Update for the week ending August 31, 2012. All the lonely people

Since I’ve been watching Corrie on a regular basis again, I’ve noticed lately that the stories have taken a welcome break from murders, trials, and tram crashes.

Steve trying to please two women. Surrogacy. Fireman Paul unable to sleep through Kevin’s home renos. The abuse of Tyronne at the hands of Kirsty. Tracy remembering that she has kidney problems.

It’s just folk living their lives and that’s what attracted me to Corrie in the first place. It’s a nice return.

Take Mary, Corrie’s own Eleanor Rigby, for example. This week she attempted to seduce Roy through a concert of the music of Edgar Edward Algar. However, the same night, Hayley and Norris were scheduled to compete in a ballroom dancing competition. Unable to break his prior commitment to Mary, Roy spent the evening worried that he should be with Hayley. After failing to recognize that she was arranging a seduction in her motor home, Roy insists on returning to Hayley to offer his support.

The next day, after an oblivious Roy gives Hayley the details of the previous night, she immediately goes to confront Mary. Mary reassures Hayley that it’s his wife whom Roy loves. The pair get to talking and the subject comes round, as it sometimes does, to Hayley’s sex change.

Recognizing something in Mary in that bit of advice, Hayley becomes more compassionate and convinces Mary to stay and not give up in her life in Weatherfield.

While this was not the central plot of this week’s episodes, for me, it was their heart.

Meanwhile, Tracy has vowed to make Steve and Michelle’s life a living hell, so I’d say she’s recovered.

And now she’s flirting with Ryan. Urk.

Fireman Paul has a thing about his ears so he can’t put in earplugs to block the sound of Kevin’s home renos. He finally sucks it up and puts ’em in but then he oversleeps and almost gets sacked.

Katy has agreed to carry Izzy’s baby but Owen is dead set against it. Anna is for it. Ches is wavering. A ginger baby war is coming, my friends. First shot fired was at the christening of baby Joseph.

Rob is sort of dating Eva but he really wants Stella and doesn’t care who knows.

Karl got a job working at the factory but Eva is trying to sabotage it in solidarity with her mum.

Next week: Corrie goes back to 30 minutes a night. We are officially two weeks behind.


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18 Responses to Update for the week ending August 31, 2012. All the lonely people

  1. Wild Rover says:

    That really was a heart-warming scene between Hayley and Mary. I hope her friendship with the Croppers will have a positive effect on Mary’s personality.

    And the little nod Roy gave Hayley before he and Mary began playing chess again was just lovely.

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    That’s Edward Elgar ! You know – “Pomp And Circumstance”.

  3. S. Poole says:

    Sleep-deprived Paul is kind of a dink. I prefer him to quivering-lip-about-to-cry Paul but come on man, it is only a one week reno. We have a neighbour who starts a new project the same day another one ends. Kind of funny the height of the two actors in that scene, they would be a pair of bantam roosters if it actually kicks off.

    Rob was easy on Eva when he found out she was a label swapper, especially when he is out 200 quid in courier fees. Quite surprised he didn’t either fire her or dock her wages.

    Who knew Fat Brenda was on Twitter? woo hoo!

  4. eps says:

    In case you haven’t seen this:

    What’s up with Canada’s Coronation Street obsession?


  5. Mary Prankster says:

    When we went to an hour a day last year at this time it seemed like a huge commitment. A lot of comments were made by viewers about how 5 hours a week was too much. One thing I noticed as the year passed was how “constructed” the show is. Each episode builds to a climax, usually with a cliff-hanger ending, sometimes big, often smaller, but still, a dramatic pause. I had not been so aware of that fact before. Each day there was a moment of satisfaction at not having to wait, as the next episode immediately commenced at the half hour point. The cliff-hanger at the end of the 2nd episode seemed more manageable somehow. Now that we’re back to the half hour format it’s a bit of a shock. The half hour seems very short and the frustration of having to “wait until tomorrow” has returned. I’m now much more conscious of the fact that the programming in Britain gives viewers both situations each week, since they get both a half hour and a full hour on different days, and I see how that causes a different reaction for the viewer, in a way that I had no idea of before.
    Mostly I’m just experiencing a form of withdrawal at the shortened daily dose!

    • eps says:

      My sentiments as well. The half hour ends so quickly – with all the commercial breaks probably only 22 minutes of CS content – that I’m just feeling settled in when the closing credits appear. However, that being said, I am grateful that we had the extended period of time with hour episodes so we could catch up.

    • long time lurker says:

      Actually I am quite enjoying going back to half hour episodes. But I think that just says more about the state of my life than the quality of Corrie – I just can’t commit to an hour these days.

  6. Mary Prankster says:

    I realize that space is at a premium in the houses on that street, but considering the amount of time people spend sleeping on the sofas/couches/chesterfields/davenports you’d think they’d want full length, 3 seat models. I’m reminded of that little verse that Sheldon quoted to Penny on “The Big Bang theory”.

    Sheldon: Are you suggesting I sleep on the couch.

    Penny: Well, it wasn’t the first suggestion that came to mind, but it’s the one I’m going with.

    Sheldon: I can’t sleep on your couch. I sleep in a bed. And given it’s dimensions I have no intention of living out E.M. Snickering’s beloved children’s book , The Tall Man From Cornwall.

    Penny: What?

    Sheldon: There was a tall man from Cornwall whose length exceeded his bed. My body fits on it, but barely upon it, there’s no room for my big Cornish head.

    • eps says:

      I remember that scene well as I am a hugh Sheldon fan. I have also wondered about the kitchen/sitting room combinations which seriously limit furniture. Do the Barlows not have a front room?

      • S. Poole says:

        The room they converted for Blanche and her Polish hip to avoid the stairs would be the front room I think. Ken wanted to convert it to a library or study, I remember Deirdre being very upset at him after he wanted to get cracking soon after Blanche passed.

        Love Sheldon too, enjoyed some of the Labour Day BBT marathon on Comedy.

      • long time lurker says:

        Sheldon rocks! Can hardly wait for the new season of BBT.

  7. lovethestreet says:

    Isn’t Tyrone breaking your heart these days?

    • Long Time Lurker says:

      Yes he is, LTS.
      That poor boy – Kirsty is a total physcho b/tch. I already feel for their baby. If Kirsty is willing to physically and emotionally batter Tyrone, think what she will do to a child. And Tyrone hasn’t even thought that far ahead yet.
      And aren’t Karl and Sunita totally cringeworthy?

  8. Am I the only one who remembers that Steve, while living with Michelle, started fooling around with Becky and dumped Michelle? Or am I mis-remembering? Because I figure, after that, she would have to be a real idiot to give him another chance. So I don’t find their romance believable this time around.

    • Wild Rover says:

      I agree, it’s not very credible. Steve’s now claiming that it was a big mistake to dump Michelle, but it wasn’t that long ago that he was saying that Becky was the love of his life. Looks like he has a short memory too.

    • lovethestreet says:

      Couldn’t agree more. It’s a weak storyline.

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