Open Thread for the Week Ending March 16

Flaming couches, missing Dennis, gambling problems, missing wedding deposits, and goodbye to Cheryl, Russ, and Chris and more importantly, goodbye to dear old Schmeical.

No update this week as company’s coming to town but feel free to comment below.

And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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8 Responses to Open Thread for the Week Ending March 16

  1. eps says:

    Darn!! Again I almost break my neck to get all the ducks in a row so I can settle in for an hour of Corrie and what do I find? HOCKEY!! I swear there was no warning scroll last night to warn of the change. I hope I don’t fall asleep again so I can at least tape it at midnight (Sundays don’t work well for me).
    Previously it didn’t much matter but I have found the most recent shows much more enjoyable. I’ll trade Lloyd and Ciaran (sp?) for Tracy and Kylie any day.

  2. haili says:

    We had such big black letters here, warning of the time change, there was no way we could miss it this time! I missed it last time they did that and it was most annoying.

  3. jacqui583 says:

    Eps, I agree totally. And I won’t be sorry that we’ve (hopefully) seen the last of Chris either.

  4. Long Time Lurker says:

    There were big black letters here in the GTA on Thursday evening. I hope you get a chance to catch the episode somehow, Eps, because it did have a few interesting turn of events (and not all of them good).

    • eps says:

      I swear I never saw any BBLs (Big Black Letters). However, I did tape it last night and will be watching this afternoon. It has been rather awhile since I have thought that I might miss something interesting. And there is the annual Christmas dust-up to look forward to, as well.
      Re: Ciaran I do believe I could overlook quite a bit of mischief from such a fine looking fellow, broken tooth and all (I think he still has the seemingly broken tooth), who can effortlessly spout such charming Irish blarney. He reminds me of dearly missed Jim McDonald, so he does. I agree about Chris – good riddance. Too bad he didn’t take up with Tracy. She’d have dispatched him and then could have spent another extended period of time in the hoosegow – that’d work all around.

  5. eps says:

    Eila, if offered the job I’d certainly consider strolling in.

  6. Silvereyes says:

    I feel so bad for Lloyd, as he is a decent bloke, but glad Cheryl and Chris are gone. They were so annoying!

    Ciaran needs a slap, although hoping to see more of the dishy wine supplier that Nick is now using! Scrumptious! 😉

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