Update for Wednesday, Oct. 12th…WTF??

Okay, so a whole lotta late goin’ on, but here is Wednesday’s update….

WTF with the Cheque?

Owen decides to buy Izzy a laptop for her birthday. In the computer store, his business account is overdrawn, prompting him to wonder WTF and where is the cheque Eileen accepted from Carla?

Eileen visits the bank, trying to un-steal Owen’s money and withdraw it from her account and deposit it into his. The bank feeds her banko-babble which amounts to no, she can’t do that until the cheque clears. At home, Sean tries to reassure EIleen that Owen won’t notice anything’s amiss for days, and to chill. Owen, meanwhile is very un-chill after having had his card declined and wants to know WTF, right away.

He quickly suspects he has been bamboozled by Eileen. He asks her to drop by later to sort out a few things.

Owen, having had EIleen meet him at work, takes her out for a “friendly drink”. After a little small-talk, Owen cuts to the chase and says he knows EIleen has ripped him off. And he’s going to the police. After this uncomfortable little meeting concludes, Eileen goes back home. It’s not long before Owen bursts in, saying that he’s going to find some awful way to punish Eileen.

Where TF is Private Windass?

Anna is wondering where her son has spent the night, and learns that he didn’t stop at Izzy’s. In the Cafe, David Platt assures Anna that Gary didn’t cop off with anyone and all is well. Walking outside, he rings Gary for the umpteenth time, wondering WTF.

Gary, meanwhile, is in jail, being processed. While the cops are not unsympathetic regarding his claustrophobic attack, they can’t give him a get out of jail free card.

Gary surfaces sometime later, wanting nothing to do with David and meeting concern from Izzy. He confides in her that he’s afraid he’ll lose his career.

Who TF is the Burglar?

Simon doesn’t want to go to school, as he doesn’t trust Peter to keep out of the sauce. The cops drop by Peter’s, when Janice is staying, to ask further questions about her break-in.

Meanwhile, out in the street, Chris and Billy the Burglar are having words about the botched break-in. The cops have connected the dots and figured out that all the break-in victims had also ordered a cab from Streetcars.

The cops pop by Streetcars, working their theory that someone at the firm might be their burglar…the big picture comes into focus then, as we see that apparently Chris is trying to frame Lloyd. During a moment alone at the cab office, Chris nicks Lloyd’s keys to plant a bag of evidence in his trunk.

Janice, for some weird reason, is all crazy gung-ho to throw Lloyd under the bus and decides he’s the burglar and shouts it about town.

WTF is up with John the Muderer?

Fiz is about to depart for the hospital, but John is not going with her. He is distracted, remote, disjointed and other bad stuff that happens to people that commit accidental murders and kidnappings. When Fiz returns home, John is sitting on the kitchen floor in the dark. He begs Fiz not to let the police come for him and says that Joy was nice and didn’t deserve to die. Fiz soothes her hubby, telling him that soon Hope will be taken off the ventilator.

Some time later, John is starting to unravel for real and tries to ring Charlotte. Fiz is über-concerned and goes to see doctor Carter as she recognizes a crackin’-up when she sees one. Doctor Carter comes by within the hour, and decides that John needs immediate ‘evaluation’. So off to the psych ward he goes.

WTF will  Michelle Do?

Ciaran is all moody and sad about his argument with Michelle, and grouses to Lloyd about it.

Later, he pops into Underworld, apologizes to Michelle in his own inimitable bard-like fashion and says he’s madly in love with her…and will she join him on the cruise ship….sigh. Carla initially thinks this idea is bonkers, but then hey, carpe diem, she urge Michelle to follow her heart. Michelle doesn’t give a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ on the spot.

At Streetcars, Ciaran is about to embark on what he thinks will be a lonely ocean voyage. He gets his belongings, enters the cab…and there is Michelle!….hugs, kisses, tropical holiday….yahoo!

WTF is up with this Eddie guy?

The Windasses, meanwhile, arrive to meet their prospective new daughter, Faye, a saucy wee thing of about 9. She is initially contrary, but soon warms to Eddie’s unintended buffonery and inexplicable strangeness, and agrees to a slice of the cake they have brought.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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2 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Oct. 12th…WTF??

  1. eps says:

    Wow, I really appreciate the cleverness of the Monopoly motif. It fit so well.
    The Street is really too full of strum and drang these days. We still need a
    Blanche, even more so with Betty gone.

  2. haili says:

    Owen’s account must have been empty until that cheque cleared so he’s another one living pay cheque to pay cheque. In other words – skint!

    I never figured out how the police knew that Lloyd is innocent but he wasn’t charged – was he?

    It seems that the writers don’t know what to do with Janice so they just have her yell at people and be judgmental.

    I will miss Betty. She always made me laugh – with an expression or just a couple of words. Don’t think I’ll miss Michelle.

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