The Holy Crap We’re 5 Months Behind Update

Last night’s episode aired on September 2nd, 2011 so we’ve now closed the gap to five months behind the UK. Remember that we started out 10 months behind so we’re in the home stretch. I’ll be relieved when we’re back to 1 episode a night. As great as it is to close the gap, 5 hours of Corrie a week is a real slog.

The big news this week is that Fizz, having grassed on the prison drug dealer (played by Rebecca Callard, daughter of Beverly Callard, aka Liz Macdonald), now facing violence for herself and baby Hope. Tyrone, having heard this, decides to go found the drug dealer’s boyfriend, take photos of him dealing, and use those to blackmail him into getting girlfriend to lay off Fizz. It does not go according to plan and eventually the dealer, Leon who even scared Uncle Len (nice callback) is tied up in the freezer at the old butcher shop while Tyrone, Kirk, and Tommy figure out what to do next.

Becky got a job managing a posh pub using a speech that never got anybody a job anywhere:

"If you want somebody running your bar shouting gobspeak that nobody understands, then go hire a Dalek. But if you want flesh and blood, somebody who’ll make the people feel really special and get them spending all their dosh in a place with a fantastic buzz then you won’t find anybody better than me. And if you want to stick that in your CSR audit and see what it prints out, be my guest." Although I do see her point – trendy business terms like "stakeholder" make my eye twitch.

Then she went and lied about managing Roy’s Rolls and asked Roy to lie to her new employers to be a reference and, well, you might as well ask Mr. Spock to do that for all the good it will do.

Kylie is taking baby steps toward adulthood. After blackmailing Audrey with a video of her and Marcia, Audrey’s relationship with him ended. I was looking on YouTube for the ending of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where Dr. Crusher breaks it off with her new Trill lover when his symbiote is placed in a female host. She basically gives him the same speech Audrey gives Marc.

Anyhow, Audrey also tells Kylie that their childhoods were not that different and asks her to take a look at her like. This strikes a chord with Kylie and she cleans up her act enough to try to impress Max’s social worker. She also plans a mobile nail salon for busy women on the go. Carla, basically.

Anna and Owen have a date but Faye, sensing that yet another mother is about to abandon her, send Anna a text from Owen’s phone breaking it off. The misunderstanding is cleared up when Gary finds Owen’s phone in Faye’s bag.

I also noticed the show mentioned Macdonald’s and Coca-Cola. And Marcus’s laptop plays the telltale Windows XP start-up sound. I read somewhere that the rules regarding product placement have been relaxed in the UK and I’m just wondering if that’s related. Previously, the show has existed in a kind of bubble where nobody seems to use major brands. I hope Carlsberg doesn’t buy out Newton and Ridley.

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15 Responses to The Holy Crap We’re 5 Months Behind Update

  1. haili says:

    I love the 5 hours a week and will miss it when it ends. It was especially nice during the holiday season when there’s nothing else on. It never bothered me that much to be behind though as we see it all eventually.

    I enjoyed the posse going after that drug dealer and am liking Tyrone with the other single guys; a bit like the 3 Stooges, or Bowery Boys – or the good old days with Curly, Des, Martin and Kevin.

    Where do Kylie and David plan to put Max to bed? Are there more than 3 bedrooms? Or will Nick finally move into his own place? I really want to see Becky do well at the new job. The best revenge after a bad breakup is to do well!

    • Mary Prankster says:

      Gail seems to have the same kind of “amazing, magical, expanding house” that Eileen & the Barlows have, unlike the inflexible, cramped house of the Alahans.

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    Thanks for the update, John, complete with references & laughs. Holy Crap is right! I’m wondering how the CBC is going to handle the hockey playoffs changeover. Will they continue the hour a day broadcasts, starting at 3:30p.m.?
    The mobile nail salon service would be a good idea in another neighbourhood, except for the fact that Kylie’s not exactly mobile. Neither she nor David have transportation. Maybe she could get her hands on Graham’s old rickshaw, but I don’t think that would do it!
    Tyrone, Tommy & Kirk, plus Gary, make the 3 Stooges look brilliant! #1 -Go on a stakeout in a van with a logo all over it, complete with address. #2 -Have no idea what to do if the object of the stakeout spots you, #3 – Lock the guy in a place where his cries can be heard from the street. Etc.Etc. Actually, it was a pretty realistic portrayal of what most people would do in such a situation! And I’ll definitely make sure to catch the next episode, to see where all this goes.

