Update to CBC Corrie Catch-Up

I just caught this news item via the always excellent Bluenose Corrie Blogger regarding the double Corrie episodes.

Apparently, the double episodes will continue until we’re about a week behind the UK broadcasts. I actually didn’t expect this and thought they’d stop by the end of 2011, leaving us about six months behind. Now it’s confirmed that we’ll be getting it more or less in real time which is better than I would have hoped.

Still, now that the Corrie Christmas episodes will no longer air in October, how will I know when to start my holiday shopping? 😉


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2 Responses to Update to CBC Corrie Catch-Up

  1. Mary Prankster says:

    I figured we’d be catching up until the hockey play-offs do their annual interference with the regular schedule, which would leave us still 3 or 4 months behind, so this is encouraging news. I guess with all the funding cuts to the CBC, they realize what a programming deal this is, considering the numbers of faithful viewers Corrie brings them.

    • John says:

      I think in the article it linked to it stated that they will no longer preempt Corrie for hockey but they will be be simply rescheduling the show to another time of the day, which is sure to put your PVR to the test.

      I’m confused by their math, though. They said we’d be up to date by next September but if they’re airing 2 episodes per day every day and we’re as of this week 7 months behind, then by my math, we should be up to date (less a week) by June.

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