Update for the week ending February 24, 2012

Four months, eight days behind…

This song was on the jukebox this week (Kirsty Maccoll wrote it but this version has a video).

It’s the week of Eileen’s 50th birthday and Rosie has helped her with her dating profile. Rosie pointed out that you never reveal your real age, your job, or anything else truthful. So she took Eileen’s head shot and had it photoshopped. By she didn’t have Eileen erase her full name from the profile so expect lots of new stalkers, Eileen!

Eileen does get a date and arranges to meet him at her house (mistake #2 – In a café, Eileen! In a café!). What she doesn’t know is that her friends at the factory chipped in for a banner reading “Happy 50th Birthday Eileen!” which was flung across the factory’s balcony.

In her rush to get the banner down, she gets her head stuck in the balcony railings. Her date, realizing she’s some working class stiff who’s 50, not 40, storms off. Fortunately, Eileen is rescued by the fireman, Paul, who tried to save Molly during the tram crash. He has a little more luck this time, as does Eileen, who scores a date with him.

It does seem to be going well but when she goes to his house to return a wallet, he’s quite cagey and brushes her off quickly. He later apologizes and says his brother’s wife had left him and he’s in a right state.

But later, Marcus sees Paul shopping with another woman at Frescho’s. What is going on there?

Tracy, feeling unwell, is taken to the hospital to see if the baby is alright. Baby? Make that babies as the nurse informs her there were two heartbeats on the ultrasound. So it’s either twins, or she’s carrying a Time Lord (yes, I used that joke on Twitter but it’s mine so I can repeat it if I like).

Well, this got Steve all loved up or something so suddenly he decides he and Tracy belong together after all so after a declaration of love by the canal, Steve makes his feelings known and Tracy unfurls George W. Bush’s “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner over the door at Number 1.

And Becky cried in Hayley’s arms.

Ken turned 72 this week, making him as old as me mum. For his birthday, Deirdre put her mad pottery skillz to work to create a peanuts dish because as we’ve all seen, Ken is constantly eating peanuts.

“See, Ken,” she tells him. “I made the first dish a number 7…”

“And then you made a number two!” adds Tracy.

And then I spit out me tea.

Damnit, Tracy! Stop making me like you!

It’s a good thing Carla agreed to go to counselling because she’s going to need all she can get now that Frank Foster is out on bail. Fortunately, he can’t work at the factory. Unfortunately, his mother, who does not like Carla, not one little bit, can. I always thought after Paul, Tony, and Frank that Carla’s next business partner should be a woman. This isn’t what I had in mind.

Stella also confided to Carla that she, too, was raped and will be there if ever she wants to talk.

Frank, via his mummy, decided as he owned half the business, took half the assets. And that meant lay-offs. The unlucky ones included the most recently hired Becky and Eileen, and Sally. Carla reckoned due to her comfortable circumstances (grown kids, Kevin’s scratch card money), she could sweat it out.

“I’m just trying to be fair,” Carla says.

“Fair? Was it fair when I got cancer? Was it fair when my husband had a child with another woman? I used to look up to you. More fool me.”

Sian’s off to France with her mum so Amber has taken Sophie under her wing. They even went to a gay bar, leaving Sian a touch jealous and Sophie wondering why Amber seemed so comfortable there. I don’t know which team Sophie is on but if she is gay, it would be great, if only to make Dev’s head explode.

In other news, Tommy is clearly into Tina who is clearly into Dr. Carter.

Chris is recovering from his cancer but he’s not about to let Cheryl know that, not while there is a way he can pity his way back into her heart. While Lloyd watches helplessly. I don’t know if it’s going to work but he did ask Tracy when she was going to be done with her Mission Accomplished banner.


