Update for Tuesday, November 15, 2011. “Some people are uncomfortable with mental illness. Not me.”

So Becky and Steve have been getting their cunning plans from the Baldrick Academy of Cunning Plans. This time, they’re going to sell the pub to Jim and Liz, neither of whom have the cash to buy it. And with the pub money, they’re going to take Max and Amy away with them to start a new life, free of debt and free of Tracy Barlow and her evil machinations.

They spend a bit of time on this decision, even going so far as to locking themselves in the back room to discuss and thus denying Betty her tea, forcing her to have it out in the bar, like some kind of animal.

“And where am I meant to drink it? Propping up the bar? I’ve a mind to down dusters!”

Steve finally comes around to Becky’s idea because if it’s a terrible idea and it comes from one of the many women with deep-seeded issues in his life, Steve will go for it. So he gets Amy to play the “find your passport and don’t let your mum find you” game and tells Jim and Liz they’ve agreed to sell the pub on the condition that they don’t say a word to anyone until the deal is done. Jim doesn’t question it but it does put Liz’s antennae up.

Liz overhears the bit about the passport so Steve and Becky confess to the plan. She withdraws the offer. In the back yard, Steve tries to appeal to her.

“Don’t try to analyse me. You’re not Pamela Anderson.”

Stephenson,” Becky corrects her.

Later Jim talks to her and says it’s better to do this and be in their good books and get the pub then allow it to be sold to anyone and never see them again as they’re going to take off anyway.

So the sale is back on and Liz and Jim celebrate with a drink at Nick’s bistro. Although I’m not sure how Jim will buy the Rovers if his Visa’s declined and he’s short £10 to pay for dinner in cash.

On the way back, Liz and Jim talk about the status of their relationship:

“I don’t just want you in my pub. I want you in my bed.”

“You’re not messing me about, are you, Elizabeth?”

“Get in that pub, get up those stairs and remind me what a real man is like!”

And that sound you heard was Jacqueline swooning in Toronto.

We got some back story on Kylie this week. We learned that, like her sister, she was abused and felt abandoned when Becky took off. When her son was taken away the first time, she had to not care to survive.

That would have generated a little sympathy until she took Gail’s £100 and spent it on tapas and booze at the Bistro. When Gail sees her, she says she wants nothing to do with her and calls her the worst insult Corrie can throw at you: “common”.

After spending the night at Tyrone’s on a DVD and lager night, Graeme gets the idea that Tina slept in the poorly spray-tanned arms of Tommy Duckworth. Hey, he was sold to another couple. Didn’t hurt him none. Why’s everyone so upset about Max? Anyway, Tommy does nothing to dissuade this notion so Graeme gets all jealous. Xin did look lovely in her dress, though.

Kevin tried to win back Sally with a brand new Fiat 500. It didn’t work.

John’s back from his stint in hospital and Julie is trying her best to help him through the stigma of mental illness.
“Some people are uncomfortable with mental illness. Not me.”

He’s also a bit suspicious about all the nice middle-class baby gear Fizz got while he was away.

Audrey found out Mark’s secret: he used to be on Thunderbirds:
Ok not really. He’s a cross-dresser and Audrey has to go get him at the police station as he was beaten by some thugs. At her place, he explains that he enjoys dressing as a woman. Audrey talks about all the great gay guys she knows (omitting Ted, oddly), when Mark sets her straight. He’s not gay. He just enjoys dressing as a woman. His late wife knew but without her, he doesn’t have someone to say he’s ok. Eventually she comes around and is supportive and agrees to keep this from Claudia.

And if she has any questions, she can always refer to Eddie Izzard who explains well here:


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29 Responses to Update for Tuesday, November 15, 2011. “Some people are uncomfortable with mental illness. Not me.”

  1. Mary Prankster says:

    Thank you John. We always get so much more than just the facts of the episode from your updates. Baldrick, George Takei & Eddie Izzard, Oh my!

    As for the actual show and its events, I feel like we’ve crossed some line recently. The writers have literally “lost the plot”. It’s now officially in the realm of silly, having long since passed implausible. Almost everyone is behaving like an idiot. Maybe they all have some sort of delayed concussion from the explosion and tram crash! I’m so disgusted I’m considering deliberately looking for spoilers to see if this nonsense continues, and if it does, I may be forced to give up on this institution after its 50 year run.

  2. haili says:

    Thanks John. I love Blackadder.

