Update for Wednesday, Dec. 7: Spilled Milk

John and Fiz

 (The skinny: John’s web of lies is creeping closer to home, thanks in part to Chesney’s suspicions and digging. Baby Hope is getting bigger every day and doing fine. John and Fiz made the decision to give all of Joy Fishwick’s money to charity).

This morning finds Fiz still fretting somewhat about leaving Hope with John, now a stay-at-home dad. But the new father is settling into his routine nicely, and leaving the past in the past, or so he thinks.

Later on, Gary Windass and Chesney chat as they unload the van. Chesney is grumbling about John being a nut-bar. Gary reminds him that he, Gary, also wore the nut-bar badge not too long ago. Ches assures Gary that this is different, much worse, and Gary doesn’t know the half of it.

Determined to get to the bottom of John’s story, Chesney takes himself off to the Hoyle’s. He introduces himself as Chesney Fishwick, and ends up charming Charlotte’s parents over lunch. The story of John/Colin’s other life unfolds, including the engagement, and their Christmas together….and Charlotte’s “fiance” having final say about taking her off life support.

The Barlows

(The skinny: Deirdre is still lording her talents as a potter over Ken and chatting about her clay-throwing skills to any who will listen. This includes Ken’s grandson James, who is staying there for the foreseeable. Tracy is still pecking and chipping away at what little domestic harmony Steve and Becky have remaining. Amy has figured out how to make herself deliberately sick, by drinking milk, to which she is allergic. This is done in the hopes of getting “mummy and daddy” back together)

Deirdre is singing DeBarge and doing dishes. She is excited to share a picture of a fig bowl in the tabloids, which she is planning to replicate next pottery class. Tracy is on the phone to Steve, explaining the Amy was sick all night again (having snuck some milk).

Steve pops by and watches a bit of telly with Amy.  Deirdre and James are laughing over a video. Ken tries to read his paper but finds his domestic tranquility shattered. He decides to go for a walk. He stops by Roy’s, to grouse to a fellow academic about the ruination of the general peace, by other human beings.

The Dobbs/Duckworths

(The skinny: Tommy seems to have settled in nicely at Tyrone’s, having been strongly urged by Tina to start paying his way. He is picking up odd shifts at the garage and tomcatting around the neighbourhood.)

This morning finds Tyrone and Tommy talking in Dev’s about boozing and chicks and stuff. Dev warns Tommy not to stir things up with Sian and Sophie, or he’ll have Sunita to contend with.

Later, in Roy’s Tommy approaches Sian and offers her the driving lesson he had promised. Sophie, who seems to wear the pants, gives Sian the okay to go ahead.

The driving lesson has begun, Sian murdering the clutch and Tommy trying to instruct her. She laughs and giggles, all happy and stuff until Tommy leans in to kiss her. She becomes immediately indignant, and storms off. At the Websters’ later, Sian recounts the story to Sophie, who says she’s going to kill Tommy and stalks out.

Sophie takes a strip off Tommy shortly thereafter. Rosie happens by and is not at all thrilled to learn that Tommy’s pass was just a result of a bet he made with Jason. Rosie is super-pissed that her boyfried would toy with Sophie and Sian, and dumps him for his trouble.

Chez Windass

(The skinny: In – what I found to be – a very low-key but sad sort of breakup, Eddie has taken off for Germany to work with his brother. He and Anna have agreed that their relationship has run it’s course…Gary, and even new little Fay, are saddened by this. So Anna is a single working mom for now.)

Anna busies herself working in the Cafe, where she has taken notice of Katy. She offers a kind ear, if Katy wants to talk.

Later, Katy does indeed turn up on Anna’s home doorstep. Anna asks her in and shoos Fay upstairs so they can talk. Fay is not impressed by this, feeling displaced. Katy confesses that she is pregnant, and she is so ill she can’t think, never mind study. While Anna urges her to tell her father, she keeps Katy’s secret.

Rita and Dennis

(The skinny: per John’s entry below, Dennis Tanner was an original denizen of the street…he is now, apparently homeless, and has made friends with Sophie and Sian at the soup kitchen they volunteer at. They began volunteering through James, who also works there)

Rita comes into Roy’s and excitedly tells Ken that she has seen Dennis Tanner in front of his old house. Sophie confirms that Rita’s description of Dennis matches that of Dennis from the shelter.

Rita joins Sophie at the soup kitchen later that day, offering to help with the coffee and tea. Rita hopes to run into Dennis, and presently does. He pretends not to know her; saying that she has mistaken him for someone else. Rita, however, tries to impress upon him that all she truly wants is to say hello and reconnect. Dennis makes himself scarce, but waits for Rita in the hallway. He apologizes for the pretense, saying that he was embarrassed. The two old friends sit down and have a proper catch-up.

We learn that his mother (founding cast member Elsie) passed away some years ago, in her eighties, in a motorcar crash in Portugal, with her boyfriend. The circumstances of Dennis’ poverty remain unclear.