  3. Diane (tvor) says:

    Last night’s ep was really good. The Keystone Cops were a laugh. Kirk is so gormless and he always makes me giggle. Becky was wonderful, telling that HR cow where to get off. I even loved Kylie’s vulnerability.

    The hour a night is great but it is hard to keep up with when you’re doing updates and notes like i do for the weekend round up and putting together the weekly spoiler page up. Catching up is wonderful! I did hear through a reliable source that CBC would keep it up through the playoffs into the summer. We would get caught up maybe up to a week or so hold back which is superb!!! Even back in the day the closest we were was 6 weeks behind.

  4. S. Poole says:

    The Tommy, Ty, Kirk and Gary plot looks like Reservoir Dogs Lite. They needed names like Mr Blonde and such, that way Kirkie`s name would not be compromised. 😉

    • John says:

      For some reason I kept flashing back to Paulie Walnuts and Christopher chasing that Russian through the Pine Barrens in that episode of The Sopranos.

      • beanie says:

        OMG John, You’re right!!! The best Sopranos episode ever. If one of our heroes had lost a shoe and they were reduced to sucking ketchup pacs. LOL

  5. Colin says:

    Relieved when we’re back to one episode a night? Noooo way. I love the back to back Corrie hit I get after a long day at work/school. I’m happy we’re on our way to catching up, but I’ll be bummed when we’re back to less than 30 minutes a night.

  6. Thel Haug says:

    Dear John,
    This is *not* a “Dear John” letter as we used to term letters where a girlfriend was breaking off a relationship…instead it is a huge thank you, dear John. Your holy crap update was great. I love your updates; they are well written and accentuate all the struggles of each episode.
    I am enjoying the double episodes right now but then, I only have to watch them. For those of you, like John, who are watching with an eye to informing afterwards, it must be double the work.
    We are catching up to the UK, though. Thanks again.

  7. eps says:

    Boredom x Two

    Chris has got a problem
    Hiding under his hair
    Another excuse for being a brute
    But I don’t care

    Marie wants attention
    Needs for Chris to be there
    Its always all about her
    But I don’t care

    The King and Queen of whinging
    Make such a lovely pair
    Emoting, tantrums, crying
    And I Don’t Care

    • Bea says:

      When Chris first came on scene, he had a shaved head. Made him look like a thug. Then he grew his hair out, I thought it was to make him look more friendly. But, now I see it was so he could get cancer and then shave it off again.

      Didn’t Chez give Katy a big bouquet of flowers on the same day that Kylie was supposed to be receiving flowers from David. Chez said he traded them for a dog collar. Is that just a coincidence? Or are we supposed to read something into it. Like – The flowers were not addressed properly; they got stolen; or maybe just the fact that Katy is cute and innocent and deserves flowers whereas Kylie is a right cow and thinks that she deserves them. Or maybe I’m just a crazy person with no discernible life beyond Corrie. (Not saying that is a bad thing),

  8. missusmac says:

    I find that watching the episodes online at CBC’s site works best for me. I love the double episodes, but in the double standard world in my house, spending an hour of prime TV time nightly on a British soap doesn’t work.
    (Hockey? Yes! Shows about dysfunctional teenage moms? Hell, yes! DVR’ed Hawaii 5-O episodes? Yes! Yes! Corrie? Nooooo. ” Mom, what are you watching? That’s so bad!” “Honey, that’s such a bad show. Does anyone else watch it?”)
    Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve almost got them hooked….Just 10 more years should do it!

    • Gayle says:

      I can so relate. I have a husband and a son (who is currently away at school) who has grown up with Corrie and will not watch it!

      I get my Corrie chat from this wonderful guestbook as well as Corrienet and fortunately two of my sisters and lovely brother-in-law are also devoted fans. Ironically one of the friends my son made at school is a Corrie fan so if she comes to visit I can talk Corrie with her.

      • John says:

        My 3 year old routinely asks to see our copy of the 50th anniversary book my wife got for Christmas so I can read him the entry on Schmeical and Minnie Cadwell’s cat Bobby. I figure it won’t be long before he gives up Bob the Builder for Corrie.

  9. Trudy says:

    My husband and son are always teasing me about watching the show. “How can you watch that, it’s so stupid, blah, blah” One night I was late getting home and who was sitting watching the show???? My son like Chesney and Gary. He used to confuse the two all the time.

    Devoting an hour a day (or 5 on Sunday) is a lot of time. Thank goodness for PVR

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