    Mary: I read ahead unfortunately and don’t like what they do to Jim – very unbelievable and out of character IMO. There are a lot of murders for a small street and also quite a variety of sexual behaviour/preferences for a tiny block of houses: gays, lesbians, transsexual, cross dresser, would-be rapist – and the rest are or have been having affairs with each other. Characters keep leaving and I hope they bring in some interesting ones to replace them since there’s been quite a clear-out lately. What keeps me watching is the lack of anything better on TV these days.

  3. Gayle says:

    John thanks so much for Eddie Izzard I love him!

    Could Kylie be any more obnoxious? What is Gail living on, she hasn’t worked for months yet she give Kylie a hundred pounds.

    If I were Gail I’d kick David and Kylie to the curb. They treat her like dirt.

    I’m thinking Tina’s friend (forget her name) is really, really getting into this wedding big time. I don’t trust her one bit.

  4. Barbie says:

    Thank’s John, I knew I’d seen Mark somewhere before!

  5. Bea says:

    A few thoughts – Why don’t Chez and Katy have any furniture? Did Janice take it in her duffle bag?
    – If I hear “kids are adaptable’ one more time, I think I will scream. If kids are so adaptable, then why are all the adults so screwed up?
    – I loved it when Jim MacDonald called Owen by the wrong name (called him Vern). When Owen corrected him, Jim said ‘it amounts to the same thing’. That was good.

    • Mary Prankster says:

      Wasn’t Vernon the name of that cowboy character that Liz was with awhile back? Jim considers himself the constant, and all the others are just passing through, but if he can’t raise the money for the Rovers, he may blow it yet again with “Elizabeth”, which brings me to a big problem I have with the writing on this show. Don’t these characters ever learn anything from their mistakes?! Is there no self-awareness? Isn’t one of the definitions of mental illness “repeating the same behaviour, expecting different results”? A therapist in the clinic on that street would never be wanting for clients if he/she could once convince any of these people that they could change for the better. It’s not acting out of character to realize one needs to try something different.

  6. corrierules says:

    Just watched tonight’s show (Friday). Great disguise Big Jim. Catch yerself on Jim, you’re an eejit!

  7. eps says:

    I thought tonight, Friday, was ridiculous. Jim’s been stitched up before; he’d know about the silent alarms in banks, CCTV, the worthless of that cap as a disguise, etc. The writers are the eejits.
    Where did Xin spend the wedding night while Graeme (sp?- it looked better when you wrote it, John) and Tina shared the Honeymoon Suite? They only plan on maintaining the charade until Xin gets her visa in 7 weeks or so? That would definitely not fly in the U.S.
    I was a bit surprised that Rita took the truth so hard – didn’t really seem like her. Norris, on the other hand…
    Wasn’t Aud-rah surprisingly accepting of Mark/Marcia? I must admit, I saw that coming when A. and what’s-her-name saw “the woman” leave his house while they were playing spy kids.
    Where did Eileen go? I obviously missed something, Maybe I dozed off.
    Ah, Blanche, we sorely miss you, that we do.

  8. haili says:

    Jim always had a quick temper but wasn’t stupid enough to rob a bank – until the writers made him and eejit. I guess that’s the end of him and Liz won’t be far behind. I’ll miss them so I will.

    Maybe Xin got a single room in the same hotel.

    I got a new bigger screen TV and the wrinkles really show up on the older characters. Looks like all we’ll soon be left with are those mean crazy young ones.

  9. missusmac says:

    I really thought Eileen would make more of an impact in the factory, but not so much. Looks like -again – the writers don’t know what to do with her. Didn’t Gail get the money from Nick to give to Kylie? Not sure what he;s living on either.

    Liz’s line to Jim will probably go down in Corrie history, at the least to be seen in most Best of Corrie specials. It was the one true ‘love it’ moment, besides Julie’s mental illness conversation. Julie continues to be a gem.

    Thank you, John. You brighten the plotlines for all of us!

  10. corrierules says:

    Some scenes in this week’s show that I enjoyed very much: the ones with barmaid Betty Williams. Funny, sly and humorous. But bittersweet. She is such a joy to watch onscreen. I miss her already

  11. beanie says:

    I was heartbroken for Rita when she found out the truth. This whole Xen storyline is just ridiculous. The writers have managed to top that lame story with what they are doing to Jim. I am very disappointed in Corrie lately. I know it’s a soap and everyone can’t live happily ever after but these stories are awful.

  12. tanzie says:

    i’m not even enjoying Xin’s acting. She also seems to be getting a bit jealous of Tina. I keep thinking the whole thing is a bad dream by someone in a coma after the tram crash…they’ll wake up and NONE of this craziness will have gone on lol

    • eps says:

      HA! Like the show with Bob Newhart in Vermont as an innkeeper; the last episode had him waking up in the old Bob Newhart show with the wife from that much earlier series.
      Sigh, one can hope.

