Update for Tuesday, October 25, 2011. I Swear on Levi Stubbs’ Tears

Corrie Standard Time: February 18, 2011. 8 months, 7 days behind.

Well, that was quite a wedding. Divorce papers served and a public haranguing of the woman who cuckholded Peter and all those enabled said cuckholding. A poor wickle Simon in his wickle suit didn’t get to read his wickle speech. I hope the priest still got his money for showing up.

I swear the show’s name should be changed from Coronation Street to Things Peter and Leanne Did To Make Simon Barlow Cry. But then, Coronation Street is a place of disappointed children.

The day after, Peter got a lot of that rage out of his system by threatening a sniveling Nick Tilsey with murder but ultimately, allowing him to live but virtue of the fact that he did save his life that one time on the night of the tram crash. Normal service, by the way, has been resumed. Fortunately the repair work on the tram line was not tendered to a Montreal-based company. We’d still be waiting for the announcement of the intent to create a study to examine the cost of repairing the damaged rail line.

Leanne is planning to move to London to be with Toyah, who is the most frequently mentioned absent family member on the show. I often forget that Eileen and Gail had other children, for example. Or that Kevin has a sister.

Janice pleads with her not to go. She curiously has become one of the street’s more sympathetic characters. I think I decided I liked her on the night of the tram crash when she ran up to Ken Barlow and excitedly told him they were about to become related (through their children’s marriage).

For his part, Ken also pleads with Leanne to reconsider moving as he sees that Peter needs her and if they can’t reconcile, she can at least be in his orbit, for Simon’s sake.

But Peter is having none of it. He stuffs her things in garbage bags, tells her she can’t see Simon, and makes her give back the keys. Simon comes back from the dentist and she tearfully explains to him she messed things up with Peter and she has to go away.

“But you didn’t mess things up with me!” Simon protests. And when Peter comes, he turns against her, “You’re not a proper mum anyway!”

Wearing her fetching red hat, she gives up pleading with Peter for another chance. After enduring rejection from Simon, a public humiliation in church, an earlier one in which her call-girl job was revealed, and just being Les Battersby’s daughter, Leanne elevates herself to the role of Classic Coronation Street Tragic Heroine. She gets into the cab with Lloyd and is driven to the station to catch that train down to London Euston.

Ken finally does get through to Peter and when Simon says he wants to apologise to Leanne. Peter says maybe they can go together. He gets Lloyd to drive him and even Lloyd encourages him to patch things up. Suddenly the cab stalls and Peter says he’ll grab a black cab. Lloyd says he was just seeing if he was serious, starts the car and hightails it to the train station.

When Peter gets there, the train has pulled from the station. He just missed it. But there’s Leanne.

“I couldn’t get on that train,” she says.

And they embrace, helping to ensure Simon Barlow doesn’t have his heart broken for at least a week.

Steve,Becky, and Max are back from Spain and Steve is giving his marching orders from Becky to ensure Tracy is sacked at the Rovers.

Becky asks Lloyd (who’s also been working there) how bad is business with her behind the bar. He says she actually performed well.

“I swear on Levi Stubbs’s Tears,” he tells her. “She was almost….human.”

And that expression is now my New Favourite Thing Ever.

And she’s still working there as Steve’s still afraid she’ll report them for buying Max.

Tina suddenly has a new bessie mate that nobody’s ever met before named Xin, a pretty girl who’s recently arrived from overseas, works at a Chinese buffet that one would hope is better than Beijing Beijing in Galashiels, Scotland which I can confidently say is the worst Chinese buffet I have ever had. Anyway, she’s having trouble finding work in her field of study (pharma-something or other, I didn’t catch it) and behind in the rent so Tina and Graeme offer the spare room in the flat they’re renting from Dev. Dev says no. Then Dev says yes but at £200 per month extra. Can you do that? I think there are some renter’s laws that are curiously specific to Weatherfield. Also, the colour red and the number 8 are lucky in Chinese culture but the lucky key chain Xin had made didn’t work out so she took off on the bus, worried that she’s gone and caused trouble between Tina and Graeme and their landlord.

