Izzy Armstrong Sighting

I just want to say right off the bat that Izzy is one my favourite characters. I think she’s got the potential to be one of those classic Corrie working class women who don’t take crap from anyone, even if Gary Windass is pulling a Charlie Stubbs on her at the moment. I also love her giant black coats.

Anyhow, I recently learned that Cherylee Houston, who plays Izzy, was on an episode of ‘Little Britain’:

I could only find the clip in German but the gist of it is that Andy says “I don’t want that one.” before pushing her to her doom. As you might have guessed, the actress uses a wheelchair in real life.

I’m hoping 2012 sees her move to the street for more story lines.


Note: “They see me rollin'” is derived from a popular internet meme from a few years back. The explanation can be found here, which is where I always go when I see a joke on the internet that I don’t understand.

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7 Responses to Izzy Armstrong Sighting

  1. missusmac says:

    I sighted Teresa on an episode of Pulling over the holidays. She was Theresa x 4! She was the drunken mom of the ‘good’ girl on Pulling, arriving after she’d been kicked out of her teenaged boyfriend’s house by his mom. (She’d been living there for 6 months, waiting for him to take his exams. His mother, she declared, was simply jealous of their love.) Drank liquor straight up, wore see-through tops, etc. Anyway, I could see why Coronation Street producers thought she’d make a good Theresa!

  2. S. Poole says:

    Give the present writing staff time and we will surely see Izzy turn into a thief or generally bad person. 😉

    And speaking of ex Corrie actors, heads up fellow Ontarians, one of Steve’s wives, Karen is on TVO tonight at 10, worth a look for the Dr Who connection.


    From today’s paper: Father Doesn’t Know Best: If you’re in David Tennant withdrawal (I know I am) after he surrendered Doctor Who’s Tardis to Matt Smith, take a gander at the miniseries Single Father. The Scottish actor (who recently married a former Doctor Who co-star, Georgia Moffett) plays a father of four, widowed when his wife dies in a cycling accident and struggling with his feelings for her best friend (Suranne Jones) (TVO at 10).

  3. haili says:

    I saw Sylvia last night on an old episode of Doc Martin. She played exactly the same character on that show as she does as Roy’s mother on Corrie – only she was the doc’s aunt.I wonder if that writer went to Corrie too?

    • John says:

      I’ve never seen Doc Martin but for some reason I read that Sylvia is effectively the same character.

      Katy Cavanaugh, who plays Julie Carp, was on the very rude Manchester drama “Shameless” and one episode of ‘The Street’ which had a lot of similarities to Corrie, except that it was way grittier and draining to watch. In both her roles, she appeared, um, disrobed. She was a world away from Julie Carp.

    • Mary Prankster says:

      I disagree about the characterization. “Auntie Joan” was the humanizing influence on “Doc Martin”, who was good at medicine but had the bedside manner of a computer. She had a similar brusque manner to Sylvia, but had compassion and insight. Maybe because Auntie Joan was not the doctor’s biological mother (so felt no guilt or responsibility) and understood the damage done by his cold parents, she was able to be more sympathetic. Sylvia, Roy’s mother, has felt guilty and frustrated about Roy’s condition, (Asperger’s, we’re assuming), and was unable to be the mother he needed, so made his behaviour worse.
      By comparison, while I’m analyzing fictional TV characters, I look at the mothering techniques of Sheldon and Leonard’s mothers, on “The Big Bang Theory”, one affectionate and simplistically religious, the other cold and academically analytical, then look at the results, which seem to bear no logical relationship to the approaches used. I don’t know what statements the writers of the various programs are attempting to make, unless it’s that nothing makes any difference!

      • barbee says:

        Mary, I agree with you about Stephanie Cole, her character on Doc Martin was much more insightful and kinder than Sylvia. Sylvia is more like her character on Waiting For God (watch it if you can find it). But I do think she’s a great actress.

  4. haili says:

    We saw a softer side of Sylvia last night and I felt sympathy for her when she talked about how Roy would stiffen up when she held him and didn’t like contact with her – or like other people. She looked very happy when she was feeding baby Hope. Sometimes mother and offspring just don’t click and have a hard time dealing with each other and some kids are really hard work eg. Roy. Maybe she just didn’t know how to handle him.

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