London Calling

I know it’s Easter and all but does that seem like an inappropriate amount of ice cream for wee Dylan?

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12 Responses to London Calling

  1. Jody says:

    What a nice change from all the other crap that’s going on!!

  2. eps says:

    Thanks, John.
    I enjoyed the second 1/2 tonight/Friday more than any segment in a very long time. Gee, wasn’t it nice to see some of the old gang: Jamie, Violet, Marcus, Todd – and the producers have managed to find another little person who not only speaks but does some acting. Todd was disappointing in his shame of his family and old stomping ground, Violet is looking thin, Jamie is looking good, Marcus is as stable as ever, esp. compared to Sean and the bear is still way too big.
    Gail’s interview with Nick: When he asked about experience as a manager why didn’t she
    mention the years she ran the cafe with (Mike Baldwin’s love, Aud-ruh’s best friend who died of cancer)? Shoot, in an interview one uses whatever might be relevant and helpful.
    Why would she even want to work for one of her sons? Is it possible the writers don’t
    remember or even know that history?

    • Barbie says:

      Eps, I agree with everything you said, totally enjoyed the London trip and hope Marcus makes a return to the show. Oh, and it took me a minute but it came to me – Alma.

  3. margaret says:

    I thought the same about wee Dylan and all that ice cream. Not to mention the cost of the London Eye snd the hop on hop off London tour bus — both £££££!!! And Sean’s machinist wages and newly unemployed Marcus. But did love seeing London since I haven’t been since 2009. Lovely!!

  4. corrierules says:

    Toddly!?! LOL

  5. Mary Prankster says:

    You’re wondering about the appropriateness of the ice cream (Keep in mind that Dylan dropped his 1st cone.) amount from a father that never sees him? This is Sean we’re talking about -never known for his small gestures. Did you see that stuffed bear?! Any larger & they wouldn’t have been able to move in that flat!
    While I thoroughly enjoyed the lovely excuse for a scenic tour of London, I couldn’t help wondering why it was so suddenly dropped into the plot. Does anyone know if there was a problem with the cast, or if ITV had some sort of contractual obligation for its license renewal, or some such reason. Are they perhaps obliged to promote London for the Olympics? At the same time we had the sudden appearance of Todd back in Weatherfield, with almost no preamble. Odd.
    While I’m asking, did anyone get the “Toddles & cream” reference?

  6. John says:

    Re: Toddley and Creme. In the 1980’s there was a British pop duo called Godley and Creme. This was their biggest hit:

    Sean had been talking about visiting Dylan for a while, ever since he added Violet on the facial networking site. Todd’s appearance was out of the blue, though.

  7. haili says:

    Thanks John. This site is so educational! I had no idea what they were talking about re. Toddly and Cream. Todd was a snob with Eileen but it would be only natural for him to come and visit once in awhile. Gail just couldn’t keep her mouth shut though. What a sour puss! I know they parted on bad terms but years have gone by and Sarah has moved on.

    I didn’t think Violet and Jamie looked good at all so beauty really is in the eye of the beholder! I hate that stubbly unshaven scruffy look and it didn’t do Marcus any favors either. Violet was her usual nasty self that she turned into when Jamie came on the scene. Considering that she and Sean were once best friends she has had a personality change.

    I enjoyed the tour of London with Sean, Marcus and Dylan. It reminded me of some of the things I did and saw years ago on holiday. Maybe Marcus will come back since he’s unemployed now.

    Maybe Gail could get a job at the betting shop since the writers have forgotten that she once ran a cafe.

  8. Bea says:

    I loved the tour of London with the three guys! ;o-

    It seems like they are bringing back all the former cast members. Maybe a 50th anniversary thing. They all get a bit of the celebration year. Only it seems that most of the time, whenever a former cast member appears, someone else disappears. eg. Trevor came back, and took Janice away. Jim came back and took Liz away. Is this a trend, or just a coincidence?

  9. fondue123 says:

    I don’t understand Violet’s nasty remarks to Sean re: “I don’t want you around my son because you’re gay”. For one, because I never used to get a homophobic vibe off Violet (Sean’s best friend, hello), for two, because why is Marcus so welcome in her home then???

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