The Epistolary Delights of Ms. Rebecca Grainger-Macdonald and Other Notes

My position on Tracy hasn’t changed: She killed a person in cold blood and, in the end, got away with it. Had it been self-defense or manslaughter, I could handle that. But she planned it, carried it out, and  admitted it to her mother. And for that, she’s rewarded.

But damn, if the show didn’t go and make me like her for about five seconds last week when she and Sylvia were savouring the epistolary delights of Becky’s correspondence from Crete:

“…only Chalky and me ain’t been gettin’ much sleep on account of the all the bangin’ nightclubs what are everywhere.”

“I’ve written shopping lists that are Shakespearean sonnets compared to that,” Sylvia remarks.

Good on Audrey for sticking up for Marcia/Marc like that.

Brian and I are in the same boat: Reading ABC books to children and making sure we add, “Of course, in this country, we say ‘zed’.” Tell that to me three year old, Brian.

Was Tommy Duckworth wearing a Liam Gallagher t-shirt?

Dennis is such a great addition to the senior cast that it seems like he was there all along. And I’m glad Sylvia warmed up to him.

In the end, Gary didn’t turn into Charlie Stubbs but he did manage to scare the life out of Izzy. I’m glad to see Anna and Faye helping him out through his latest bout of mental illness.

And what in the world did London do to Amber?


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12 Responses to The Epistolary Delights of Ms. Rebecca Grainger-Macdonald and Other Notes

  1. haili says:

    I find Amber quite entertaining and at least she speaks clearly – unlike some of the other girls. Sunita should be nicer to her since she is part of the family.

    Sylvia is funny too and can deliver those one liners – a bit like Blanche and Betty. Tracy was almost likable this week and I forgot she was a cold blooded murderer – not that I shed any tears for Charlie!

  2. S. Poole says:

    Faye telling Gary things would be work out was sweet, she warmed up to him immediately when Anna and Eddie were not getting through early in the adoption process so it was a bit of payback for his kindness towards her I suppose.

    Amber(man) has sure changed, and not for the better. The nagging line tonight was Dev telling Sunita that he and Amber watched law shows on telly when she was a little girl. Hmmm, did she not come to live with Dev when she was around 14 or 15? Seems a stretch they would watch Law and Order. Plus daddy Dev was always busy with his shops or his love life. Would like to see Amber(man) let the air out of Dev every so often just as she used to!

    • S. Poole says:


      Us oldsters thought it was Keith Moon on Tommy Duckworth’s T, live and learn huh? 😉

    • Diane (tvor) says:

      While Dev did know that Amber existed, he never watched tv with her and her mum in the shop flat where her mum lived, rent free, above whichver shop it was of his she worked in. I don’t remember without looking it up, but i don’t even think she knew her mother’s boss was her father until Sunita found out about All His Children. I remember finding it strange at the time that Sunita had worked for Dev in another shop and then in the Coro St. one for all those years and never knew about the other women Dev had kids with but the other women knew about each other.

      • John says:

        I think the writers are hoping we forgot all about that episode as it kind of went over the top with all the revelations. One secret child he kept quiet about I can see. But don’t forget there are others that he no longer acknowledges, not to mention his grandkid, whom we saw once.

        I wonder if they’re quietly trying to re-write history but suggesting Amber was the only love child the whole time but inventing memories of events that never happened is just weird.

  3. missusmac says:

    It’s Amber man, and is she ever different, man! Amber was the kind, conscientious, studious, voice of reason who really hoped Dev and Sunita got back together. WHO IS THIS GIRL? It’s another writers’ lapse, or at least it seems her character is in the writing hands of someone who has never seen any previous shows. Yes, people change, but not like that. Yet, the way Sunita is acting, she has never trusted Amber and always expected her to be bad. Not true. I suppose, for the sake of plot development, we must accept character transformations…. Shame, she was always one of my faves.

    • haili says:

      Exactly! There must be new writers who haven’t been watching! I often think that because of the personality changes in some of the characters. Sunita was never nasty before either so why is she like that now with Amber? Owen has become all sweetness and light too these days. Maybe there’s hope for Becky as Kylie was almost human when Gail gave her the pep talk. I hope Gail remembers that talk when Max is dumped on her to babysit most of the time!

  4. Gayle says:

    Amber was supposedly away for 2 years at University in London? Did they never communicate in any way shape or form? Dev was shocked when she arrived home? I don’t understand. I always liked Amber she had a brain in her head I hate how her character has changed. Maybe something happened to her when she was at school. My son lived in residence his first year at school and he has told me some very sad stories.

    What have the writers done to Sunita she is horrible to Amber. I know their house is small but Eileen seems to have no trouble packing all of her lodgers in.

    Is it just me or are Dev and Sunita’s twins wild, undisciplined little brats?

  5. matthew says:

    My better half, aka the Right Honourable leader of the opposition , says that Tommy Duckworth’s shirt has a photo of Ian Brown on it . He was the lead singer in a band called the Stone Roses , who were huge in the late 1980″s .

  6. Mary Prankster says:

    I know why there seem to be so many personality transplants lately! They’ve hired 14 year old writers who aren’t old enough to remember the past behaviour of the characters. There’s no other explanation for tonight’s ridiculous nonsense. There wasn’t ANY adult conduct!

  7. haili says:

    Tommy wears the world’s ugliest T-shirts IMO.

    Night before last Kylie was almost human but last night she was back to her ugly, nasty self and David was almost as bad. I was so glad Becky held her temper but got her own back anyway.

  8. Bea says:

    Audrey has a good thing going. A boy friend (Marc) and a girl friend (Marcia) all rolled into one. I think that would be convenient sometimes.

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