Ok I think I can write now. Update for Monday August 20

So Karl & Sunita are shacked up. The kids are not impressed and Sunita is really bad at the blended family thing. Dev almost topped himself but Lloyd swept in to lend a sympathetic ear.

Karl needs a job. Maybe Lloyd could hire him back. Their new guy at the switch is crap.

Sean is not dealing with Marcus’s new boyfriend very well.

Ches turned 18 and is counting his blessings with his now stable family life.

Gary’s overprotective attitude is back. He asks Rob to ease up with the overtime re: pregnant Izzy. But he never asks Izzy if she minds the overtime. She does not, as it happens. But with Kirk sending the wrong orders down to Swansea, the OT is still on. But fortunately, Gary has an ally in Owen.

But as Gary confronts Rob about the overtime, Izzy doubles over in pain.

Jason and Maria are dating for the simple reason that the writers haven’t done that combination yet.

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6 Responses to Ok I think I can write now. Update for Monday August 20

  1. eps says:

    I really like Lloyd, wish Goofball Steve would listen to him about Ryan the snake.
    Has Dee-drah gone to that secret place where Tracy-as-a-child spent so much time?
    Getting tired of Julie, would like to see more Eileen.
    “Sean is not dealing with Marcus’s new boyfriend very well”. Has he EVER dealt well with anything? Maybe I have forgotten.
    Gee, I sound a bit whingy, OK, perhaps more than a bit.

  2. lovethestreet says:

    I really like Lloyd too. Nevermind all the women who come in and out of Steve’s life — he has a great relationship with his cab partner.Their banter in the cab office is one of my favourite things about the show.

  3. long time lurker says:

    Poor Tyrone; poor Tyrone’s babies.

  4. eps says:

    I can’t help but think that if Kirsty really cared about the baby (and Tyrone) she’d suck it up and get some help. Perhaps I am being unsympathetic but she is willing to risk the baby rather than deal with her problem. Tyrone deserves so much better. The Ty-actor did a great job.

  5. Mary Prankster says:

    Does anyone happen to know about the cellist Mary mentioned? I think she said “Rosalind Yakimoto”. She must be incredible, if she makes the iconic Jacqueline Du Pré sound “like George Formby”! I tried googling the name with various spellings, but no luck. Btw, if anyone’s interested, there are several Youtube sites with Du Pré playing the Elgar cello concerto.

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