Update for the week ending May 10.

“He was eating a plate of sausage rolls!”

The big story this week is that Rosie left the cobbles for fame and fortune fame in London where she was to appear as a contestant on a knock-off of The Bachelor in which several comely lasses vie for the affections of a “lord or prince or something.” I’m praying that it’s actually a remake of the second season of Joe Millionaire.

The problem is that in order to be on the show, Rosie has to be single. So she dumped Jason, who was planning to move to London with her, after getting the sack from Owen on account of their sexcapade in his van.

Rosie, in the end, chose TV and the promise of fame without accomplishment, over Jason. It was, as these goodbyes go, tearful but rather understated. Helen Flanagan, who plays Rosie, left the show for a number of reasons, including panic attacks, the way her character dressed, and a desire to spend more time with her (of course) footballer boyfriend.

I grew to like Rosie over the years. I preferred Goth Rosie and disliked the oversexed vamp Rosie but lately, she began using her look for a purpose and eventually morphed into a comedy character. But she’s gone now with a black cab send off and everything. Is it for good? Who knows, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back either “reality TV famous” or disillusioned with the pursuit of fame.

Paul and Leslie moved into Eileen’s. In her more lucid moments, Leslie is catching on to who Eileen is to her husband.

Julie would like to have a child with Brian but Brian had a vasectomy seven years ago. So it’s a bit of a shock when she announces that she’s pregnant.

Katy left a sleeping Joseph to go pay the rent, making it back in time just before Chesney got home. This raises issues of the lack childcare and support for young mothers on the poverty line and some may even call it child endangerment, or as it was called when I was Joseph’s age, Tuesday.

Simon haaaates Carla. From his point of view, however, I can see where he’d want to have the same set of parents for longer than a year.

Eva’s birthday was this week and Gail and Stella bought the same blouse. Gail got drunk and hilarious.

After Audrey suffered a fainting spell, Doctor Carter recommended light exercise and to cut back on the drinking. This will end in tears.

Tommy thought Kirsty was stepping out on Tyrone as he saw her with another bloke but it was just her cousin in a Ferrari.

Underworld is just about the creepiest place to work right now.

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7 Responses to Update for the week ending May 10.

  1. corrierules says:

    Great update as always John, with lovely bonus video. Loved the link to Kim Kardashian –fame without accomplishment!

  2. haili says:

    Yes, Underworld is the creepiest place to work but Eileen’s house is the strangest place to live these days.

    The baby was in the carriage and I don’t get why Katy just didn’t take him to the bank – unless it was 30 below zero or something. Maybe that’s old fashioned thinking.

    I always enjoy these updates.

  3. Gayle says:

    Why would they need two personal assistants at Underworld! I could never understand why they even need one. Michelle isn’t remotely qualified unless you count how she fills out a sweater. All Sally does is walk around with a clipboard looking bitchy. I wanted to scream at Michelle to take her feet off the desk how unprofessional is that!

    As for Katie if she doesn’t smarten up Children’s Services will be contacted and maybe they should. I like Katie but obviously doesn’t have a clue how to look after a baby. A ten year old would know enough not to leave a baby alone!!

    • barbee says:

      Sally has at least worked in an office situation, so has some experience (bedding the bosses as well, so at least she’s consistent). Although I would look twice at her history. You’d think stealing the client files from Mike would haunt her.
      Michelle? PA? Only hireable if she’s your dead husband’s sister. Feet on desk during an office meeting? Barking insults?
      They both win in the bitching department though.

    • missusmac says:

      Katy got rotten support from Dr. Carter, who is lucky he is good looking at least. “That crying is just one of the perks…”. I was ready to go along with Eileen’s 2 week flings with Paul while Leslie is in care – it’s a recycled Rita plot when she had a boyfriend with a wife in a coma (was it?) and there was a lot of moral comment on that. Now I am feeling yecchy watching Paul and Leslie move in. Did she really have to have a conversation with Paul that they wouldn’t get touchy feely while Leslie was in the house? If you even have to clarify it, it’s a problem. Jason and Rosie’s farewell was actually pretty touching — for them. I am okay with her gone. OMG!

      • Long Time Lurker says:

        Agreed, Missusmac – I would have thought that it was understood that there would be no hanky panky between Paul and Eileen while he and Leslie were staying there.

        While I was watching Sylvia getting ready to leave last night I really wished Becky was still around to set her (or Roy) straight.

  4. markdaye says:

    Love the update!

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