A few notes for a Sunday

Corrie Cast Members in Canada

Don’t forget that William Roache is coming to Canada next month. He’ll be doing appearances in Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver, and Victoria. Here is the info on the Ottawa show. Be sure to follow @strollpro on Twitter for all the details.

In another, unrelated Canadian Corrie appearance, Hamilton will be getting Julia Haworth and Steve Arnold (Claire and Ashley Peacock), Nick Cochrane (Andy MacDonald), and Charles Lawson (Jim MacDonald) who is replacing Ken Morely (Reg Holdsworth), so he is. They’ll be appearing at Redeemer University College on March 29 with stops in London and Grand Bend. Click here for tickets for their other appearances. 

The Carla Storyline

On Friday, Coronation Street’s episodes featured the rape of Carla Connor by Frank Foster. It was a difficult scene to watch and when it aired last September in the UK, it did not do so without controversy. The national helpline for rape survivors, Rape Crisis, reported an 800% increase in calls after the episode aired (warning – the story does not contain spoilers but the related links do so exercise appropriate caution).

There are a few reasons for the controversy. In Britain, television has what they call a “watershed” hour. Anything airing before 9:00pm must be considered family friendly and after 9:00pm you get, well, The Tudors. Corrie airs before the watershed and therefore they always walk a fine line when it comes this type of subject matter. But there is also an argument that this sort of thing is needlessly sensationalist. I’m not sure how I feel about the issue to be honest but it’s important to consider many sides to the argument. While I personally prefer a “less crime, more kitchen sink” approach to my Corrie, there is a case to be made for the fact that this is something that affects thousands of women every day. So it’s a tricky issue and I’ll just leave it there.

On a Lighter Note

I’m somewhat obsessed with animated gifs from various TV shows like this Tumblr blog of Downton Abbey gifs. I’ve always wanted to make them but it requires Photoshop or Gimp and a lot of expertise. In the meantime, I did find a site that will make them for you so I finally cooked up one as a test:

If I get ambitious, I’ll do some more.


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5 Responses to A few notes for a Sunday

  1. haili says:

    I thought they did a good job with the rape scene and wish more shows would do that, leaving most of it to the imagination. We knew what happened but didn’t need to see it. The old movies were great that way.

    Are Rita and Dennis a couple now? They leave a lot to the imagination!

    • Bea says:

      I totally agree with you in regard to the rape scene. I was shocked and repulsed when Toya Batersby was raped. Now, I am not so shocked. Am I getting desentisized? (sp)

      Anyway, I’m glad they didn’t show the gory details.

      I see Dennis and Rita together a lot. Maybe they are a couple.

      However, I also know that Sylvia has a crush on Dennis as well. Run, Dennis, Run!

  2. haili says:

    I don’t feel as sorry for Carla as I did for Toyah. Maria warned her and wasn’t believed – or maybe Carla put business before friendship as usual. Carla will probably use this to get Peter to come running again. She does like the married ones! Not that I condone rape and she will be upset.

    • eps says:

      I also thought the scene with Carla and Frank was done in an appropriate manner.
      Haili, I didn’t even think about Carla using this to hook Peter. That makes
      perfect sense.

  3. chumola says:

    It just illustrates how rape totally destroys a woman. Even a strong woman like Carla will have a very hard time getting back to her former confident demeanour.

    I hope Frank goes to jail and they throw the key away.

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