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Republic of Coronation Street

Hey all. Just a quick note that I noticed a funny Corrie reference on Republic of Doyle this week.  I PVR it on Tuesdays and usually watch it right before Downton. It’s a fun show. In a subplot involving a … Continue reading

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Unlucky Number 13, Coronation Street

Off all of the houses on Coronation Street, Number 13, true to its name, offers some pretty bad luck for its residents. On New Year’s Eve, 1960 May Hardman died of a brain tumour on the stairs of her house, … Continue reading

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The Epistolary Delights of Ms. Rebecca Grainger-Macdonald and Other Notes

My position on Tracy hasn’t changed: She killed a person in cold blood and, in the end, got away with it. Had it been self-defense or manslaughter, I could handle that. But she planned it, carried it out, and  admitted … Continue reading

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Coronation Abbey

So Coronation Street isn’t the only ITV produced soap I’m obsessed with. The other is Downton Abbey, currently airing on PBS’ Masterpiece.  Oh sure, there are high production values and nice costumes but come on, it’s a soap. With that … Continue reading

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Seven years ago today this lovely little blog was started by our dear Jacqueline. A few other milestones have been passed in the last little while as well. We had our 3,000th post (now at 3,012) and our 20,000th comment. … Continue reading

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Is Stella Price in every scene these days?

So I just got my first Android phone and I’m playing around with the WordPress app.   Just a few thoughts on tonight’s episode: Didn’t Ken take out a loan against his house to pay for Tracy’s trial? Amy Barlow is … Continue reading

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Izzy Armstrong Sighting

I just want to say right off the bat that Izzy is one my favourite characters. I think she’s got the potential to be one of those classic Corrie working class women who don’t take crap from anyone, even if … Continue reading

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I Spy for the FBI

Tonight, Lloyd, who is moving into Number 13 with T’Cheryl, announced his intentions to display his Northern Soul record collection. T’Cheryl objected, siting the tattered sleeves of his vintage records. One record Lloyd mentioned was “I Spy For the FBI” … Continue reading

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I’m 99% Sure…

That last night, instead of "judge, jury, and executioner," Kylie said, "Judge Judy and executioner." I love some malapropisms, me.

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A note about spoilers…

As of tonight’s episode, the Canadian broadcasts of Coronation Street are exactly six months behind. It’s been years since we’ve been that close to the original UK broadcasts and it may be tempting to discuss current stories as we’re getting … Continue reading

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