Rita invites Dennis over to her place for a shower and laundry. At first he doesn’t want her pity, but Rita is so matter-of-fact that he relents. Once cleaned up, Dennis presents himself as a silver-haired gentleman. They head to the Rovers and meet up with Ken and Emily. There, Dennis is introduced to Norris, who is immediately territorial.

Sean and the Gang

(The skinny: On a trip to London to visit his son Dylan, Sean had run across Marcus, his cute, smart and well-adjusted ex, who left when Sean became clingy, paranoid and hysterical. Marcus, however, still carries a torch for Sean and had contrived to see him. The chance meeting leaves Sean feeling uncertain about Marcus, fearful of getting hurt again).

The knicker stitchers seem to have enough work to do of late, and they gab happily in the Rovers’. They are surprised to see Marcus turn up. They  look on inquisitively as Sean and Marcus order a drink. When the pair rejoins their table, Sean is being very cool and aloof, and Marcus ends up leaving. No one understands Sean’s reticence, until he explains he doesn’t want to get hurt again.


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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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15 Responses to Update for Wednesday, Dec. 7: Spilled Milk

  1. Mary Prankster says:

    After Thursday’s episode, has anyone any speculation over what caused the rip in John’s shirt? The abrupt scene shift from Mrs. Hoyle’s accusation back to #5 seemed to me like something was missing. Are the writers just being coy about raising the suspense level, or did the CBC do a sloppy edit? Up until now we’ve witnessed each of John’s crimes.

  2. fondue123 says:

    I wondered about that too, Ms Prankster. How did he get from the Hoyle’s basement to #5? I think they’re trying to build suspense, he probably snagged his shirt on something as he madly rushed up the stairs and out, possibly knocking Mrs Hoyle down as he ran. But I bet she still has his wallet…! Or maybe he’s killed them both, and this time, is completely mad, and doesn’t remember anything about it…

  3. fondue123 says:

    Also, how smart is our Chesney???? I always knew that lad had a few brain cells more than the rest of the people on that street!

  4. haili says:

    Chesney is brilliant compared to most of the men on that street and I enjoyed his detective work. He makes John look like an idiot – though that’s not hard. Everything should hit the fan now! It was a nice change from Steve and Tracy too. I guess we’ll find out more tonight.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      It’s a sad commentary on the Corrie Folks that Chesney is also more mature than most of the rest.
      And re: John and the Hoyles’ I was wondering the same thing – built into BBC Corrie, or merely the result of CBC’s Corrie editing?

      • John says:

        I checked the recap of the original ITV broadcast and the skip between John in the basement and John at home was intentional. The viewers weren’t supposed to know what happened until the next episode so CBC didn’t cut anything out on that score.

  5. Gayle says:

    I am really enjoying the return of Marcus and Dennis Tanner.
    Marcus is a lovely bloke I always liked him and doesn’t Dennis clean up nicely!

  6. missusmac says:

    I’ll say! Forget having a child living in the dishwasher, a la chez Platt, Rita has a hairdresser and tailor living in her washer and dryer!

    I would be more comfortable leaving Hope with Schmeickel than John, maybe even Eccles over John. Maybe even Tracy over John…

  7. missusmac says:

    Forgot to mention how sad (surprising myself) I was to see Eddie leave. He was a character with character. As nauseated as I was every time I saw him bake something with 4 inches of cigarette ash hanging out of his mouth, he was a loyal guy to Anna and Gary. He was kind to Chesney, and he gave Blanche a run for her money in the “say it like it really is” department. I will miss him.

  8. haili says:

    Maybe Rita has a collection of men’s clothes from all her past partners and maybe Audrey made a house call! That’s no more far-fetched than John being able to round up the Hoyles and corral and hog tie them in the basement.

    • Mary Prankster says:

      And now we’re expected to believe that one good hit with a wrench will make a hole that allows the hydraulic fluid to drain out of the new lift in the garage, so that it malfunctions and collapses with almost no warning.

  9. eps says:

    Yeah, I found myself thinking,”Good grief, this is getting waaayyyy too much like an American soap”. John’s story line is over the top. I remember the days, 16+ years ago, when the major drama was that the council workers had cut the water line and Alex Gilroy had to have all the glasses from the Rovers washed at various houses on the street. He was all in a tizzy. Evidently the council health inspectors were otherwise occupied. Now it is all murder and mayhem.

  10. haili says:

    John: don’t we ever get to know how John managed to tie that couple up? It just doesn’t make sense. Did he have the rope in his pocket just in case of a hostage situation? How did he overpower Chesney who is younger and faster? Inquiring minds need to know. There is only so much suspending of disbelief I can do.

  11. Gayle says:

    Haili, I agree. I would think Chesney could certainly over power John. God how I wish they would do something to Stape to get him out of the show. I have never, ever liked him and am so sick of his continuous lying (not to mention murder). Ever since Fizz has hooked up with this loser her personality completely changed. I find her to be so annoying and whiny now.

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