Update for the Week Ending April 27. The Trial of the Century (this week)

The big storyline this week was that Frank’s trial finally began. Carla’s lawyer missed his calling in amateur dramatics while Frank’s lawyer ripped into Maria with the old “What did you expect, dressed like that?” argument from 1957.

Part of Frank’s defence was that he suspected Carla and Peter of carrying on an affair. So when Peter took the stand and was asked if they were having an affair, he confirmed it and Leanne went running out of the room. Frank’s mother handing Leanne photographic evidence of the affair, just in case she wasn’t sure. And because she’s plain eeevil. Seriously, I’ve been watching old episodes of Prime Suspect on Knowledge and Mrs. Foster could easily have been a villain on that show.

Sylvia’s fella from America is now hanging out on the street and when Stella fails to convince him that Nick’s Bistro is Roy’s restaurant, she comes clean and takes him to the <strike>diner</strike> café. Milton isn’t in there 5 minutes before he’s already slapping Roy on the back, Yankee style.

“Americans are very … tactile,” Roy observes.

Julie is excited that Milton is from California as that’s where her prunes come from.

Still, he seems like a nice enough guy, even if the American accent seems so jarring in the middle of Manchester.  What if he’s really a supervillain:


Julie’s beau Brian is on a Jamie Oliver/Michelle Obama kick at Bessie Street school, insisting that wee Max eat something more nutritious than crisps and Curly Wurleys for lunch.

Steve would like to get his marriage annulled but if Tracy doesn’t agree to it so they’re stuck together at Number 13, where Tracy’s been exiled after Ken kicked her out. Now Steve has a plan to get rid of her and it involved dividing the house in two(?).

And the music competition was on hold after Mary broke Norris’s fingers in the piano.

Ain’t she sweet?



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14 Responses to Update for the Week Ending April 27. The Trial of the Century (this week)

  1. Nicoleak says:

    I used to eat Curly Wurly’s when I was a kid but they were called the ever so political correct name of ‘Wigwam’.

    • John says:

      I remember those! For some reason I remember them being slightly cheaper than regular chocolate bars and therefore popular with kids who went to the store with pocket change. They’re still called Curly Wurleys over in the UK, or as they call them in Scotland, “Currrrrrrly Wurrrrrrlys”.

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    As always, thank you for the entertaining update, John, and especially for the great videos.

  3. Mary Prankster says:

    John, you mentioned Frank’s mother, Ann, played by Gwen Taylor. You also mentioned the Knowledge channel. Did you happen to notice that Gwen Taylor played Peggy Armstrong (David Stockwell’s aunt, who moved in with him, after Claude Greengrass’ departure) on the “Heartbeat” series? (She scrubs up rather nicely, doesn’t she?) See what I mean about having difficulty seeing familiar actors in new roles?!

  4. haili says:

    I enjoy Frank’s mother Ann (whose name I always forget) and keep trying to picture her as aunt Peggy but she looks nothing like her on Corrie. Good for the wardrobe people and good for her as an actress. I loved Carla meeting her match with Ann. I’m also happy that the darn slipping around by Carla and Peter is now out in the open.

  5. haili says:

    What a difference a makeover makes!

  6. Long Time Lurker says:

    Last night was gut-wrenching… between Leanne and little Simon at the end. Peter and Tracy Barlow – breaking hearts and wreaking havoc wherever they go. Ken and Dierdre must be so proud.

  7. haili says:

    Ken and Dierdre look after the grandkids more than the parents do! I wondered how the actor who plays Simon was coached and how he felt after that sad scene. Maybe it’s just like a game to him. Jane Danson did a great job as Leanne and I assume she’ll be back eventually when she gets over the crying stage. I feel sorry for Simon with Carla as a step mother though she does look the part of the wicked step mother.

    • Rebecca says:

      Very true Haili; I suspect that Carla and Peter didn’t think this through…and I really don’t see Carla as stepmother material!

  8. Trudy says:

    I was wondering if Leanne was coming back. After all, she left in a taxi, which is the standard way of leaving Coronation Street.

    • Wild Rover says:

      In spite of leaving in a taxi, Leanne’s departure had an “unfinished” feel to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back, even if it’s just to sort things out with Simon.

      • Long Time Lurker says:

        I agree – I hope Leanne’s departure is the same as Lloyd’s – only temporary.

        And I want to see what happens when Nick dumps her step-sister and gets involved with Leanne again (not a spoiler; just pure speculation on my part).

      • missusmac says:

        I also thought the Peter/Carla story line left the door open for a revival of Nick and Leanne. Carla could be the best stepmother ever, really. from a kid’s viewpoint. She isn’t going to pretend she’s crazy about you, even to impress your dad, and you will always know where you stand! I can see Simon and Carla having some very logical exchanges actually

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