Update for the Week Ending September 7. Kiss with a Fist

This week Tommy, in an effort to cheer up his best mate, went off in search of Kirsty in an effort to bring her back into his life so they can patch things up.

So Marcus told him, in a “you didn’t hear it from me” kind of way, that Kirsty was due at the hospital for a test (or something) and he may just happen to bump into her there. He does manage to convince her to come find Tyrone. Unfortunately, the timing was all off because when she did find him, he was busying teaching the fine art of darts to what men of a certain age would call a “dolly bird.” He was basically being nice to her as Dev’s ill-considered date brought along a friend.

Well, that set her off but really, Tyrone could buy a Yorkie from Rita and get accusations of infidelity from Kirsty

Well, they patch things up but it doesn’t look good when Ty scalds himself with the water from the kettle and it looks like Kirsty’s beating him again.

It doesn’t help that Tina told Tommy that Kirsty had been abusing Tyrone so when they see this injury, they confront Kirsty who then goes back to isolating him from his friends and for the time being, it works.

Better get a friend to get those Yorkies for you, Ty.

Karl has been reading Hanna Rosin’s landmark Atlantic Monthly article “The End of Men.” With no job and no prospects and “a credit rating that would make the Greek prime minister give pause,” Karl is feeling less like a man these days. His answer? Buy £500 worth of Chinese smoke detectors and sell ’em at a profit with the help of Chesney’s market stall. All they have to do is “borrow” the money from Dev and Sunita’s joint account. This is an excellent plan and I can see no downside.

Sunita isn’t so sure but when she sees Dev returning their spoiled and exhausted children and he lords over the fact that his wealth was built by him and him alone, she has a change of heart.

Steve was feeling a little not up to standard when Rob complained of getting coffee spilled all over his £350 suit. As Steve has no suit costing that much, he tries to make a show in front of Michelle by ordering the most expensive thing at the bistro. Michelle asks what’s up and he admits he thought Michelle would be more impressed with him if he appeared successful. Michelle reassures him that she loves him as he is as her standards are already pretty flaming low.

While I did enjoy Gail getting Fireman Paul to sleep at hers solely to wind up Eileen, I may have missed something over the summer when I wasn’t watching. What happened to the house Paul shared with Leslie? Did he sell it after she died? Is he living with Eileen now? Does he not have his own place?

Jason and Marcus’ new beau Aidan bonded over their shared love of action movies. They should just go see Expendables 2 and make a date night out of it.


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8 Responses to Update for the Week Ending September 7. Kiss with a Fist

  1. long time lurker says:

    Chinese smoke alarms on Coronation Street – because there haven’t been enough fires in the neighborhood lately 😉

  2. Tvor says:

    I wondered about Paul’s house too. But (and this is a minor spoiler), he seems to have his furniture in storage so he must have sold it. more on that in a week or so. I loved the scenes where Gail was flirting with Paul, i know she was doing it just to get at Eileen and she enjoyed herself immensely 🙂 Result!

    It wasn’t so much that Steve was ordering expensive stuff off the menu but that it was overly healthy choices. Then when Rob left, it was back to beer and wings LOL! But he can still fit into his (fourth) wedding suit after all!

    I really don’t like Steve and michelle as a couple, i really don’t think they’re suited at all. And she always has so many problems and crises and that’s what dragged him down and sent him to Becky last time, for a bit of fun for a change.

  3. Mary Prankster says:

    Thanks for the link to the interesting Atlantic Monthly article, as well as for your usual witty perspective on the goings on of these foolish people.

  4. eps says:

    Do you think Baby Jack was given a shot of Benedryl (spelling?) before his scene with his big sister and lying, scheming Ryan. The babe was well and truly snoozing.

    Kristy has some serious mental health issues and will ruin Ty. I am fed with with both of them focused on what they want, trying to compensate for their lousy parents by setting up a situation that will end up with their baby having just as lousy parents. Sigh…

    Good ol’ Roy. I like him more and more. He’s like a calm, bobbing cork in an ever turbulent sea. (Full of myself, aren’t I?)

  5. juders says:

    i’ve been away from a computer most of the summer, so some of my comments are little “old”..sorry. I’m not enjoying the Steve/Michelle/Ryan story line..as i’m having a hard time accepting the “new” Ryan. The other one could barely mumble a complete sentence and now he’s loud, brash and in your face. Meh, guess its the drugs? But on the subject of Michelle…i think a huge kudos’ should go to the actress. The scene some weeks ago where she rushed out of her very pink flat to find Ryan at the pub…the one where she had NO makeup on whatsoever…very very brave and well done. Realistic as she had just gotten out of the shower etc. To see her without makeup was refreshing.

    Eileen trying to put earplugs in Pauls ears made me LOL. 🙂 My husband says all he ever hears from the show is people yelling at each other.

    • barbee says:

      I agree – I didn’t like Michelle and Steve together the first time around, and this Ryan story is hard to believe. He is so different from the original character.
      My husband says exactly the same thing – he can’t understand why I like a show where the characters are always shouting.
      I could do some shouting at Sunita right now!

  6. long time lurker says:

    Is it wrong that (a big) part of me was hoping that Ryan died from the stapler incident? The nerve of him then insisting that Rob attacked him, and basically calling his mother a whore. Good slap, Michelle!

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