Update for the Week Ending February 17

Corrie Catch-Up: We are now four months and two weeks behind the current episodes.

This week saw the aftermath of Carla’s ordeal at the hands of Frank Foster, Frank’s arrest, and Carla’s decision to seek counselling for her trauma. No fancy wedding reception at the bistro, then.Frank played the jilted lover to all involved and even managed to goad Peter into giving him a good smack into his consistently expressionless face with his gross "I gave ‘er what she wanted" comment. Peter’s reaction to Carla’s ordeal has Leanne wondering if Carla’s love isn’t so unrequited at all. It is, but Peter is walking a thin line here between being caring friend and being something more. After being arrested in the Rovers, where all break-ups, proposals, wedding receptions, baby deliveries, deaths, and arrests occur, everyone knows what Frank is charged with and he is later denied bail.

Kevin and Sally got back together for one night but when Kevin started celebrating a bit too soon, Sally threw him back on his ear. Rosie’s back with a new, short n’ spikey haircut. Ever since Annie Lennox in the Eurythmics back in the day, I’ve had a fondness for the short n’ spikey look on gals so I approve. Rosie had a modeling appearance that went awry on the Lorraine Kelly Show (The UK equivalent to Marilyn Denis, I think). The video of the dust-up went viral in Corrieworld but I think that, and some other Rosie-related stuff, is happening off-screen so it’s hard for us in Canada to find out what that was about. Bill and Auntie Pam are engaged. Hearing of Kevin’s good fortune (seriously, this man does not experience consequences), Pam gives him a piece of her mind. Now, I do sympathize with her as Molly was like a daughter to her and seeing Kevin, living back at the house, with their son, and 200K richer, must sting. Still, she rows with him so loudly that poor Bill has a heart attack.No more fry-ups for you, then!

Tyrone’s new gal Kirsty is a super jealous, quick tempered piece of work. And she’s a cop. "Faaaanntastic!" thinks Tina.

After soaking themselves trying to fix Anna’s pipes, Anna and Owen head upstairs for a bit of plumbing of their own. The next day Anna freaks out and avoids Owen, explaining later that Eddie was her first and only partner. For his part, Owen explains that he doesn’t do dating very well either but they agree to keep seeing each other. I also have a theory that back in the day, Eddie Windass had some appeal but started to let himself go in bad way as soon as he was married. Anna stuck around to make sure her son didn’t end up in jail and to mitigate Uncle Len’s influence and because Eddie made awesome cakes. It’s the only thing that makes sense.


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10 Responses to Update for the Week Ending February 17

  1. haili says:

    John: you’re a lot kinder to Pam than I would be. I was blaming Bill’s heart attack on all her nastiness to Kevin and rowing and causing tension. Molly was no better than Kevin and was certainly no saint; she liked “a bit of fun.” Whether she likes Kevin or not, he’s Bill’s only son and she admitted that she hadn’t been that pure in her younger days. Kevin had nothing to do with Molly’s death; it was the tram crash. Now that Sally has finished with him and wants to start dating again, he’ll have to move on too.

  2. nicoleK says:

    I’m actually quite happy Anna and Owen got together. I’m rooting for those crazy kids!

    Also, every time Maria made tea/coffee at her place, all I could think of was THAT KETTLE IS HUGE! Wonder how many litres it holds?

  3. Line Laughlin says:

    I don’t think Anna and Eddie were ever actually married. He kept proposing and she kept refusing? Maybe she knew she could find someone better…or at least cleaner. Laughline

  4. juders says:

    I have two things i’d like to say, although they are unrelated to this post (sorry). When Maria was making Carla a coffee I saw her put coffee (instant i’m assuming) and milk into the cup…THEN added the water. Also…am i just channeling my mother or has anyone else gotten the urge to either CUT Tracy’s bangs or at least push them out of her eyes??? I am seriously distracted by her hair.

  5. S. Poole says:

    Eddie and Anna were never married…. if I recall correctly she took the dreaded Windass name but they never had a formal wedding. Near the end of his time on the street he got down on bended knee and proposed for the umpteenth time and it made Anna furious, seeing as they were in the middle of the adoption process. Still miss him, as creepy as he was the first little while he grew on me. A little like mold or fungus. 😉

  6. haili says:

    Somehow I don’t miss Eddie and I’m a little suspicious of Owen’s personality change. He started out so mean and now he’s suddenly nice when it comes to Anna.

    I really enjoyed the humour between Eileen and Rosie last night and they both looked terrific. Eileen has lost a bit of weight or at least is dressing better; maybe that’s Rosie’s influence.

  7. Gayle says:

    Haili like you I’m suspicious of Owen I think he has a dark side.

    Speaking of personality changes – what is Tracey playing at? I don’t buy her sympathetic, kind personality at all. She is looking for a free ride from Steve and is doing everthing she can to get it.

    I could never understand why Steve never questioned his paternity. Tracey did after all sleep with at least two if not three other men on the street around the same time, Nick, Frank and possibly David. But then again we are talking about Steve not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    • haili says:

      I remember when Owen had our Jim beaten up and never forgave him for that!

      Steve is really stupid when it comes to women and just took Tracey’s word that he was the baby daddy. It must be really galling to Becky to see Tracy take her place. On the other hand, Steve probably is nearly skint after paying for Max – twice – and all the repairs to hotel rooms and the Barlow’s living room. Who on earth is running Streetcars these days? Steve and Lloyd never seem to be there.

  8. Pantagruelle says:

    There’s a half-hour web spinoff that fills us in on all of Rosie’s adventures in London and the live tv fight she got into. Pretty typical Rosie behaviour in many ways, and Jason and Jeff are in it too. The whole thing is on YouTube here:

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