CBC Scheduling Update

I just wanted to give you all a heads about the plans for the Coronation Street schedule on CBC.

According to the excellent Corrie blog Blanche’s Polish Hip, who got the info from the equally excellent Bluenose Corrie Blog, starting next week, Corrie goes back to one hour 30 minutes a night at 6:30pm in all time zones.

On Monday, September 17, Corrie moves to its new timeslot at 7:30pm in all time zones, following the new 7:00pm timeslot for Strombo.

By my calculations, I think we’ll be about two weeks behind the current episodes in the UK. It was a long slog but here we are and I think our public broadcaster deserves a drink for doing this.

Thanks CBC!

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Former Maritimer living in the suburbs of Montreal.
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8 Responses to CBC Scheduling Update

  1. Mary Prankster says:

    To correct a typo, John, we go back to a HALF hour next week.
    May I suggest that we all send our thanks to the CBC for catching us up, along with a reminder that we’d like to KEEP IT THAT WAY -regardless of hockey playoffs, Olympics, or anything else!

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    I just sent this to the CBC contact page:

    I want to thank whomever it was that made the decision to air 2 episodes per night of Coronation Street until we were caught up with the British showings. That happy day is almost here! May I suggest, also, that you KEEP IT THAT WAY!! If hockey playoffs, political coverage, Olympics, or anything else interferes with the scheduled airings, please find another slot in your programming schedule for “Corrie” and its loyal viewers. Keep in mind that our current federal “government”(?) searches for any way it can to undermine and even eliminate our public broadcasting service. Loyal viewers are important to your survival!

    This is just my version of an e-mail. Come up with your own!

    • eps says:

      M Prankster, great letter. I will use the same content just rewording it to keep them from getting bored – think I’ll add a plea to let us know more than 1 day in advance when they are going to reschedule CS due to some sports event or whatever. I am sincerely appreciative that they have brought us so close. If they had a pledge drive I’d donate.

  3. Tvor says:

    Thanks for the plug!
    On Friday, August 31, we will be watching episodes that aired in the UK on August 20. That’s phenominal and unheard of! See, I would have been happy to be 6 weeks behind like we were when i first started watching! Even falling behind a little bit isn’t going to bother me at this point but if we ever find ourselves 10 months behind again, there will be stern words sent to cBC

  4. Wild Rover says:

    Just have to make this comment on today’s episode. I thought Tracy’s remark to Deidre about her ex-husband’s kidney letting her down was really crass. Samir isn’t her ex-husband, he is her late husband, having died shortly after giving Tracy his kidney.

    • fondue123 says:

      I agree, Wild Rover, but can we really expect better from Tracy? What constantly surprises me is how Deirdre keeps taking it on the chin from Tracy. I know, I know, mother love, but surely there are limits!!!

    • Gayle says:

      I was hardly surprised she is nothing but a vindictive bitch with no consideration for anyone. I had to walk out of the room when Diedre was croaking over Tracey’s bedside. When is Diedre going to wake up and see how horrid Tracey really is?

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