Update for August 15

The latest trend overseas these days is baby showers.

“It’s American!” Says Fizz to Ty when he asks for advice on something to do that’s nice for Kirsty. Posh Spice must have brought it over.

NuRyan almost burned down Steve’s house which almost put Kevin off the sale. So he’s set to work at the fac’try to pay for the damages. He’s a bad boy, that one. Fortunately, years of watching premier league football has prepared him for dramatically feigning injuries. Poor Kirk has to take the blame, though. And he wants to sue but Rob sees right through him. So he sends Eva over to seduce him and uncover his little scam. Long story short: result.

A family emergency takes Hayley away so Mary tries to get her claws into him. A lesser man would bend under the pressure.

Gail is playing granny with Simon these days. She should be able to offer him a stable family life until she starts dating again.

I missed Karl & Sunita’s affair so I guess I should be thankful for some mercies. On the other hand, Julie is planning the wedding so you know that’s going to be brilliant. Pity guilt-ridden Sunita put the run to her.

Rita & Dennis Tanner are back from their cruise.

Leanne interviews Tracy for a job at the bookies. Her best quality is that she “knows blokes.” I missed Tracy, Beth and Steve all living together.


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16 Responses to Update for August 15

  1. S. Poole says:

    Fortunately, years of watching premier league football has prepared him for dramatically feigning injuries.

    Hah, love it!

    Tracy tolerating Beth and her son Craig (boy, they really do recycle names on Corrie) were good for some laughs. Especially when Tracy was grossed out by their lifestyle, discovering Craig’s pet rat in bread box was my personal favourite.

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    John! You’re back! Yay!! No reflection on the Bluenose site but I, for one, missed your pithy commentary, and the exchange of views on this site, so in that vein……
    The Corrie writers are not doing much for higher education in Britain. Anyone who goes off to “Uni” seems to come back with their morals and attitude irreparably damaged: lately Amber, now Ryan (University aged him too, even with his full body transplant!)
    I’ve been thinking about the way the kids are raised on that street. The show has been on the air long enough that we’ve had the unique opportunity to watch characters grow up, marry, have kids, and become grandparents. The fact that there are so many people with huge problems and serious character defects would seem to suggest that whatever parenting techniques the various cast members have been asked to portray, they haven’t been particularly successful. I know well-adjusted families don’t make for exciting TV, but since Corrie is such an institution surely there’s some responsibility to educate the audience more than they’ve been doing (Unless maybe they’ve been using the “Don’t do as I do” method).

    The internet is a peculiar “place”. We’re all total strangers, yet we form various sorts of communities. It’s absolutely none of my business, yet I find I want to ask, “John, has the wedding happened yet? If so, how did it go?! “

  3. Joy says:

    I’m thrilled to see that you have resumed your posts, John. I’ve really missed this site/community. I visited today just for old times sake not expecting any updates. What a pleasant surprise!

  4. long time lurker says:

    I’m so glad to see that Corrie Canuck is back! I missed you all this summer. Am looking forward to reading everyone’s comments.

  5. Trudy says:

    Congratulations John! May you have a long, happy and healthy marriage. Please do not watch Corrie for any hints on that account. Thank you once again for the wonderful updates.

  6. lovethestreet says:

    Hurray! Just back from my own summer hiatus, and pleased to see activity on my favourite site! Congratulations, John, on your wedding. I couldn’t figure out how to access the details, but I imagine you had a reception in a pub that you go to every other day, just like the folk on Coronation Street. In my mind, that’s what you did.

    Thank you for the updates. As you can see, we’ve missed them.

  7. long time lurker says:

    When did Sunita become such a bitch? I actually feel sorry for Dev – I really wanted him to kick her and Carl out of the house. I predict a really ugly custody battle.

    • Wild Rover says:

      So a wife moves her lover into the marital home and asks the husband to leave? Am I missing something here? I’m not a big fan of Dev, but I was rooting for him to throw them both out.

      What’s going to happen when the kids come home? Will they move in with Sunita and Karl?

      • Mary Prankster says:

        After the exchange where Sunita said she’d find a cheap hotel and Dev retorted that she must have used a lot of those lately, Sunita then said she’d go to the shop flat and Dev insisted that she stay at home and he’d go the the flat. He wanted her to “sleep on” her decision and he hoped she’d change her mind in the morning. Karl showed up later (Lucky for him Dev had insisted on leaving!) and took advantage of Sunita’s desperation.
        As much as Sunita has made some foolish choices lately, her desperation was understandable since she was feeling trapped with Dev, who is so egocentric and overbearing he can’t see any other point of view but his own.

  8. lovethestreet says:

    OK – didn’t you smile when Eva referred to Sunita’s “airbags”? And wasn’t Dev’s character played well last night? No weird voice inflections or over acting.

    • eps says:

      I agree. First time I have felt other than some degree of impatience and/or irritation with Dev the Verbose and certainly the best portrayal by the actor – perhaps he has “been there”?

  9. eps says:

    Wild Rover, I thought the same thing. When Karl walked down the stairs why didn’t Dev throw them both out and let her know that he and the kids would be taking the house. Did he put it in her name when they bought it?

  10. Barbie says:

    Yay, I decided to take a quick look at the site today, just in case, and here you all are. Congrats John, and thanks for diving back in.
    Oh, and I agree, Sunita has turned into the bitch from hell, hasn’t she?
    Peter has always been one of my faves but in his last couple of episodes he sure turned into a spineless, selfish wimp. Does anyone know if he is off the series for good now? – or would that be telling?

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