  13. barbee says:

    It’s almost the end of the line for me. The writers have turned my weekly escape into a nightmare. When I saw Jim open the bag and there was a gun in it, I actually shouted “NOOOOO”. He’s always been impulsive, but not so stupid as to think he could get away with a flippin’ bank robbery.
    There have been times when the writing has faltered, but it’s now officially off the rails. I think the actress playing Rita wasn’t in tears about Graeme & Tina’s deception; it was for the way the show she’s been a true star in for years is going to the dogs (and the bi&*%es, more like)
    I’m going to give it a while, keep checking in here and on Bluenose Corrie blogger, but I don’t think I can stand any more of Kylie, Tracy or Zin. I love Graeme, but he’s moving on. I’d have loved to Jim and Liz behind the bar; that isn’t happening. Too much violence, downright evil with not even the saving grace of the kind of humour that made the show it once was.
    Sorry Corrie – you’ve pretty much lost me after 30 years.

  14. eps says:

    We are losing the cache of endearing characters who used to counterbalance the wackos.
    We need more humor and much less of the personality disordered, mean-spirited characters.

  15. Mary Prankster says:

    I’m wondering if I’ll last long enough to still be watching when we in Canada catch up to the British episodes. If so, I can then start complaining directly to the ITV producers!

  16. S. Poole says:

    So Jim was just back long enough to be locked up again? Brilliant. *sigh*

    • chumola says:

      It’s too bad that Jim is going away again. I was really looking forward to some Jim and Liz at the Rovers. Does this mean Becky is staying? Oh, well….

  17. Gayle says:

    I absolutely hate what the writers did to Jim. He was so out of character in the last few eppies. Jim would never have committed armed robery in a million years. It just broke my heart.

    I am a long, long time fan but am getting very frustrated with the storylines. I wish Tracey and Frank would ride off into the sunset.

    Maria running the factory was totally ridiculous she wasn’t remotely qualified! She has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer and this story line proved it! Who is looking after her baby that we never see?

    • Bea says:

      It would have made more sense for Hailey to run the factory. She could have done it.

    • S. Poole says:

      Agreed, as my mate said after Friday’s ep, Jim and Steve Mac have been switched, the armed robbery wearing a flat cap for a disguise being the type of hair-brained caper a much younger Steve would dream up.

    • corrierules says:

      The storyline (Frank as sexual predator) was originally developed for Kym Marsh… who had to leave suddenly due to her high risk pregnancy. So she had to be replaced by someone who Frank would date. So, ta da! Maria. Then again Michelle in the factory …. also not so believable/ I think Kirk is babysitting his nephew.

      And boo! hiss CBC for switching the Corrie time slot and not telling anyone

  18. S. Poole says:

    And now they air the show at 1pm instead of the usual 6:30 — with ZERO warning! Gee, thanks a lot, CBC.

  19. Bea says:

    Rats! I missed Corrie! I am so mad! Why can’t they at least let us know when they are changing it. ;o(

  20. S. Poole says:

    Spoiler free (oh how I hate them) interesting bit from the Corrie Fan blog, could easily be written by someone here on CC:

    Big Jim McDonald, in the Bank, with a gun…yawn….

    It’s been made very clear that he doesn’t have the funds to buy the Rover’s, and surprise surprise I read in this week’s soaps preview that Big Jim McDonald, in his desperation, is set to rob a bank, so he is.

    I’m not much of a Big Jim fan to be honest, so I won’t mind too much if he’s sent to the “Big Hoose” for a long stretch (again). However, I was under the impression that Jim and ‘Lizbeth’ were supposed to be heading off into the sunset together, as part of Beverley Callard’s grand finale, but if he gets done for armed robbery, how will that work out? I must say I’m not looking forward to this at all. Bank robberies. Kidnappings. Mass murder. The buying of children. Fake weddings. Tram crashes. The list of eye-popping sensationalist storylines goes on – and on – and on – and I have very little interest in any of them. I’m very much with those of you who want more kitchen sink drama from Coronation Street. I don’t mind the odd murder or robbery now and again – you expect that from a soap – but at the moment the show seems to be lurching from one highly unlikely scenario to the next and it’s far too much. I wish the writers would think carefully about what a particular character would do in a given situation – and not about what they, the writers, can MAKE them do.

    I’ve got to find something positive to say here. On the plus side – I might be clutching at straws but I’m liking Kevin Webster at the moment!

    Bravo, cheers!

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