This is the Coronation Street Writers Room Right Now

“Ok, John Stape fell off a building and landed on his head. Let’s say he … got away? Everyone? Yes? Yes? Good. That’s lunch then.”


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22 Responses to This is the Coronation Street Writers Room Right Now

  1. corrierules says:

    Hahaha! Good one John.
    Also in the suspension of disbelief department…what’s with David’s newfound zeal to be a parent.??? He was the worst uncle ever!! I can just see the games he plans to play with Max: Hide-the-ecstasy-tablet-in-the-dolly, Drive-the-car-into-the-canal and the ever-popular Let’s-push-mommy-down-the-stairs….

  2. Bea says:

    Just finished watching tonight’s episode. All I can say is ‘ Wow! the actress who plays Becky is certainly athletic’ She will need a few days off after filming that scene.

  3. S. Poole says:

    Indeed. Like the miracle Sophie experienced when she fell off the church onto a car roof, very unlikely she would be good as new a week or two later, same odds for Stape walking away from that fall. Someone call Myth Busters and prove it! 😉

  4. haili says:

    They must be using that new rubber paving material and everyone just bounces back!

    What about Becky’s meltdown? I was liking her but now can see that she’s not good mommy material. She’s about as psycho as John these days.

  5. Gayle says:

    Becky has severe mental health issues and is in desperate need of help. She is not fit to be a parent and neither is her sister the little lad would be better off with the foster parents he has right now.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      I liked Becky and Steve together for quite a while, but it’s time for that to end. I can’t see that relationship surviving all that happened yesterday. But then again, I thought for sure that John Stape was dead.

  6. Capt Pat says:

    How did Steve, Ken, etc., let Becky do the dirty?? No one man enough to stop her, must be the same people who installed the pavement for Stapes??

  7. Mary Prankster says:

    It seems that Phil Collinson, the current executive producer of the show, has been receiving criticism in Britain, ever since he took over last year. Apparently he’s openly gay, & much of the complaint has been that he’s pushing a pro-gay agenda (whatever that means in this context!), introducing a disproportionate number of sympathetic gay characters. My personal theory on that subject is that he’s making the gay characters appear to be the most sane, normal people and the heterosexual characters appear to be the “nutters”. Many British viewers have also objected to the inaccurate portrayal of their health care system (e.g.Who gets admitted to a hospital immediately, gets diagnosed promptly, & gets released so easily?) & their family services departments (e.g. Who sees a worker so quickly, etc.?). Sound familiar?!
    My own complaint is that by making so many characters appear implausibly, irrationally, violently insane, with no logical explanation (with the exception of Gary Windass, who is supposed to have some form of PTSD), it does a great disservice to the mental health profession, and to the many people struggling with real symptoms of mental illness, and it reinforces inaccurate negative stereotypes. We know of nothing in John Stapes upbringing or physiological condition that would cause such behaviour, and the abuse in Becky & Kylie’s childhood does not explain Becky’s inability to control her moods.
    I chose to watch Corrie over the U.S. soaps because it was more realistic, more “true to life”. Not lately! The writers aren’t doing their homework and it’s ruining the show.

    • Bea says:

      Corrie sure is alternative lifestyle friendly. We have a transsexual, a transvestite, a gay couple, another gay guy, a lesbian couple, and Mr. Gay Weatherfield, who ironically isn’t even gay. (But his brother, his lodgers and his girlfriend’s sister are.)

      I can’t figure out why no one stopped Becky. Sorry, I don’t care if she was a neighbor, friend, or relative, she would be in the back of a cop car.

  8. haili says:

    Becky played right into Tracy’s hands with her outburst so now Tracy has a much better chance of getting full custody of Amy as long as Becky and Steve are together. The kind of childhood Becky and Kylie had can mess people up and Becky seems more like an alcoholic than Peter – though more of the binge drinking type. Steve is probably better off without her, though I really liked her character most of the time.

    I think the Barlows were in shock and feared that they could be the next victim of the hammer if they called police. Now Tracy has more ammunition so it suits her not to involve the law.

    • missusmac says:

      It feels like I am watching the Coronation Street of a parallel universe. I recognize the people, I just don’t recognize how they are acting: Fizz lying and stealing, Becky more vindictive and angry than she was when she first showed up at Roy and Hayley’s, Eileen lying and stealing, Graham/Tina/Xin love triangle, and David wanting to be a daddy? (I guess we could put that down to some daddy issues… Remember that time we thought it was really out of character for Martin to leave his son behind for a woman? Yeah, that time when that one character acted weirdly…)

      Interesting to read about the reaction of British viewers, and know we are not alone. Now, whether it makes a difference, and we can go back to Norris entering contests and Rita rolling her eyes, remains to be seen.

  9. Gayle says:

    Mary Prankster – very well said! There are an inordinate amount of characters on the street with serious mental health issues – Becky for one. The only one who got any help was John and he is obviously very ill.

    What I have disliked about Phil taking over as producer is how nice normal characters have had total personality transplants. I used to like Fizz now I find her extremely annoying, needy and whiny. Kirk, Tryonne and Rosie have been dumbed down. Kevin has turned into a cranky old man. As for Steve he has no backbone whatsoever.

    • Diane (tvor) says:

      Kirk and Tyrone have been dumbed *down*?????? *snort* You *have* been watching the same show i’ve been watching, yes? I don’t think the pair of them were ever all that sharp. Steve never ever had a backbone.

  10. beanie says:

    We were away for 2 weeks and I DVR’d all the episodes. Now that I’m getting caught up all I can say is………..HOLY CRAP!!!!!

  11. fondue123 says:

    I can only agree with all of the above posts. It’s really sad to see Corrie Street going down this road (so to speak). Of all of the garbage scenes these past weeks, the one that stands out for me is Steve not stopping Becky going on a violent rampage and allowing her to trash the Barlow’s living room. I know Steve has little or no backbone, but really…if he was finally going to tell her it was him that made that phone call, would he really wait until she’d done that much damage? The characters all seem to be dialled to eleven these days, and often make little to no sense.

  12. Diane (tvor) says:

    I’ve been saying for months that i think the writers have holed up in a back room of a pub with a bottle of whiskey on the table and a laptop and writing the most bizarre things they can think of.. Yes that’s a good one, pour us another drink! What can we do next?

  13. Bea says:

    Poor Fiz. She got hit by a car, her crazy husband kidnapped their daughter, she saw her husband fall off a roof. All this right after finding out that John had killed a number of people, and kidnapped her brother. Oh, yes, I forgot she helped him dispose of a body. Oh, then she got arrested. Bad day, all around.

  14. missusmac says:

    You know the universe is off-kilter when Julie is the most normal person on the street! 🙂

  15. corrierules says:

    Maybe I`ll get a lot of flak for saying this — but Sally is right. Fizz had no business marrying John after he kidnapped Rosie. I will add this however, Sally`s timing was awful, it was hurtful and cruel. But she was right! I completely understand where Sally is coming from. John kidnapped her daughter. And Fizz was an idiot for sticking by him. She used to be feisty and smart. After John, she was clueless.

  16. haili says:

    I hope Fizz gets back to her earlier feisty personality now that John’s gone. At least, I hope he’s gone. Kirk and Ty were never rocket scientists but they weren’t quite as stupid as they are now. Eileen would never have stolen from Owen and neither would Fizz have taken that money. I doubt if Tyrone would have wrecked that hoist either. And how come David suddenly wants to be father to another man’s child? It all started when Martin went out of character with a teen aged girl and then abandoned his family.

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