smirks and denies nothing. But a dressing down from Sophie cools things off a bit. Until Kevin punches Tyrone who then goes on to perform a full service and an MOT.

A chat with Rita, Eileen, Rosie and Jason in the Rovers brings out the truth – she lied to hurt Kevin. Eileen says she’d do the same thing.

Jason is grossed out, “Mum he’s the same age as me!”

“And your point is?” She retorts before sending him off for drinks.

“Why me?”

“‘Cause you’re a man.”

Yes, Jason. As you should well know by now, Coronation Street is a show about women – women and the men who disappoint them.

Then Kevin goes and gets an estate agent, who looks like Mr. Bean, to have a look at the house. So things maybe haven’t cooled down as much as I thought as the bank accounts are frozen and Kevin is filing for divorce. So Sally tears up the divorce papers.

“That’s a legal document,” he protests.

“Sue me.”

After the air is cleared, Kevin tries to leverage Sally’s lie about the affair with Ty into a reconciliation. Yeah, not happening Kev.

I just want to go out on a limb here and say I hate that Tracy Barlow is back. There have been murderers on the show before but they all got theirs in the end, one way or another. Tracy, as a character, seems to be rewarded for her loathsome behaviour. I almost want to give up on the show until she’s gone.

Anyway, she woke up in the hospital and put the blame for her attack on Becky who is promptly arrested. Ken has his doubts though.

Sorry, what is the point of Claudia again? Oh well, at least Audrey met some dashing fellow named Mark at her salon.

Gary’s job with Owen didn’t go so well when his PTSD got the best of him.

John’s been hanging out with Mother Fishwick instead of his fragile daughter. He gave her “Colin’s” phone number in “Canada” and it’s odd that she didn’t notice it was a UK number that would show up on her caller ID at “John Stape”. But then she bought his explanation that Canadians never call each other until after dark. Fortunately, it’s October. It’s always dark now.

“Congratulations, Canada, on getting the 24 hour clock!”


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17 Responses to Update for October 4, 2011. Don’t Call Canada Until It’s Dark

  1. S. Poole says:

    Well, after the scenes in the back room at the Rovers I think it is obvious who gave Tracy’s noggin a floggin’ as Ned Flanders once said to Homer J. Simpson. (and it wasn’t Steve!)

    They really think having Stape holding a hammer once again will fool viewers into thinking he might bludgeon poor old Mrs. Fishwick? Shame on the writers for that.

    And for the record, in a fight between Kev and Ty, my money is on the younger man. Tyrone looks solid and remember he packs a punch, Dev sure does. 😉

  2. missusmac says:

    Yes, in real life Tyrone would win, but the actor who plays Kevin was in Canada last year. Said Kevin had had something like 27 fist fights on the street, and had never lost one. Good thing it was fist fights and not arguments, because he’ll be losing every argument to Sal for the next few years.

  3. haili says:

    Thanks for the update. The @#%#@$ digital box has messed up my VCR and I only saw 20 minutes of last night’s show. Why is new technology so complicated? Is it to force people to rent PVRs and subscribe to movie channels?

    Why is everyone so shocked by Sally and Tyrone? He must be in his 20s by now and she’s an attractive woman. I was more shocked that Molly would be attracted to Kevin. I was hoping Tyrone would sock Kevin again.

    Often John’s lies are just too stupid to make sense. If he’s a compulsive liar you would think he could come up with some better stories – and stay away from people who knew Colin.

  4. Gayle says:

    John excellent update! I agree with you completely regarding Tracy Barlow I can’t for the life of me understand why the producers brought her back to the show. She has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    John Stape is also really getting on my nerves lately he tells lie after lie to that poor lady. He never seems to go to work and leaves Fizz alone at the hospital.

    • Bea says:

      I agree with you about Tracy. Corrie is just getting a bit too dark for my taste. It was perfect without Tracy. I want to get back to the everyday lives of everyday people on the Street.

      I think that the producers have realized there are too many small children, and it is hard to write for them, so they will have Tracy take Amy away to London or somewhere.

      Also, wondering if Colin’s mom and Charlotte’s parents knew each other. Colin and Charlotte were colleges, so their parents could have run into each other at some time.

      Also, the hammer scene,…………..pretty lame.

