Roy Cropper: Last Real Man on Coronation Street


Also, tonight’s episode aired on June 20, 2011, which puts us at six months and 8 days behind the current episodes. We’re getting there!


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2 Responses to Roy Cropper: Last Real Man on Coronation Street

  1. haili says:

    Sylvia and Becky in a small apartment should be interesting. They both say whatever is on their minds. They could be good for each other.

    Finally Steve has had enough. Too bad he hadn’t taken a stand before all the lying and baby buying and maybe he and Becky might have had a chance. I liked them together when he wasn’t telling lies and she wasn’t having tantrums, but that was their pattern and he likes women with tempers.

  2. missusmac says:

    I was not prepared to like Sylvia. Let’s face it, Roy has some issues! One assumes many originate from his relationship with his parents and his childhood. But, I can see that there may have been affection on both sides, yet neither could express it. Sylvia is no Blanche,but I like her. The writers could be doing a good job on this particular storyline…

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