Update for Tuesday, November 1, 2011. The One Where Everyone is Broke and Desperate


Some people got to have it
Hey, Hey, Hey – some people really need it

Hey, listen to me, y’all do thangs, do thangs, do thangs – bad thangs with it
Well, you wanna do thangs, do thangs, do thangs – good thangs with it – yeah


Corrie Standard Time: March 4, 2011. 7 months, 29 days behind current Corrie broadcasts.

Dev forgot to insure the shop and now’s he broke.
Becky bought a kid so she stole $5,000 from Dev.
Carla needs work for the factory, desperately, even if she has to work with a would-be rapist to do it.
Janice is behind in her rent so she’s moving in with Julie
Xin’s Visa is running out and she can’t afford to live on what she’s making at the Chinese buffet.

Basically every storyline has the common thread of everyone being held down by their debts in some way.

Let’s start with Maria. First – this plot was intended for Michelle but when Kym Marsh had to take an early maternity leave, the story was hurriedly re-written for Maria so if it doesn’t make sense that Carla is suddenly taking on yet another person with no business background (see: Trevor) in the factory, there’s your answer.

The day after she was almost assaulted at Frank’s place, Maria is back at the factory and is being given the high-fives from everyone for saving their jobs. When Frank arrives to go over the new contract and sign it, Maria is cold to him and even Carla notices. Frank, when alone with Maria, tries to play it off as misreading signals but Maria was pretty clear with him the night before. Eventually Maria tells Carla what happened and she confronts Frank. He apologizes, but admits nothing, and the contract is signed. Jobs will stay at the factory and Carla and Maria will keep quiet.

I have to say I find the relationship between David and Gail as comical as it is complex. He’s a total Mama’s boy (even thought he almost killed her) and she thinks no female is good enough for her son. But when push comes to shove, they’ll close ranks around each other.

So David’s got himself all loved up over some girl he met on holiday. When the ever disapproving Gail meets her she, and we, immediately identify her as Kylie, Becky’s sister. She admits to the relation but says they have a different dad. Becky’s remains unknown.

“Hey, just like you!” David says to Gail, who only recently met Ted, who is wisely steering clear of Manchester these days.

Kylie shows her engagement ring to Gail.

“It looks cheap, like the person wearing it.”

Audrey tries to get Gail to look on the bright side, “Well at least she’s not pregnant.”

Then they go off to the Rovers to swallow each other’s faces, meet up with Tina and Graeme, and put the bug in their ears about faking a marriage for a Visa.

Becky’s name is mud these days after it was found out that she stole that money from Dev’s (which Steve paid back but still…). Hayley tries to get Sunita to forgive her as Becky needs another chance. Like Peter’s drinking, Ken’s philandering, Steve’s rushing into poorly thought out marriages, Becky has this thing she does where she steals money. She will get better but in a year, when things get rough, she’ll be back at Dev’s, wrapping a chain around the ATM and attaching it to the back of Roy’s stolen Woody. Anyhow, Steve suggests a week off for her to figure things out.

Janice is moving in with Julie, who is delighted but warns her to never speak while Jeremy Paxman is on (just Googled some YouTube videos of the guy – imagine Peter Mansbridge with an attitude).


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16 Responses to Update for Tuesday, November 1, 2011. The One Where Everyone is Broke and Desperate

  1. City says:

    On one hand, I can’t stand Kylie, but on the other, that pair should make for some uber evil plots. (I almost forgot about Ted, is he ever coming back?)

    • Bea says:

      I like Ted. He’s old and wrinkly, but I still like him. Just saying.

      • lovethestreet says:

        Ditto. The street needs Ted — or a character like him –just now. He has an interesting story, a bit of class, and, generally, some sense of decency. All the things that are conspicuously absent on the Street lately…

  2. S. Poole says:

    Line of the night for me goes to Sean, while watching the David and Kylie snogfest:
    “Like watching a snake try to swallow its own tail.”
    The line earlier about his Rovers wage not being enough to keep him in teeth whitener was good too. Sean has been quite good as of late, standing by Eileen and all, really enjoying his scenes.

    • missusmac says:

      It would be nice to see Ted back on the street. He is a virtual outsider, and of a different and higher sort of class, so his reaction to all recent events would be priceless to see. So would any interaction between Ted and Kylie. Could be very My Fair Lady and funny.

  3. missusmac says:

    Everyone is so icky, and devious and doing rotten things…. Am looking forward to the Gail/Kylie/David interaction though. Should be very humorous!

  4. chumola says:

    I love how on the Street everyone still finds enough money to drink at the pub even when they can’t find enough money for their rent. What’s up with that?!

  5. haili says:

    Steve needs to see a lawyer and get custody of Amy, which shouldn’t be too hard considering that he’s had her for ages – then fire Tracy. Becky taking time off won’t change a thing. I guess people on the Street have the following priorities: booze, vacations, new tops, breakfast at Roy’s – then rent and groceries.

    Will we ever get a new character who’s nice – or at least funny? Thank goodness we have Sean lately, but I did enjoy Becky telling Norris about bad moods due to menstruation.

  6. Gayle says:

    Well said Haili! I also can’t get over how grown-up sons move their girlfriends into their mother’s homes without even asking! My son wouldn’t even bring someone home for dinner without asking if it was convenient first!

  7. lovethestreet says:

    Kylie is a repulsive little cow! As if anyone would put up with her behaviour…

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Unless Kylie and Tracy cancel each other out pretty darn soon, or unless someone nice shows up or something nice happens pretty darn soon, I’m so done with this show, sadly, after all these years.
      John – thanks for explaining how Maria suddenly got that PA job. It didn’t make much sense – it still doesn’t – but at least now we know the backstory.

  8. sbdriver says:

    Did David know that “Candy” was really “Kylie”? I find it hard to believe that he didn’t recognize her when he met her on vacation. Of course, I totally believe that he would bring her home without telling everyone who she really was, just to see their reaction! lol.

    • City says:

      I was puzzling over that too, he must have known. Also, I’m pretty sure he told Gail that she was “sort-of a local” just before Kylie arrived. While I don’t like her on her own, she has made me laugh a few times with the way she treats David.

  9. Mary Prankster says:

    Anyone else think Mark is a transvestite? Anyone else think the writers are running out of ideas? Even when they try for comic relief lately, it ends up seeming nasty, or petty, or bitter.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Oh, for sure Mary – that’s exactly what I thought – or a cross-dresser (I’m not sure if that’s exactly the same). And it really seemed like Mark was on the verge of telling them the truth, but then changed his story to “his sister”.

  10. Gayle says:

    I watch Corrie on line because the timing is bad for me. When Audrey and Claudia are in a scene I fast forward it the same for Sian and Sophie. I find these scenes boring, boring. I have never liked Claudia and could never understand why the producers brought her back. As for Mark what a boring drip of a character.

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