      • Robin says:

        I was thinking along the same lines. My guess is that Charlotte’s parents will see Mrs. Fishwick’s obituary in the paper that lists Colin as her son. They will be back around to ‘console’ him over the loss of his mother. Another funeral that John will have to act through.

  5. How predictable was the story with Tracey? I am getting a little bored with Corrie at times.

    • John says:

      I am as well. I haven’t written much about this on the blog just ’cause I’m busy but it seems the hour long nightly Corries are a blessing in disguise. It’s great that we’re catching up (the gap between the Canadian and UK broadcasts is shrinking steadily) but an hour per night is a lot of Corrie and it tends to magnify the faults in the storylines. I have to confess I’ve even been skipping episodes (but not my own updates) and reading the UK update sites just to get the gist of what’s going on. It often takes 2 or 4 episodes to move a plot point along so I’m not missing much.

      It’s pretty clear by now, from the approximately 8,000 close-ups of Claire every time it was mentioned that Becky got arrested, that it was Mrs. Peacock, in the ginnel, with the frying pan. She had the biggest motive (Tracy mocked her late husband and her mental illness and the fact that she made a fool of her during her murder trial) and was questioned the least by the police.

      She still supposed to leave for France with the boys. But now she’s a criminal. Tracy likely remembers who did hit her but said Becky did it just so she would get custody of Amy.

      I don’t mind an occasional big storyline like the tram crash because the benefit is that you see how the street would pull together. Now, they’ve taken that and thrown a cartoon pantomime villain into the mix and it’s ruining the entire balance of the show.

      One of the worst things I’ve read about Corrie lately is that it’s turning into EastEnders.

      • Bea says:


      • Long Time Lurker says:

        You’re so right, John, on several accounts.
        Really, with something as big as the tram crash (with the deaths, birth, revelations and break ups), why do they also need Tracy to show up. Sure we don’t need weeping and wailing for months on end but honestly, it’s almost as if the tram crash never happened. There are many tram-crash story lines that still need to be dealt with and resolved.

  6. t. kunzie says:

    I enjoyed reading all of these comments! Despite being a poster, I choose, as much as I can, to remain in “Canuck fog” and not know plots/stories ahead of the current Canadian episode. I was surprised to see Tracy return. And, for me also, she has “wrecked the vibe” that was goin’ on. It truly is like having a horrible neighbour move back in. Deirdre’s inability/refusal to see that her child is a monster rivals Gail’s. I hate how so many of the characters bend over backwards to “keep her sweet”. She is a thug.

  7. lovethestreet says:

    Some of my UK relatives have been complaining that Coronation Street has not been nearly as good this last year, and that the “small” stories and humour have been lacking. It certainly seems like that is the direction the show is going just now. The scenes with Tracy are unbearable.

  8. haili says:

    The Tracy character is just too one-dimensional and just plain evil. The other murderers had some redeeming qualities and were likable at times. Even John Stapes makes me laugh when his lies are just so flimsy and he gets into such stupid situations. Tony was at least attractive and I liked him with Maria. The only good thing about Tracy that I can think of was that she at least got rid of Charlie.

  9. lovethestreet says:

    Have you seen last night’s episode? I respectfully suggest that the next update title is “Oops…I did it again”

  10. Silvereyes says:

    I don’t wish death upon characters, although it’s a shame Tracy didn’t meet her end. She’s despicable and just needs to go.

    Joy seemed like a nice woman, although thankfully we don’t have to sit through another irritating story about Colin being handsome, or Colin being clever, or Colin blah blah blah. Maybe the storyline is just getting annoying. Why can’t John just say he was there? He was helping her out. End of.

    Speaking of annoying, I want to punch Nick in the throat. Getting Peter drinking again is bang out of order. Leanne doesn’t want to be with you. Get over it.

    End of rant.

    In other news, even if it means having to see Nick’s two facial expressions on repeat, I’m loving more time with Peter. He’s done some stupid things, but I like his character. Plus, he’s rather hot. 🙂

    Also love Graeme. He doesn’t get enough air time, but when he does, he’s solid. I like him with Tina, and his compassion for Claire and the boys brings tears to my eyes. It was sad to see her go, but without Ashley, there weren’t many things they could do with her character.

    I just love this show, but agree that there needs to be a bit more humour and a return to the tram story lines for completion.

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