Update for the Week Ending April 20, 2012. Becky’s Farewell

We are now almost exactly three months behind the current episodes and we’ll stay that way until after the NHL playoffs as CBC is now back to running the shows for half an hour instead of an hour.

This week was mainly about the departure of Becky Grainger-Macdonald who fell in love with Danny who conveniently has a son with whom Becky is wonderful and am awesome job waiting for him in Barbados. There really is an airline named Coconut Airways. Who wouldn’t want to fly to the Caribbean on Coconut Airways?

Well, first Becky has to get her revenge on Tracy for falsely accusing her of causing her miscarriage. So she enlists Gail’s help as Gail has her own reasons for hating Tracy. So Kylie and Becky go into the clinic for the most unconvincing fake sickie ever but the diversion works long enough for Becky to break in to Dr. Matt’s office, get Tracy’s file off the computer, print it (next time bring a memory stick, love), and get out with the proof she needs.

You’d think Becky would ruin the wedding itself and she dramatically clears her throat when the vicar asks if anyone has any reason that these two should not be joined in holy matrimony but no, she saves it until the reception.

“Revenge will be sweeter when he’s chained to that cow,” she reckons.

Becky almost decides to bottle her big plans but when Tracy follows her into the loo and twists the knife a little more, that’s when she makes her move.

And so Steve’s big wedding speech is ruined by the (re)confirmation that his new bride is a horrible person and Becky’s off to the airport while Steve is left to scream “I hate you!” at Tracy. But before she goes, she stops to give Royston and ‘Ayles a big tearful hug.

Steve follows Becky to the airport and apologizes profusely but Becky says all he had to do was know her. Wearing her Bette Lynch memorial ensemble, she hugs him and tells him that she didn’t think anyone would love her until he came along.

But it’s time to go off with Danny and Billy to First Class where she discovers the booze is free. He asks if she has any regrets. She says regrets are for them what are stopping on the ground and they’re heading for the stars.

Back at the Rovers, a dejected Steve looks overhead to see a plane go by, probably wondering if the mistakes he keeps making will ever stop being mistakes and when did Weatherfield end up on the flight path for Manchester Airport.

In other news, Leslie’s caregiver has gotten or new (or moved – I don’t remember) so Paul has asked Eileen to help out. It’s heartbreaking to watch as Eileen’s clearly not trained for this sort of thing but she is getting some support from Marcus who as always is the level-headed compassionate one. He also has a nice conversation with Leslie about the Police (“I always thought it was, ‘A year has past since I broke my nose.'”) where Leslie starts to forget who Paul is so clearly her situation is deteriorating.

Roy has banned Sylvia from calling Milton in America so she enlists Sophie’s help and soon enough, “I have downladen Skype!” so she can video chat for free.

Frank has hired a private investigator to see if Carla’s up to any hijinks with Peter to help with his trial. All I can think is “Hey! That’s Clare Wille what used to be on Swinging!”

The tall kid? The new Spider-Man. I KNOW!

Anyway, Steve did end up selling the Rovers so that era has come to a close and Stella and Karl are now the new Laird and Lady of the Pub.

Owen discovered that it was Faye that killed his fish with creosote so he gave her a couple of smacks so Anna kicked him out. By the way, Deborah Rush, who plays Anna, was really good in those scenes. Owen asked Izzy and Katy if he was that bad of a father and they basically say “Yeah, you kind of were and no, you can’t go around hitting kids. It will not get the results you want in the long term.”

And Sunita and her breasts are now at a barmaid at the Rovers because no pub is complete without a buxom lass pulling pints.

Next Week: The Trial of Frank Foster!

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23 Responses to Update for the Week Ending April 20, 2012. Becky’s Farewell

  1. Wild Rover says:

    Remember Danny’s assignment in Barbados is only for 6 months. They could be back in England by the summer.

    I provided a link to the Farewell Becky video under the April 17th post.