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11 Responses to Update for the week ending February 24, 2012

  1. Mary Prankster says:

    Surely we could see the “married Paul” storyline coming a mile off? And am I the only one who thinks that Maria & Carla can’t be the 1st women Frank’s attacked? He’s middle-aged and very practiced at lying. If I were Carla I’d have my lawyer looking into his record and seeing about going to the TV & newspapers to see if any other women recognize him (although I don’t know how the slander laws work in Britain), and I’d be pressing that officious policewoman into checking for similar behaviour patterns in their files.
    I think Carla is an idiot for not looking into her own patterns & trying to figure out why she keeps choosing attached men to get involved with, then allowing herself to form commitments she doesn’t want, simultaneously with other men.
    I keep thinking “Haven’t any of these people ever heard of Socrates? -‘the unexamined life, not worth living’, & all?” I’m getting tired of various characters making the same mistakes over & over. It’s lazy writing on the part of the writers.
    Oh, and is anyone still looking for John Stape?

    Harumph. Just call me curmudgeon.

    • eps says:

      Curmudgeon, ( I’m nothing if not obedient – Ha!) I agree with you re: checking Frank’s background. Don’t these people get Law and Order SVU? I have also wondered about the search for Stape and if anyone remembers Fiz is still in jail. I am tired of Peter dancing around Carla. His behavior is like mean-spirited teasing of a toddler: looky what I have, nope, can’t have it; looky here it is again, nope, not for you… Perhaps he could arrange for another, preferable female, sponsor for Carla. I don’t know how AA works re: asking for one for someone else.
      I think Tracy deserves Chris and vice versa; Lloyd and Steve deserve each more – they are much wussier than any gay character we have seen on the street. I like that. Only sympathy for Eileen, she deserves better and I am dreading her disappointment and embarrassment.

  2. Gayle says:

    Very well said. Like you I’m positive Frank is a serial rapist. He was way too cool and calm.

  3. haili says:

    Or maybe he’s a sociopath who believes his own lies. Wouldn’t the police or the crown attorney search his record before letting him out on bail? Carla didn’t do herself any favors by barging into his house, with his mother there as a witness.

    Isn’t Chris annoying these days? And Sophie? She’s a sulky brat IMO and I wouldn’t mind if she ran off with someone – maybe even Amber. But neither one of them want to go to school and they’re not too crazy about work either.

    I liked Eileen’s new boyfriend and hoped it would work out – but this is a soap and the course of true love, etc…

  4. lovethestreet says:

    After last night, it’s official: I hate Sally Webster. And I’m hugely sorry that Becky is going to join Frank’s workforce too…loyalty and honour seem to be in short supply on the street.

  5. joy says:

    Thanks for the video, John! I loved Tracey Ullman’s comedy show but I had no idea that she had been a singer let alone had a hit with that song.

  6. eps says:

    Aaaagggggg!! Just switched on CS to find a hockey game there instead. I thought Mondays were Hockey Night In Canada but the announcer just said tonight/Thursday is.
    Is every night of the week HNiC? I’d feel the same if it were football (either kind), basketball, etc. I hate when this happens. I hope I can stay awake until midnight to set the VCR.

  7. haili says:

    I know! It wasn’t even a Leafs game. Why didn’t they warn us? I forgot to rewind the tape and it didn’t record at 12 either drat. I’ll try to remember to watch on Sunday.

    • eps says:

      I commiserate – fell asleep about 11:30 evidently. When I woke at 1:30a without taping CS I was as irritated with myself as with CBC. Oh well, I have to remind myself that it is just a TV show.

  8. Laughline says:

    So Stacey, who murdered her boyfriend, is free and Fizz, who didn’t kill anyone, is in jail for murder…CS doesn’t project a very positive view of the British legal system.

  9. Silvereyes says:

    I really, really, really like Eileen, and I think her and Paul are super good together. It appears that he may be married, but I think the writers are going to do something different this time. I mean, that storyline has been done to death, right? I’m putting my trust in them to do something different (and really trying to refrain from reading spoilers!).

    There needs to be some real love on the street…which is why I’m loving Deirdre and her pottery! Peanut dishes for Ken. Now that’s not only brilliantly funny, but just crazy strange love too! LOL!

    Oh, I love this show! 🙂

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