Update for the week ending March 23, 2012

I love that it’s the Christmas season on Corrie again. I love the storylines and the special Christmas episodes. And I love British Christmas pop tunes. The Pretenders’ “2000 Miles” tends to kick off the season but I noticed this week, this Chris de Burgh tune was on the jukebox:

This week, there was a bit of foolishness with Ciaran who tried to reclaim the wedding money he lost to Karl while playing cards. So he books a last minute birthday using Nick’s bistro’s kitchen and food. In the end, Nick got paid, Michelle found out and the wedding was off when it was clear that Ciaran just didn’t want to live in dreary old Weatherfield and Michelle. So Ciaran left in a black cab.

For his part, Karl spent the £1,000 he won off Ciaran on the horses at the bookies and lost almost all of it. When Stella found out, she went shopping for new shoes and poor Karl didn’t have enough to buy more of those polo shirts he likes so much.

We also found out about Dennis’ long lost fiancé, whom he left at the alter. Dennis fears that he’ll do the same to Rita and so their relationship has slowed down considerably.

Speeding up their relationship considerably is Sophie and Sian who made plans to run off to Gretna Green to get married because a) Sally and Kevin wouldn’t give their blessing and b) Sophie was feeling super guilty about expressing her feelings to an uninterested Amber. “Oh grow up!” was, I believe, her reaction.

Scotland really needs a Lord Hardwicke.

Anyway, they were talked out of it and the wedding will now be local and with their parents’ blessing. Well, the Websters, anyway. Don’t know what the deal is with the Powers.

The big news this week was Peter Barlow. An entire episode on Thursday night was devoted to the events that lead to him falling off the wagon: his feelings for a returned Carla, his old AA mate dying, the anniversary of the tram crash, the speech he was asked to write, Leanne’s difficulties conceiving since her miscarriage, and the damn Freshco Christmas sales on beer. In the end, he bought a bottle of vodka, holed himself up in the bookies and started writing. I don’t follow soap awards or anything like but I hope Chris Gascoyne got something for that episode because it was amazing.

So Peter went on a one-day bender but Leanne knew but it wasn’t confirmed until she talked to Ken, who was informed by Dev. What she didn’t know is that he ended up at Carla’s where, after sobering up and showering (with either one of Tony’s or Frank’s or Paul’s old toothbrushes), he declared his love for her. Things got pretty hot and heavy petty but Carla cut it off before they went too far on account of her assault. So they’re going to take this affair slowly enough for me to wonder if Carla’s going to move into Peter’s pokey flat above the bookies or Peter and Simon and going to move into her fab condo. Either way, I can’t picture it. Keep in mind that at this point a year ago, Leanne still hadn’t fully detangled herself from Nick Tilsley.

In other news, David and Kyle are taking on Owen over his fish pond to which he devotes the same kind of attention that Roy attaches to trains.

Leanne and Sunita have turned into stage moms over the the Nativity play.

Kirk copped off with the bride on her hen do so I declaring him Coronation Street Winner of the Week.

The tax man came knocking for Lloyd so Stella helped him sort out the accounts, as well as his broken heart and then he went and made a pass at her. Awkward.

Becky got PFO money from Steve but she hasn’t yet decided to FO yet but it won’t be Mauritius, any road.

Sally is enjoying Frank’s attention and is now in danger of disappearing into a hole of smugness.

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18 Responses to Update for the week ending March 23, 2012

  1. haili says:

    What a lovely first wedding anniversary! I was hoping Leanne would walk in on Peter and Carla like she did last time. Leanne – he’s really not worth the effort!

    After all the fuss Gail made when the shed was installed, I would think the neighbours would be happy to have it demolished. How deep is the pond anyway? I imagine Max would be able to stand up in it – not that he should be in that yard anyway. I see Mavis and Derek’s gnome has come home – a bit like a homing pigeon.

