Update for Tuesday, October 18, 2011. Sorry, I’ve used all the peanut butter

Corrie Standard Time: February 2, 2011

(8 months and 14 days behind)

Peter’s drinking again and both Carla and Simon are covering for him. He ended up back at his support group where he told them that he drank yesterday and the day before and will continue to drink until Leanne realizes that lying is the only thing he’s good at. Then he ended up at Carla’s where he spent the night. This was not an ideal time for Carla as she had customers calling her left and right and centre. When Hayley went to her flat to check on her, she found Peter there as Carla explained that he’d been fixing her Wi-Fi all night.

So that’s what they’re calling it these days, Hayley thinks.

So when Hayley gets back to the Rovers, she finds Leanne who’s frantic over Peter’s disappearance. Hayley tells her the truth: that he was at Carla’s all night.

This sends Leanne over to the factor where she has it out with Carla. Carla, still protecting Peters, denies any shenanagins but rebuffs Leanne’s accusations. When she gets back to the flat, she finds Peter who tells her a long involved story about his phone being on the blink and the support group leader falling off the wagon. Leanne lets him unspool the whole the story before she confronts him and the truth comes out: he was drunk and sleeping it off at Carla’s.

She asks him when it started and he says it started when Nick came over with some wine.

“You didn’t fall off the wagon. You were pushed!”

“But Nick’s my friend and you, his ex-wife for whom he still carries a torch, have been so supportive of me. It just doesn’t add up!”

But it adds up to a knuckle sandwich for Nick which Leanne promptly delivers to his door.

The Barlows end the day with fish and chips as Leanne nurses her hand and Peter remarks just how lucky he is to have such a great family.

Becky came up some fool plan to take Max and Amy to Spain to avoid Tracy in the event she went back down or, worse, got off. Her conviction was overturned and she announces that she’s going take Amy away from Coronation Street where she can find work. Steve panics and offers her a job.

“Hey Amy, want Mummy to show you how to pull a pint?”

So now Corrie has a confessed murderer walking free with no sign of going anywhere. Let’s hope the Widow Peacock comes back from France to finish the job she started.

Rosie and Jason took baby Jack to a modelling shoot and returned with a baby Jacqueline. This sends Kevin into a rage:

“How did you end up so selfish, shallow and irresponsible?” Kevin thunders at her before Rosie can gather the presence of mind to give Kevin the obvious answer. He got Jack back, in any event.

Sian and Sophie have had a falling out over college which Sophie finds boring.

Fiz has now taken to impersonating Colin’s…widow (you know what? I have no idea what’s going on here but I just assume she’s gotten deeper into John’s bizarre web of lies). Anyhow, Ches is the only one in the house with a moral compass these days.


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29 Responses to Update for Tuesday, October 18, 2011. Sorry, I’ve used all the peanut butter

  1. Bea says:

    That part about the mixed up babies was quite funny. Only, I think it sounds vaguely familiar. Not sure why. Was there a previous similar story??

  2. Gayle says:

    It’s been done to death on sitcoms. Nothing agsinst the actress who plays Rosie but she seems to have the IQ of a ten year old.

    Incredibly self-absorbed but look at her parents!

  3. Mary Prankster says:

    Moral compasses seem to be in short supply on the street lately. It’s all getting to be a bit much. We need to be supplied with charts, graphs & scorecards.

  4. lovethestreet says:

    First Eileen was thieving, and now Fiz! Those were both characters whom we were supposed to understand as decent to the core. I find the writing very inconsistent lately — since the tram crash, actually — were the writers culled at the same time as the actors?

  5. S. Poole says:

    Of course the authorities will believe Fiz when she tells them she was only thinking of baby Hope when she scammed the money, yeah, that’ll work. Seems John left his stupid pills in the medicine cabinet and she is taking one a day.

    Could psycho Owen be any scarier? Geez Louise, he makes my skin crawl almost every scene he is in.

    Still loving Sally lately, even if she immediately dropped Sophie mid-crisis when snivelling Rosie came in crying t’other night.

  6. Trudy says:

    I am so loving Rosie. How self-centred can someone be? Love all he scenes – she makes me laugh out loud!

  7. haili says:

    Leanne blames everyone except Peter for his drinking but he’s not the most reliable guy in the world and lied like a rug when she asked where he’d been.

    I don’t know what’s up with the writing lately since Eileen and Fizz just acted completely out of character. Especially Fizz, when she thinks Colin’s still alive and would be there like a shot looking for his money.

    Rosie makes me laugh too lately – Sophie – not so much.

  8. eps says:

    How in the heck can Peter justify being such an incredible, self-righteous prig? How will he explain this to Simon? How can he say that he ever loved Leanne or Simon? I am truly disgusted by his completely egocentric response. He’s hurt so his remedy is to cause more hurt to others who he supposedly loves? What a crappy father. I really felt for Leanne.
    No mention of Les at all? Latoya managed to call.

    I agree about the writing since the tram crash.

    • lovethestreet says:

      Ditto. Poor Leanne — the actress did a great job making us feel sorry for her.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Totally agree with you, Eps. To not even ask Leanne for an explanation; to totally believe his lieing, scheming, murdering sister and ruin this relationship based soley on what Tracy has said. What an idiot!

