Breaking News: British Isles Show Canceled

Every year in Toronto, thousands gather to celebrate all things British (and Irish) at the annual British Isles Show. The show features vendors selling British TV, movies, food, and the big draw: an annual appearance by one of the cast of Coronation Street.

That is, except this year. It’s been canceled.

It’s a disappointment for sure, but to be honest, the quality had declined in recent years. You had vendors with little to do with show (like travel agents) showing up and Johnny LaRue-esque announcers making racist jokes over a too loud PA system. And next month we’ll have William Roache, as well as the actors who played Claire and Ashley Peacock, and Andy and Jim Macdonald doing appearances independently of the show and for a lot of people, they were the only reason to go. And from what I’ve seen, the venues the actors are using are probably better than a loud, crowded convention centre.

We’ll have to see if it comes back next year.


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10 Responses to Breaking News: British Isles Show Canceled

  1. Donna Swiniuch says:

    Oh no! OK, sometimes it can be a bit tacky, but it is such fun and I can get stuff and nonsense that I cannot get in Canada or the US. Most importantly, Turkish Delights!

    Clean it up and bring it back! It is so much better than so many of the so-called ‘cultural events’ in Toronto. It is worth the effort.

    dls, NT, NY, USA

  2. Debbie says:

    Not a surprise to me, it has gone right downhill the last few years. It’s a shame as we used to enjoy it and have been going the last 14 years. A lot of the booths aren’t British related, a lot of the Uk products you can get at local Brit shops, same entertainment each year. I went mostly for the Corrie guest and last year they had Molly??? I went to see Roy & Hayley around same time paid extra, but was well worth it. Can’t wait to go and see William Roache this year…a much better format than the British Isles Show.

  3. Julie says:

    Where are Andy, Jim and the Peacocks going to be?

  4. mary rae says:

    I am sick over losing the british isles show for 2012. If ne one hears any good news abput it being on again please email me at its a reminder of my connection to my mother and now my nee boyfriends mon is hyped up about it as she is scottish thanks for any info u can give me

  5. Canadamanda says:

    My kids and I are gutted!! We never went for the Corrie stars, the DVD stalls and candy were where we spent our time and $!

    Worth the 3 hr drive just for the day!


  6. kate says:

    This was a family tradition another one gone ,thanks to not asking any ones opinion whether any one would miss it

  7. Tina Burrows says:

    Sorry to hear no brit show this year. I used to go religiously every year, when it cost about $5 to get in. It got too expensive to park as well as the admission price, and for what? The food got too dear, they stopped a lot of extra’s which were worth the price of admission, I remember seeing Herman from Herman’s Hermits there and Beatle look-alikes on stage, Rupert the bear walked around to entertain the kids, which was extra fun They used to have giveaways in the past (when it was cheaper) like english newspapers, comics, a game on stage with prizes, question and answer booths with giveaways. I used to like the idea of the free phone call ‘ome from the original red telephone box! Bring stuff like that back and more people will come instead of booths with no connection to blighty. You might as well just go to the many British shops around Toronto and areas now to buy a ‘ little bit of ‘ome’. Would like to see it come back next year but a lot of improvement needs to be made first.

  8. Donna says:

    3 Corry Fans are sadden and very disappointed 😮 to hear that the best show case Toronto has to offer will not be coming this year :(((
    Please come back in 2013 with a new format if need be ;P. OMG!!! Just come back

  9. Jackie says:

    I am so sorry that the British Isle Show will not be held this year. I found out about 2 months ago when I went to a “Corrie Party” (of which 4 people showed up). We were given the newspaper “the BRITISH canadian” (February 2012) and the headline was British Isle Show Cancelled. I agree with Tina on the price of parking. I drove twice, but not one person ever gave me gas money or chipped in for the $14/15(?) parking fee. Move it to the International Centre in Mississauga. I’ve never had to pay a parking fee there for any event.. They also have larger facilities. The first time I went was to see Sunita. I am so happy that I was there two years ago for the twofer – Sean and Becky – I love them. I am so sorry that Becky is leaving BUT it’s only for a 6 month stint in Barbados with Danny so perhaps she’ll be back to rub her nose in Tracey & Steve’s face . . . . .

  10. Kathleen Heron says:

    Please bring the show back. I love going every year. 😦

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