Sally has asked Kevin for his helping with Sophie, who has been expelled from college for failing to do the coursework. Sunita, meanwhile, is taking on Rita’s usual role as confidant and counsellor for Sophie.

The cornershop is almost rebuilt and Sunita is putting on a brave face but she clearly hasn’t overcome the trauma of the Tram Crash.

Nick claims he’s off to Milan for business but why do I have a feeling that, like a bad smell or Sarah Palin, he’s just never going to go away and leave us in peace.

This episode would have been improved with 15% more Julie Carp.


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29 Responses to Update for Tuesday, October 25, 2011. I Swear on Levi Stubbs’ Tears

  1. Bea says:

    I can’t stand that ‘buying Max’ plot line. A child (Amy) overhears that they paid for Max, and repeats it to Tracy. Any normal person would just say that Amy got it wrong and that would be the end of it. Kids misunderstand stuff like that all the time.

    I hate the way that Tracy seems to have some kind of magical powers over everyone. Men have no resistance to her sexual charms; everyone believes all her lies; she can break up marriages on a whim; everyone seems to loath her, but they have no power to resist her.

  2. S. Poole says:

    That picture is the 22 Minutes spoiler I mentioned in the other thread, they interviewed them what play Peter and Leanne in the Rovers, still looked to be a couple and mentioned Peter’s alcohol problem.

    The things Peter says to Ken during their frequent squabbles, like the one tonight before Peter finally gave in are nasty as can be. There were a few real crackers had leading up to the first opening of The Joinery that were especially cutting.

    Any episode with Julie Carp added is 15-25% better!

  3. lovethestreet says:

    Kevin has a sister?

  4. haili says:

    Leanne had a choice between 2 jerks and she chose the alcoholic one. No good will come of this. Peter really makes me want to smack him when he blames Ken for all his problems and was particularly annoying when he was nasty to Leanne for going to help Janice rather than to his therapy session. The things he said to her in church were mean and cruel but then there’s nothing wrong with Peter; it’s the rest of the world.

    I also hate the way Tracy gets away with everything. All Steve or Becky had to do was say that Amy got it wrong about Max being bought. Steve still needs to grow a pair.

    That skit on 22 minutes wasn’t funny but it seems the marriage has lasted at least 8 months. I’ll bet it’s not Leanne who’s the next cheater.

  5. Bea says:

    Maybe Leanne should have gone with Nick. She still would have been with a jerk, but he would not be an alcoholic and the Christmas dinners would always be exciting. lol

    • John says:

      I’m not entirely sure the 22 Minutes interview could be considered a spoiler. The producers could have just given him Peter and Leanne because their relationship was front and centre before and after the tram crash and they that’s what would be playing in Canada when the interview aired. I find the actors, when speaking to Canadian press, are aware of what stories are currently being aired in Canada.

      The funniest thing about the interview was Jane Danson’s reaction. Pretty sure they were in on the joke.

      Peter and Leanne are a lot like Ken and Deirdre. They’ll let each other down once a year but they realize they’re better off with each than without.

      • barbee says:

        I agree with you, John. Even though Peter has returned to the kind of nasty type he has been in the past, both he and Leanne have been through a lot, and do work well together. Peter really didn’t have to do that to Simon, that being said.
        I thought the 22 minutes interview was a setup and I’m sure both Peter & Jane were in on it.

  6. tanzie says:

    My husband, who never watches, but is “forced” to listen to the show has even remarked at how dark and dismal it all seems lately. All I can say is that i’m so very happy that i now have a pvr because i’ve started to fast forward thru most of the stuff I find annoying. If it keeps up this way I’ll be watching a 60 minute program in 15 mins or less lol.

  7. missusmac says:

    There aren’t many plot lines here that aren’t going to ‘end in tears’ as Emily and Rita like to say. Peter was hateful, Becky and Steve — well, don’t get me started. John and Fizz and Kevin and baby, and Sally and those girls…. yowzah, I am so depressed.

  8. haili says:

    Corrie is getting darker and less believable all the time. It’s still entertaining but we don’t get many laughs any more and many of the new characters are just not likable. I do like Becky for some reason but Steve can be annoying when he’s being a wimp and giving in to her goofy ideas – or not standing up for her against Tracy.

