Update for Tuesday, November 8, 2011. Marriage is a Sacred Thing -or- Belt Up!

Corrie Standard Time: March 18, 2011. 7 months, 21 days behind the current storylines.

Maria has come back to work but Carla tells her that Frank is coming by later so Maria plans to avoid him. In the meantime, Eileen is starting at the factory as a stitcher where she’ll be trained by Janice.

Frank comes by as Maria is shouting at Janice and Eileen who are sniping at each other.

“I love it when you’re masterful,” he says to Maria.

“You’ll love Tracy Barlow, then,” Sean says. “She was furious when you stood her up.”

Carla brings Frank into the office and chews out Sean for speaking to the clients as though they’re mates.

Maria, hearing that Frank has an interest in Tracy, decides to warn her about him. Tracy laughs it off when she does and Maria lets it drop. Later, however, she brings up the issue with Frank.

Frank denies everything and says he’s apologized but he’s pretty incensed at Maria’s gossiping. So much so that he cancels his order, leaving Carla in a bind.

Frank also by chance meets Chris at the Rovers.

“Hi. I’m Frank. I’d like to be a rapist.”

“I’m Chris. I beat my wife.”

“I say, I like the cut of your jib, sir.”

So while Carla and Maria panic over this sudden case of ethics, Frank and Tracy go on their date and end up back at his where they drink a £400 bottle of red and Tracy plays the worst game of hard-to-get ever.

Liz, after some sluthing, finally gets the full story of what’s going on in her family:

  • Becky bought Max for £20,000 from Kylie
  • Kylie wanted more.
  • Becky looted it from Dev’s safe the night of the crash.
  • They told them.  Dev and Sunita hate them now.
  • Tracy knows
  • That’s what they’re bending over backwards to keep her sweet so she doesn’t rat them out.
There’s much yelling between Steve and Liz over this and much telling the other to “belt up”. Liz says she doesn’t want to be around when it all falls apart.
Graeme and Xin have been practicing their back story when Graeme discovers that all the registry offices are booked up for the next 8 weeks, well past the expiration date on Xin’s visa. Tina, who I think has been recording country music under the pseudonym of Ashton Shepherd

(am I the only one who sees the resemblance?), comes up with an idea: they do a double wedding with David and Kylie who already got their registry booked.

When they discuss it with the happy couple, Xin says they don’t want them to do anything they’re not comfortable with.

“After all,” Xin says. “Marriage is a sacred thing.”


They agree and Graeme tells David he owes him one.

“You so don’t,” David replies knowing full well it’s he who owes Graeme a few times over.

After seeing them share a pop with two straws, I have decided that Ches and Katy are the Archie and Veronica of Weatherfield.

So when Mr. Lodge finds out that he was put down as the guarantor on their flat, he pulls the rug out so Izzy goes and puts her own name down. Meanwhile, as they’re living on nothing and getting their furniture out of a skip, they have decided now would be a capital time to try for a baby.

The divorce between Sally and Kevin is going forward. Sophie is church-shopping for another house of worship to jump off.

Janice thinks she saw Trevor.

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18 Responses to Update for Tuesday, November 8, 2011. Marriage is a Sacred Thing -or- Belt Up!

  1. S. Poole says:

    With all the twisted goings on lately it could be Graeme is the last to NOT act completely out of character, and now he is suddenly dumb enough to get into the fake marriage scam. Chesney and Fiz are both being dumbed down, won’t even go there with Steve.

    The writers have lost the plot, one request when they regain their senses: Please have Tracy and Becky in a cage fight to the death with neither one surviving.

    • chumola says:

      Let’s throw Kylie into the cage just to make it even more interesting!

      Great update, John – lots of chuckles for sure! I enjoyed the Betty & Veronica comparison, and snorted out loud at “Mr. Lodge” !

  2. haili says:

    I think Becky has potential for improvement. She is better than she used to be but Liz and Tracy don’t help matters, though Liz sure has livened things up. At least Steve stood up to Liz for a change.

    Chesney is usually the most sensible character around but I hope he doesn’t give in and father a baby. What on earth are they thinking?

    Thanks John for the translation. I didn’t realize that Sophie was church shopping. Maybe she’ll be successful in her next jump; one can only hope.

    • City says:

      I feel kind of sorry for Becky lately, she’s almost always been one of my fav. characters, but she doesn’t have much judgement. Speaking of which, I can’t believe Ches and Katy could be so ignorant. (Coming from someone not too much older than them.) Is Katy going to leave school too?

  3. haili says:

    And if Ches. and the girlfriend have a baby – what about the dog the size of a pony? Will he have to leave yet another home?

  4. Gayle says:

    I am so disappointed in the show right now. So many plot holes. Although what Frank tried to do to Maria is disgusting I think it is time she put it behind her and moved on. Why in God’s name would she warn Tracy? Tracy has the morales of an alleycat she was all over Frank like rash when he came in the pub and when the date was set she didn’t even know his name she had to ask Sean!

  5. missusmac says:

    I love seeing Tina’s best friend, who we’ve never heard of, becoming Graham’s new bride… I haven’t looked this up, but is there really a whole new set of writers, or a new producer? Cos, there is some weird stuff going down on the street, just weird.

    Love the update, thank you , it really was far more entertaining than the show has been lately. I am looking forward to Kylie and David providing some comic flair. Graham is too sad and confused lately to give me the chuckles I usually have from his appearances.

  6. corrierules says:

    Oi! (and “oy” now that I come think about it. ..)

    Becky and her drama makes me yearn for the calm, sensible and serene — in comparison, mind you –Karen MacDonald

    I really have had enough of Becky.

  7. haili says:

    I was sick of Karen’s screaming and yelling when she left and don’t miss her one bit, though I’m afraid the writers are making Becky the same – or worse. I wish they would give Steve a funny wife – sort of like Eileen so we could get a few laughs. That would be good in the pub for a change. The Websters could take up the slack when it comes to arguments and yelling – or Peter.

    • lovethestreet says:

      haili, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head: there is not enough humour. There used to be a number of quirky, understated folk on the street, which gave a really endearing comedic element to the show. Now, I’m just sick of the shrewish screaming matches. Look, Becky got upset and went on a tear…again…like we haven’t seen that before…

  8. Mary Prankster says:

    I’ve figured out what’s happened! The bosses at ITV have seen the ratings success of the various reality shows, with all the trashy people being dredged up, paid off, & put on display for the public’s amusement. They figure “If that’s what sells, let’s put it on our shows!” Sad!

  9. corrierules says:

    Why would anyone want to spend more than 10 minutes with Janice Battersby, let alone travel the world with her?!? She’s rude, she drinks too much (very unattractive drunk) and she’s a loudmouth.

    Another “realistic” story from the current crop of writers.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      And yet Trevor is not the first man who wants to travel the world with Janice… she must be really good in bed.

      And speaking of sexy, who else thinks that the way Jim saying “Rebecca” instead of “Becky” is just as sexy as the way he says “Elizabeth” instead of “Liz”?

      Right now, Jim’s voice is the only thing making me watch Corrie.

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