Update for The Week Ending March 2nd, 2012. Now with Added Live Tweeting Highlights

The most recent episode takes us to four months and four days behind the current UK schedule.

This week on Corrie, Fizz’s trial happened and all her friends and family attended for support. And Mary, for the entertainment.

“Three murder charges,” she reckoned. “Oh, she might beat one, maybe two. But all three? Oh, that is highly unlikely.”

As it turns out, she was right. After faltering in the cross examination, the jury found Fizz not guilty of the murder of Charlotte Hoyle and Joy Fishwick but was found guilty of the murder of Colin Fishwick.


But John Stape, using the alias “Mr. Chips” returned (you could tell he was coming back because two different characters used his name in the same episode) to set things right. And by “set things right” he meant kidnap Rosie Webster and spend the next day getting her to memorize the bizarre series of events that led to Fizz being sent down. When Kevin and Jason burst into the flat to rescue Rosie, Stape takes off with Kevin close behind in hot pursuit. He doesn’t make it to the court when he crashes his car into a truck.

In hospital, Fizz is brought in and a confession is finally taped. On his deathbed, Fizz says she forgives him (I think she was being kind to him in his final moments or was just overcome with grief) and he asks that Fizz be sure to read to Hope every day, which she does and yes, it’s good advice. Then he dies. Will it be enough to save Fizz? We shall see.

Chris’ tumour is getting better, but he’s still levering it to manipulate Cheryl back into his arms, and it works so Lloyd is on his way to Dumpsville.

Eileen’s new fella Paul is, as we expected, married. Unfortunately, his wife is suffering early onset Alzheimer’s. Paul is attempting to move on with his wife as, in his mind, the woman he married is no longer there. As the population ages, this is becoming more of an issue with few easy answers so it’s interesting that Corrie is tackling it.

Rosie attempted to split Sally and Jeff up by seducing him, except he didn’t want to know. Desperate, she dumps his coffee in his lap just as Sally walks in. She buys the scene and sacks Jeff for about 15 minutes until Honest Sophie tell her the truth.

While Sian was in Paris with her mum, Sophie and Amber hit a few clubs. Amber got Sophie a little tipsy and when a bloke started chatting them, Amber kissed Sophie to get rid of him (a tactic which can backfire, by the way). This leaves Sophie with all kind of confused feelings about Amber. When she confesses it to Sunita, she puts her straight: Amber is a game player. Pay her no mind. The kiss wasn’t a real thing.

Sophie interprets this as “Propose to Sian!” and Sian accepts. Less accepting are Sally and Kevin on grounds that they are way too young.

And Frank decides to open his own factory by promising to fulfill Sally’s life-long dream of a being an assistant manager. Kirk, Izzy, and Julie are the few Underworlders with scruples so they stay put, even if it means being out of work before Christmas.

And Sylvia won a cruise with an idea she stole from Mary and she’s not sorry, nope, not one bit.


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13 Responses to Update for The Week Ending March 2nd, 2012. Now with Added Live Tweeting Highlights

  1. corrierules says:

    Thank you John. As always, an excellent recap. My thoughts:
    –Fiz you are way too kind. But Jennie McAlpine, you are a good actress and I admit I got a bit ferklempt at the deathbed scene. Despite the fact that John had it coming…
    — one scene with John and Rosie made me laugh. John is getting angrier and more frustrated by the minute. He unties Rosie’s hands and holds the rope in his hands. OMG will he strangle her? No, just make her write an exam.
    –action scenes were kinda exciting.
    –it’s official: on the Street where Frank Foster lives, Tony Gordon stalked his prey, Richard Hillman swindled and murdered and Alan Bradley almost killed Rita, Chris Gray is the most despicable, flesh-crawl inducing, slimy character ever. When he was thought he was dying he was rude, self-pitying and ungrateful and now that he has had a reprieve he is manipulative and deceitful oh and rude, self-pitying and ungrateful!

    • eps says:

      Re: Chris – agree with you 100%, couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m just sorry Lloyd will be getting the short end. I hope he keeps all that expensive furniture, etc. Cheryl bought with his money for their life together.

    • Bea says:

      I loved the scene with John and Rosie. They are both such good actors. I almost swallowed my gum when John said he was going to give her a written test. And then he said ’12 out of 20′ and she replied, ‘that’s not bad’. They managed to inject humour into a hostage situation.

    • S. Poole says:

      Our household hates Chris Gray more than slimy Frank and his proxy mum, well said. When informed by this fine site the actor who plays Chris dates lovely (but dim) Maria the fuse was lit.

      Liked the Stape-Rosie scenes a little too much and all, the treats he was offering for a midnight feast looked good too, nothing like sweets from the UK!

      As has been said, what a change in Amber man, all of Dev’s kids appear to be brats now.

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    Apparently I don’t understand the law. When someone tells you that he did something, how is that hearsay? And why aren’t all John’s charts, graphs, timelines, photos, etc. being taken as evidence, as part of his confession? (It’s evidence of his compulsive mind, if nothing else!)
    As slimy, conniving, vicious and devious as Chris is, I’m finding it hard to have sympathy for Cheryl. She has a very selective memory and she’s treating Lloyd very shabbily.

    • Barbee says:

      I agree with you totally, Mary. I couldn’t understand why the police weren’t all over that flat – all the evidence was there!
      And I, too, think Cheryl is incredibly gullible – after all she did leave the man before. Poor Lloyd, I love the character and just wish they could provide him with an interesting, and compatible, partner. Cheryl’s decorating style is only one example of this.

      • Long Time Lurker says:

        I totally agree Barbee – Lloyd deserves so much better than the relationships he has had lately. I choked up when he cried yesterday – it’s so rare that you see a man so vulnerable. And kudos to Steve for the bro-hug – a little late in coming but very sweet when he did finally get it together.

  3. haili says:

    Amen to all that’s been said about Chris, and Cheryl’s not much better. They can leave anytime!

    We should be able to assume that the police took all of John’s charts etc. – but then we’re talking about the local police who haven’t been that bright in the past. Those scenes with Rosie and John were hilarious! On the other hand I find Mary to be just annoying and was glad Sylvia won the trip – and enjoyed the gloating by Sylvia.

  4. Bea says:

    Something has been bugging me for a long time! How come Chris has lost all his hair due to Kemo, but he still has eyebrows and a beard?

    Also, in tonight’s episode, Carla takes off to LA? She didn’t have any money to pay the staff or purchase material, but she can afford to go to LA? Or did Michelle pay???

    • John says:

      I think Michelle paid with her savings from the cruise. Or Carla just charged it.

      • eps says:

        I also wondered how Carla could be so skint and yet buy a last minute ticket to the US – L.A., no less. That must have cost quite a tidy sum. Will Michele be bankrolling the factory too? I know people who have worked cruises and the pay wasn’t that great. Michelle just said she’ll use her wedding money for the factory – doesn’t bode well for the wedding. I have never understood
        how she and Carla got to be such bosom buddies after the previous rift(s).
        Cheryl is another self-centered, untrustworthy, take-what-I-can-get example of Corrie womanhood. Brian can’t support Julie for a while? Cieran (sp?)
        is still looking good. I was cheering Kevin on when he “got clear” with Rosie.
        Michele – you go, girl.

  5. Long Time Lurker says:

    The scene that really had me in tears was Paul telling Eileen about life with his wife. How unbelievably sad. And the juxtaposition of him telling Eileen all of that in the midst of the Rosie/Sally/Jeff farce – so poignant.

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