Update for the week ending March 30, 2012

We’ve reached Christmas Day on Coronation Street which means we’re now 3 months and 1 week behind the UK schedule. 

It wasn’t a good week for Becky. After securing a new contract for Streetcars, she expressed her desire to get back with Steve. He rebuffed her, saying his responsibilities to his unborn twins came first. Tracy, meanwhile, mad with rage because she thinks Becky and Steve are back together tried to track them down at the hotel when she suddenly fell ill with massive stomach pains. 

She is taken to the hospital and learns that she has lost the twins. The next day, she goes to Becky to confront her but Becky tells her the truth (as she sees it): Steve is with Tracy because Tracy can provide Steve with bairns. Then Tracy throws herself down the stairs and goes full evil: “Becky pushed me.”

Deirdre knows the truth but Steve believes Tracy and now Becky thinks everyone thinks she’s a murderer. Except for Roy who is steadfast for Becky (even Hayley wobbles and Becky overhears this, Downton Abbey-style). Much vodka and cider is drunk.

For his part, Steve presents Tracy with her Christmas day present: The purchase of Number 13 (to be bought with the proceeds from the sale of the Rovers) and an engagement ring. 

At the Nativity play, Katy went into labour. Gary and Chesney, scrambling to make up the lost money from the old dried up Christmas trees they sold, were dressed as elves. Gary’s van died so they stole a pair of bikes, which broke down. Then they follow a star in the Heavens (or was it Manchester) to the play in time to be there for the birth of Joseph Peter Brown. I have to hand it to those kids for giving their child a sensible name instead of something like X-Box Red Bull Brown. 

Lloyd left the street this week but I’m pretty sure it’s just temporary. The actor was off filming the new series of Red Dwarf at this time last year.

Line of the week: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how chavvy will it be?” -Amber on Rosie’s Hen night for Sophie.

Peter and Carla are in a full on affair now. For Christmas Peter got Carla a nice necklace and an iPhone (we’ll say that’s what it was) for Leanne. Except Stella saw the necklace and wondered why Leanne didn’t get one. How many days before she sees Carla wearing it and she puts two and two together? 

Kirsty’s moving in with Tyrone to absolutely nobody’s delight. 

Rita and Emily were going to have a Christmas dinner throw down, a showdown (hell no, they can’t slow down) but peace prevailed and … it happened at Roy’s? I missed it, I’m not sure.

Next weekend, I’m off to NB for a week of family visiting so posting will be lighter than usual but I’ll try to check in here with some posts before I take off. After all, there’s a wedding happening this week.


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6 Responses to Update for the week ending March 30, 2012

  1. haili says:

    Just when you think Steve can’t be any more idiotic he gets dumber…and dumber. I was surprised at Hailey for not being more supportive of Becky. After all Tracy once tried to get them to believe that Roy was Amy’s father, so they know she’s a compulsive liar. It was nice to have Kylie become more human and actually be nice to Becky for a change; that is a first! Maybe there is a heart in there someplace.

    Oh yeah the wedding. Ho hum.

  2. S. Poole says:

    Kept expecting a private dick hired by Frank Foster to pop up and catch the lovebirds Peter and Carla on film in his car right outside her flat. Unless that would not be admissible in court?

    Really feeling for Becky, had become tired of her character being a loose cannon (as Steve I believe called her) and was suddenly loving every scene she was in, especially the ones with Royston. Even the kind words from Nick were nice to hear, just when I hate him most the writers allow him to be human for a second.

    Tracy is a cow! That is all.

  3. fondue123 says:

    Hey, what happened to those two complete Chrimbo dinners created by Emily and Rita? The dispute as to where to have the actual dinner was resolved by Hayley volunteering to host at the cafe, but since she asked both ladies for their help with cooking tips, it would appear she intended to cook the whole meal herself (a THIRD turkey dinner!!) It would have been nice to have heard that the food was donated to a shelter or something.
    Not that important, but just wondering…

  4. Pantagruelle says:

    Did the CBC accidentally leave off a half-hour episode somehow? I felt there was a lot of stuff missing between the Wednesday and Thursday episodes. Not only did I not see the resolution of the café turkey showdown in the café after they started cooking, but I also never noticed the scene in which Stella supposedly saw the necklace Peter bought Carla in the back of Karl’s cab. I also never got any story on how suddenly Audrey’s salon ended up in Gail’s living room. Apparently Owen turned off the water, but I didn’t notice that happening or the decision to move the salon temporarily. It feels like we missed a half-hour somehow.

  5. OmaWilly says:

    Peter left his gifts in the trunk of Carl’s cab. Carl brought them in – Stella snooped, saw the necklace and assumed it was for his wife. Audrey made the decision because she had many customers and Gail was not home. Saw it all here in Calgary – maybe your station messed up. Oops and Hailey declared the cookoff to be a tie – never one to rock the boat. Cheers.

  6. missusmac says:

    Kylie actually seems to be progressing in the personality department, as does David. Parenthood becomes them! I am wondering how it is someone like Steve can have two women so madly in love with him? He’d be a great laugh as a pal on a night out, but as a dad, husband, boyfriend, friend and business partner, he’s not all that… Yet Tracy and Becky believe there is no life without him.

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