  2. Bea says:

    I guess everyone gets a turn at barmaid. It is just Sunita’s turn. ;o-

  3. haili says:

    I just loved that tear jerker of a goodbye episode. Becky hugging the Croppers was so touching, I’m going to miss that girl! She really livened things up. And revenge was so sweet! I must watch it again tomorrow.

  4. S. Poole says:

    Bloody loved it, best in ages. Excellent suspense when the scene shifted to the pub, will she or won’t she? The private eye being so close to following Peter didn’t hurt and all, if only Frank knew how close she was!

    Going to really miss Becky, what a great character when they let her act like a regular person and not yell all the time.

  5. haili says:

    Becky’s line at the end made me wonder where I’d heard it before – something like: some people have their feet on the ground but we’re on our way to the stars!” Did anyone else find that it sounded familiar?

    How inept is that private eye? Peter has been going for “counseling” several times a week and she still hasn’t caught him. Maybe he should hire another one.

    • Mary Prankster says:

      I was reminded of Bette Davis’ line in “Now Voyager”. “Let’s not ask for the moon. We have the stars.” Then I giggled at the contrast!

    • corrierules says:

      Also Oscar Wilde: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

      • Mary Prankster says:

        The writers did the quote in 2 stages! Becky said at the reception “You can take the girl out of the gutter, but you can’t take the gutter out of the girl.”

  6. lovethestreet says:

    I love that Becky checked to make sure the kids were not in the pub before she publicly disgraced Tracey – I’ve been complaining about the writing lately, but that was a great touch. I also love the friendship between Becky and Roy. Remember when Roy told Steve that he was a fool for taking Tracey’s word over Becky’s? The more I think about those two characters together, the more I think I’ll miss her…
    On a lighter note, Sunita and her push-up bra are going to take somebody’s eye out! I guess becoming a barmaid influences your sense of fashion.

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Lovethestreet – Totally agree with all of your points.
      Am now looking forward the slow, painful dismantling of the Steve & Tracy marriage. I wonder who gets the house – hopefully it’ll be Lloyd.

  7. Trudy says:

    I’ll miss Becky and the developing relationship between her and Sylvia.

  8. corrierules says:

    Tracey’s wedding and subsequent comeuppance were a treat to behold. Loved it when Becky stood up during the ceremony, interrupted the proceedings and said “oh sorry. just straightening my outfit.” But wouldn’t it have been a hoot if Karen had shown up at the wedding and sat next to Becky? That would have given Tracey pause. After all Tracey had ruined Karen’s nuptials to Steve. Ah but all’s well that end’s well. Becky had a happy ending, Steve is “chained to that cow”. Karma’s a b**ch and so is Tracey!

  9. Barbie says:

    I wish there was a spin off of Becky’s life in Barbados, I’m really going to miss her. Hopefully she will return one day.
    So, that makes it what? Number 5 for Steve?

    • Wild Rover says:

      I count Vicky, Karen, Becky and Tracy. He almost married Fiona (?), but Jim interrupted the wedding. Am I missing anyone?

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      What a great idea – Beckey’s adventures in the Barbados! Truth be told, I would settle for a 1/2 hour of watching Danny – he is quite the eye candy.

  10. Mary Prankster says:

    I know I’m old because I’m having trouble separating some actors’ current roles from their many previous ones. Stephanie Cole and Robert Vaughn have been so memorable in the past that I’m having to work at seeing them in their current incarnations!

  11. Barbie says:

    Just watched the episode again, sure enough it’s him. Kind of cool having him on the street.

  12. missusmac says:

    I was quite sad to see Becky go. Had a little sniffle when she stopped the car to hug the Croppers. I could have done with it taking a week or so more for Danny to sweep her off her feet… he has a lovely presence on screen! 🙂 Lovely also to see Tracy in the gutter, literally, and Becky in the stars. I will miss her,and what looked like an interesting new relationship with her sister. Now, let’s see what Leanne makes of the car breakdown, and what Stella and Carl make of the Rovers.

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