Update for the Week Ending August 24. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

Corrie Standard Time: August 6, 2012.

We are now three weeks behind the current episodes. I think by the time we go back to the half hour episodes, we’ll be about a week behind.

This week saw Dev reeling from the news that Sunita and Karl have been carrying on behind his back.

Lloyd, having recently been dumped by Cheryl himself, took pity on Dev and lent a shoulder to cry on.

For their part, Sunita now thinks she and Karl are true love forever. Karl tells Stella that Sunita means nothing to him. She responds by freezing the joint account and throwing his debts back in his face. Yeah, have fun with that winner there, Sunita.

Anyway, Stella looks like she’s going to come out on top as Rob’s been giving her the glad eye every time he comes into the Rovers.

Michelle’s son Ryan came back from uni with a new personality and actor to match. He’s a complete jerk but it did result in Kylie working the switch at Streetcars. She should be full-time. He also does coke in the Rovers and blames it on Kylie. Michelle calls the cops on him and has a go at Gail when she thinks Kylie is his supplier.

Steve, wanting to get back together with Michelle, is extra nice to Ryan until Michelle figures out what’s up.

Michelle also claims not to know much about drugs, despite having been a touring musician for years.

I missed how Tracy ended up at Emily’s but it’s making Norris’s life Hell so I’m all for it. But by the end of the week, she was looking pretty ill. Has Samir’s kidney finally had enough of her?

Izzy lost her baby this week and told Gary she didn’t want to take the risk of trying again. And I have to say, Cherylee Houston was stellar.

Kirsty hit Tyrone with a vacuum cleaner tube and Tina saw the bruises so both she and Tommy are concerned for their friend. But when Tyrone and Kirsty start scuffling, she falls and gets a bruise, which is seen by Deirdre. So now she thinks Tyrone is hitting her.

In the end, Kirsty leaves him, despite his begging, just as he did with Molly. Poor Tyrone – the nicest most put upon guy on the Street.

Tommy and Tina’s trip to Blackpool was scuttled thanks to Kirsty’s interference.

It may be for the best. You never can tell what can happen in Blackpool.

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7 Responses to Update for the Week Ending August 24. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

  1. corrierules says:

    Wonderful update, as per usual. We are so spoiled.
    A few comments: the actor who plays Ryan can actually act.
    The Tyrone-Kirsty storyline is written so very well; I want to see out it turns out. Likely more heartbreak for Ty, the sweetest guy in Weatherfield.:( (Kirkeh is a close second.) When Kirsty was giving Tyrone a hard time about the loan holiday, I actually yelled at the TV “It’s not your money, b***h!” So the story has reeled me in.

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    Does anyone happen to know about the cellist Mary mentioned? I think she said “Rosalind Yakimoto”. She must be incredible, if she makes the iconic Jacqueline Du Pré sound “like George Formby”! I tried googling the name with various spellings, but no luck. Btw, if anyone’s interested, there are several Youtube sites with Du Pré playing the Elgar cello concerto.

  3. S. Poole says:

    The last pegging out clothes scene this dramatic was likely Judy Mallett keeling over, not unlike Kirsty this week. Come to think of it, it was the same back yard, Malletts lived in the old Duckegg place too. How spooky.

    Have to give Norris credit for standing up to Tracy, I would be more than a little scared of the psycho. But then he no longer lives in fear of scary Mary either.

    Michelle seems more than a little naive when it comes to her Ryan, his drug use, work ethic, dropping out of uni. Wake up goth-grunge lady!

  4. lovethestreet says:

    The funniest line was not from Beth saying that she lost her virginity on the ghost train. It was from Tina who studied Beth for a moment, then replied “Of course you did.”

  5. Bea says:

    I can’t understand why all the girls are so hot for Steve. Tracy, Michelle, Beth, they all want him. Why???????????

    • Gayle says:

      Bea I don’t understand the appeal either. I find him to be a stupid goof whose choice in women leaves a lot to be desired. In real life a beauty like Michelle wouldn’t look twice at him!

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