The Grimshaws of 11 Coronation Street

It was way back in 2007 when Debbie mentioned in the comments that Elsie Tanner’s maiden name was Grimshaw. I always thought it was odd that particular piece of information just sat there on the shelf, not being used. You had a woman named Grimshaw living in the same house that a woman named Grimshaw also once lived. I thought it was obvious that she simply has to be  related to Elsie. And now, finally, the writers have decided to make that little piece of information official.

Will it have a big impact on any future plots? Not really, I imagine  but I do like it when the show takes its own trivia and continuity and actually does something with it.


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8 Responses to The Grimshaws of 11 Coronation Street

  1. haili says:

    I wondered what Elsie would have been like if she was still on the show but she would have been either dead or in an old folks home so I like that we have Dennis now. I also like it when they mention some of the old characters.

    I’m not liking Eva so far as it looks like she’s another Tracy.

  2. fondue123 says:

    Not sure where’s best to put this comment, but I guess this spot will do! I’d like to know how many bedrooms the Rovers has…Steve’s now got a manageress, her husband, and her daughter living there, plus himself! Where, I ask, will Amy sleep when she’s there?

  3. eps says:

    I agree about Eva. Why did Steve let all of them move in anyway? Schtuuupid! He is really irking me. If he is truly skint how can he write a 5k check to Becky?Come on, writers. It is a soap, not a fairy tale.
    Was the new manageress (sp?) an actor years ago on EastEnders? The boyfriend, Carl,
    has been in at least one UK cop show.

    I was very impressed with the way Roy stuck-up for Haley.

    Happy New Year to all.

  4. Bea says:

    Am I crazy, or was there a previous story line where the same thing happened. A manageress moved in to the Rovers and then suddenly appeared a couple of teenagers. Was I dreaming? Or what??

  5. haili says:

    I think we’re watching the Corrie summer doldrums as these were filmed in July. Every summer the show gets slow or far fetched – or both! Becky’s tantrums and arguments with Steve are getting boring; the aunts were just filler stuff and yet another murder trial is coming up with more emoting from Fizz. Sian and Sophie are another pair of bores. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood and need to lighten up!

  6. Diane (tvor) says:

    The Rovers has always seemed to have elastic walls. It grew a sitting room and kitchen upstairs over the past year or two as well.

    I love it when they nod to the past by mentioning past characters and I’ve been hoping the Grimshaw connection would come up once Dennis returned! So pleased it has.

  7. S. Poole says:

    Leave it to Julie to start connecting branches (and Roman noses) on the Grimshaw family tree. Liked when Dennis gave his take on her flighty personality in the pub.

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