If you’ve ever watched Torchwood, this may have occurred to you

Separated at birth?

Seriously, the guy looks like John Barrowman.


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10 Responses to If you’ve ever watched Torchwood, this may have occurred to you

  1. eps says:

    I have been pondering where I have seen the Ryan-actor before. Maybe it is the similarity to Capt. Jack. I really don’t like this new Ryan – I can’t believe that (old) Ryan would become such an ethics-less jerk. Again, the lack of continuity makes me crazy.

  2. S. Poole says:

    Sorry, the new Ryan is like Amber 2.0, blech. Both seemed to turn onto jerks at uni.

    Rob is the new Liam to the ladies in our viewing circle, some eye candy at the factory for the hard working machinists.

    No love for Stella in our abode though, the raspy voice and tough behaviour are getting old fast. Bring back Danny Baldwin for the factory and a real land lady at the pub, would suggest Bet Lynch but that didn’t turn out so hot for Granada last time.

    • eps says:

      Bett was my with-out-a-doubt, all time, absolute favorite! Remember the NY’s Eve when she intervened with Ken who was planning suicide? She has some great lines in the manner of our Blanche (my second favorite). Ahhh, those were the days.

      • S. Poole says:

        By gosh, yes, it was a great scene.Leave it to the ultra-organized Ken to actually line the pills up in neat little rows, none of this open your gob and dump them in from the bottle for our Kenneth. Loved Bett! (and Alec too, until he started screwing money out of Jack and Vera at least. What a weasel.)

  3. Wild Rover says:

    As I suggested over on the Bluenose Corrie site, maybe the Ryans got switched again at uni and we have Michelle’s biological son back again.

  4. Tvor says:

    Amber 2.0 love it!
    Ryan is a lying tosser isn’t he? And i can’t understand half of what he says, drunk or sober. He does have a passing resemblence to Jack Harkness/John Barrowman but isn’t nearly as appealing 🙂

  5. Trudy says:

    I think the new Ryan looks like Todd but I don’t like him too much.

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