    Tact just isn’t Tina’s strong point so a beer in the face is how she breaks up with Matt.

  2. eps says:

    Remember when the gnome went missing then Mavis and Derek started getting postcards from all over from the gnome? Maybe someone at Travelocity saw that years ago.

    I still think something will happen between Frank and Sally. Maybe she will have an affair with him, like she did with Ian the car salesman. Then, for some perverse reason, Frank will assault her. She is such a shallow social climber – to the extent one is able to climb on the Street.

  3. Long Time Lurker says:

    Peter does not deserve Leanne; he’s such a sleazebag. I feel bad for Carla but I really think that she and Peter would ultimately have a very toxic relationship – who reaches for the bottle first whenever there’s a fight?

    But Peter has a history of being in love with two women at the same time, doesn’t he? So, in this case the writers haven’t changed his character.

  4. haili says:

    I don’t feel a bit bad for Carla. She knew he was married but that seemed to make him more attractive to her. They deserve each other but Simon and Leanne will suffer, though she could do better than Peter.

    I’m loving the way Becky is winding up Steve and Tracy. Christmas can be fun on Corrie – but not for everyone.

    • NicoleK says:

      Why do they have Carla going after attached men all the time? I’m sure there’s a single guy in Manchester who isn’t crazy.

  5. haili says:

    I’m beginning to wonder about the Manchester men. The ones on Corrie are either stupid, nasty, wimpy or crazy. The married ones all cheat eventually. The few nice ones marry crazy or nasty women eg. Tyrone. Ashley was nice but eventually cheated on Claire. I liked Steve but he was rarely supportive of Becky and took Tracy or Liz’s word over hers. Now the idiot is with the evil Tracy.

  6. lovethestreet says:

    Speaking of the evil Tracy…have you seen this evening’s episode? Is Deidre going to sit by quietly and let Becky take the blame? Really, Deidre? Really?

  7. haili says:

    If Dierdre keeps quiet, she loses any respect she still has. How can she let Becky be blamed for something she didn’t do? It ticked me off when she blamed Steve for the miscarriage too. He had nothing to do with it.

  8. fondue123 says:


  9. Long Time Lurker says:

    I totally agree with all of you. That’s exactly what I was thinking.
    But you know Dierdre’s blind spot when it comes to Tracy. If Deirdre doesn’t say anything, it will come out sooner rather than later and she will look very bad.
    But Tracy is accusing Becky of a crime (pushing her down the stairs) so Deirdre better speak up!
    Tracy – what a vile bitch… she has no redeeming qualities.

    • Gayle says:

      Your description of Tracy – is spot on! Very well said.

      When she was running throughout the hotel pounding on doors shouting for Steve WTF? She knows he is only with her because she was stupid enough to get pregnant again. Now she is going to lie her head off about Becky and her idiot mother is going to stand by and say nothing ugh!

      Who was looking after Amy while they were at the hospital? They have no friends and Ken was away.

  10. fondue123 says:

    Tracey can’t get away with this, there are records of her being admitted to the hospital twice, once because of the miscarriage, and the next day, for the fall…not sure how this will play out. The only certainty is that Becky will surely suffer because of Tracey. What an evil cow. I had hoped that Tracey might experience a moment’s empathy for what Becky, and before her, Karen, went through when they lost their babies. What was I thinking????

  11. fondue123 says:

    oh saint tracey strikes again. Just what I thought, she’s not going to press charges…looks good on her, and prevents anyone official from putting two and two together…what a cow.

  12. fondue123 says:

    I know it’s just a show, but honestly, I feel sick at what Tracey’s doing to Becky. Really sick.

  13. lovethestreet says:

    I’m sorry that I ever wanted Deidre out of jail. I’m sorry that I ever felt glad that she and Ken rediscovered each other. I’m sorry that I ever enjoyed her friendships with others on the street. What she is doing to Becky is unbelievable LOW. Disgraceful, Deidre!

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