An Update from Someone Who Hasn’t Watched the Show in Two Months

So… Peter took Simon away even though Leanne is his official guardian?

Peter: We’re on an adventure.

Simon: This adventure’s pants!

Carla and Peter really do deserve each other but Simon doesn’t deserve any of this.

And Peter has a mad plan to steal away Simon across the Atlantic. But a resourceful Simon finds Peter’s phone and calls Leanne.

Carla’s brother is on the show now. Is he called Rob?

Are Gary and Izzy having a baby? They are but Owen is worried on account of her health.

Sean and Marcus broke up and Marcus is lodging at Kirk and Maria’s. Does Maria like Marcus now? But Kirk thinks Marcus likes him.

Marcus: It wasn’t a date!

Kirk: But we had napkins!

Kirsty is abusing Tyrone. She chalks her mood swings up to her dad? Do I hear that right?

Michelle is back. When did that happen?

I’m bummed I missed Betty dying.

Roy’s missing Tango nights with Hayley for chess nights Mary. It all seems so illict.


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Former Maritimer living in the suburbs of Montreal.
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8 Responses to An Update from Someone Who Hasn’t Watched the Show in Two Months

  1. corrierules says:

    OMG… you’re back! Hope life is treating you well. Lovely recap. Was Corrie re=scheduled today? It was tennis instead. And no warning. But on the plus side… you’re back!

    • John says:

      It was rescheduled in Montreal and I assume in Eastern Canada as well but I set my PVR to find it wherever it appears which works, well, most of the time. It aired at 1:00pm EST.

  2. corrierules says:

    Thanks for the info. aargh I missed it. Usually the CBC runs a a scroll during the the show that precedes the one being reschduled. Ah well I will record on Sunday. Welcome back 🙂

  3. S. Poole says:

    They usually air it again at midnight in the eastern time zone no? I hope so as I missed it at 1pm.

    Anyhow, welcome back, John! Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Maria does seem to have a crush on Marcus and he loves the idea of a family with little Liam. (and no silly drama from Sean!)

    The reason for the remark Kirsty made about her dad was revealed (sort of) at the surprise birthday bash Ty threw for her. He invited her folks on the sly and her father turned out to be a real nightmare of a man, ended up yelling at his wife and daughter in front of the guests before storming out. He is extremely mad his daughter was off the force. Kirsty later tells Ty he used to beat her and her mother and also set impossible standards for her to live up to.

    Carla’s brother is indeed named Rob and he has been in the nick these past few years but came out ahead by taking many, many business courses. He chided Carla for not being there for the family when they needed her most and said her posh gifts sent to their mother made them targets for the thugs who roamed the projects. Not sure about how or why Michelle was away but she definitely remembers Rob and seems to fancy him.

    And Peter is a pratt, end of story.

  4. misspimms says:

    Welcome back, John! In other news, September 2 is when we go back to one episode a day on CBC and then on Sept 17th it moves t0 7:30 p.m. in whatever timezone.

    • John says:

      Thanks misspimms. From what I’ve read, the current episodes aired in early July in the UK so we’re about a month behind now. Who would have ever thought we’d be so close.

      I used count the gaps in baby storylines. If I read through a spoiler that a character is pregnant, by the time it used to air in Canada, over in the UK, the baby will have already been born! Can’t do that anymore.

  5. Gayle says:

    Welcome back John! Hope you are having a fabulous summer!

  6. Wild Rover says:

    Welcome back!

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