    • barb says:

      I’m with you haili. Dark is depressing. I also like Becky, maybe because we’ve seen her overcome so much, and how she’s come to realize the important things in life. (well maybe not everything, but this is Becky!) It’s just that her ways of dealing with things are really skewed.
      The writers have made Tracy a force to be reckoned with, sadly. She is a despicable person, and I’m not so sure she’s a great actress (one dimensional comes to mind). I can only hope her stay is limited. The court case was a farce. She was soooooo guilty!
      I love Julie, and was delighted to see her night out with sister Eileen. Just wish Owen wasn’t lurking in the background.

  9. lovethestreet says:

    No, seriously, Kevin has a sister?

  10. eps says:

    I was glad Ken finally told the truth as we know it to Peter the Prig. Evidently Peter learned NOTHING from as facsimile of a 12 Step program he supposedly was involved in – including his current meetings. I almost threw something at him when he told Leanne that it was all about Simon (paraphrased). What a load of nonsense! Was it about Simon when he lied and continued drinking? Set the little guy up to expect the wedding and having a mommy then blithely brushing off his disappointment and confusion? He was certainly willing to sacrifice Simon’s little heart and ability to trust for the sake of his own egocentric, narrow-minded, vindictive whim.
    He could take some lessons from Ty re: how to apologize. I cannot imagine what Leanne sees in Peter the Pompous Prig..
    Geez, is it truly possible that David is becoming even more obnoxious and with Aud-rah’s
    backing? Pack it in, Maria. There is no future in that shop. When in the heck did David even complete school and qualify?

  11. Gayle says:

    Well said. I was wondering as well when did David ever take hairstyling courses. Last I heard he made the tea and swept the floor. I can understand Maria wanting to pack it in but she does have a child to support (which we rarely see, she’s either at work or out on a date with that creepy Chris).

    Kevin’s sister is called Debbie she was introduced when the Websters first moved onto the street. I can’t recall what happened to her character. I’ve seen the actress who played her on the television show “Dinner Ladies” along with the actresses who played Mavis, Val (one of Ken’s wives) and a young Sunita.

  12. S. Poole says:

    I remember Debbie delivering food for the cafe on a bike, nought else. Sally had a sister (Gina?) who left after getting her inheritance money when their mom died, she might have become a flight attendant but I could be blurring that into another character.

    • S. Poole says:

      Whoops, seems it was Sally’s sister Gina who delivered for the cafe, I stand corrected by the spouse…. the memory is the first thing to go BTW, especially when talking mid-1980s Corrie trivia. 😉

  13. haili says:

    There was something mentioned about David writing a hairdressing exam a couple of months ago. Maybe we’re just to assume that he goes to class when he’s not working. All the hairdressers just seem to qualify by being there.

  14. beanie says:

    LMAO I’ve always been fascinated with HAIR on Corrie. For years people go in to the SALon and come out with the same lid. When anyone actually gets a new doo, it’s not at the SALon and it’s never mentioned. I remember years ago when Deirdre was still wearing that fro, Tracy said “Got a date tonight Mum?” Deirdre said “How did you know?” and Tracy replied “Well you’ve had your hair done” I cracked up because our D looked exactly the same everyday. Giant glasses an a fro.

  15. Carole says:

    Family law in England must be a lot different than here in Canada. How can Tracey blithely take Amy back (and Steve let her) the minute she gets out of prison? Wouldn’t Steve have had legal custody while Tracey was inside? Even apart from the hold she has over him re Max, it seems he has no rights whatsoever. And can Kevin really sell the house out from under Sally?

    • eps says:

      Yeah, and Claire taking Joshua to France while she is evading the law and Tyrone giving away baby Jack although Kevin is not legally registered as a parent. Will Leanne adopt Simon in case something happens to Peter the Prig? Do we need to suspend rational thought in order to follow the current story lines? (I believe that could be classified as a rhetorical question.)

  16. Gayle says:

    Eps, well said. I can never understand the custody issues on Corrie. No one ever seems to contact a lawyer.

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