      Leanne would be best advised to get far away from both Peter and Nick – they’re both total jerks. If only she could take Simon with her.

      • eila says:

        “Let’s hope the Widow Peacock comes back from France to finish the job she started.”

        I’ll second that!

    • City says:

      Agree. Why would Peter completely blow up their relationship when, otherwise, Leanne has been loyal and caring to him and his son through so much? He didn’t even try to fix things. Poor Simon!

  9. corrierules says:

    The writing lately reminds me of … dare I say it?…Eastenders. Fighting, in-your-face threats, slamming doors. It’s as if every character is Becky MacDonald. Leanne hissing at Carla, Leanne hitting Nick, Owen playing the “hard man”, Chris arranging a robbery. Sigh. I think I’ll just stop by Emily’s for a cup of cocoa to settle me nerves.

  10. Bea says:

    I don’t know. I might stop watching for a while and just follow the updates. All this nastiness is starting to affect me.
    I can’t believe Peter the bigamist being able to look down on anyone. And as for saying that Leanne committed adultery……..well it was before they were married. I know they were living together as partners, but. I guess there’s two ways to look at it.

    I don’t think Peter is catching on to the AA teachings of tolerance and forgiveness toward others.

    • TJ says:

      I feel the same way. I really don’t want to watch it while all this mess is happening. it’s like they can’t leave anyone alone,

  11. lovethestreet says:

    ..and, on a more superficial note, didn’t Leanne look nice in her wedding dress?

  12. Mary Prankster says:

    Leanne has dodged a couple of bullets. If she’s smart she’ll let social services know how to reach her for when Peter falls off the self-righteous wagon and Simon needs a foster mother, then she’ll run, not walk, as far from the street as she can. But this is Corrie, so of course she won’t be smart. As for Fizz, we know this mess is going to explode in her face at the worst possible moment, however implausible.
    I too am getting fed up with all the bad, petty, tacky, nasty, illegal behaviour. The writers used to balance things better. If this is an attempt to appeal to a wider, younger audience, then I despair for the state of affairs now and in future in Britain and the commonwealth!

  13. eps says:

    Corrierules, you have hit the nail on the head. When out local PBS station showed EE I watched regularly for years but always preferred CS because there were always so many likable characters and it was so much closer to real life as opposed to EE and American soaps. Now only Emily, Rita and Betty don’t disappoint and watching Betty now is sad. Julie, Ches, Roy and Hayley … I expect the writers to mess with them any time now.

    The scripts are seriously lacking in humor and leave me cold. I am curious how folks in the UK responded to this period of time but have avoided the UK sites because I don’t want to stumble upon any significant spoilers. Though, maybe it doesn’t matter and will be just more of the (negative) same.

  14. S. Poole says:

    They mess with Julie or Ches and I can not be held responsible for my actions! Roy and Hailey were a little off the beam a years back — the storyline with the little boy named Wayne they wanted to adopt and almost absconded with, even if his dad was a monster it did not seem like typical R and H behaviour.

    Really feel for Leanne and all, what pompous jerk Peter is. The sarky remarks from Norris in the church were golden and yes, like Deirdre, I was really missing Blanche.

    I am a little worried the good folks at This hour Has 22 Minutes might have dropped a small spoiler, they were on the Corrie set a few weeks back and showed a certain couple together but I am thinking the producers at the Ceeb know we are months behind and arranged for these particular actors to appear together. (anyone who watched it will know the two I am referring to)

  15. Bea says:

    Last night (Monday 24th) was the first time ever that I fast forwarded through the last 20 minutes of the episode. ;(

  16. beanie says:

    I wonder if Peter is being written out. I hope so and I hope he dies a horrible death. I really don’t want to see him on the street ever again.

    • barbee says:

      Nick as well. The character was always a selfish git. Monday’s episode was probably the nastiest ever. Not checking spoilers but I sure hope the writers get back to Corrie reality soon, and away from EE’s.

  17. Long Time Lurker says:

    Agree with all that has been said above. I’m very close to bailing on Corrie. I just can’t stand all of the “dark” plotlines, without any normal situations interspersed. We/they need a break from all the death and destruction.

  18. Bea says:

    I think that in a couple of month’s time, there will be no one left on Corrie who we recognize. They’re picking off the characters one by one. Please, someone, make it stop!!!

  19. S. Poole says:

    The easy fix? Bring back Danny Baldwin! (leave out the last bit where his son chases his wife / step mom.) Liked Frankie too, her time with the Duckies was often very touching, seeing her roots in their working class household, her talks with Vera.

    I agree with much of the thread, it has been a long time since there was something worthy of a laugh, it looks like a dying art on the street. My elderly aunts still hate the fact they made Hailey a transgendered person rather than just another odd but lovable character like Roy. Oh well, que sera sera.

  20. Gayle says:

    What drives me crazy is the whole “Max” storyline. The minute that little “b**tch wanted to sell Max to Steve and Becky social services should have been notified immediately. I feel sorry for that poor little boy but are Steve and Becky the best “parents”? They both have criminal records Becky drinks like a fish and Steve has a daughter he hardly spends any time with. I am a very long time loyal viewer but there are times I fast forward some of the ridiculous story lines. And while I am on a rant could Nick Tisley please, please go to Milan on a one way ticket!

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