Update for the week ending September 15. Asleep at the Wheel

This week Kirsty spent a few episodes going around telling people it was her due date. Then Tommina both got part time jobs to pay back the debts they owe to Tyrone (well Tommy owes Tyrone but Tina is taking them on as well).

Determined to get these two are their good influence out of Ty’s life, Kirsty first jerks Tommy around with a pizza order, then she arranges Brian and Julie to come see Jason and Tina’s flat so if they buy, they’ll have to move.

Having once worked as a pizza delivery boy, I feel for Tommy. We’d have customers claim a different order when you arrived or even call and ask where their non-existent pizza order was. So all this running around has left Tommy nodding off at the wheel and we ended the week with Tommy running into the back of a truck. And if his employer at the pizzeria was anything like mine (it rhymes with “Schmizza Schmut”) then you know that’s coming out of his wages.

Ryan appears to have turned a corner when he tried to steal from Underworld and got a stapler to the head courtesy of Rob for his troubles. When he stopped short of selling his guitar to buy cocaine, he had a bit of a breakdown and realized he needs to examine his life choices.

When Dev’s best girl at the kebab shop, the one who was generous with the chilli sauce, leaves for beautiful, exotic Wigan (I changed trains there once. It was breathtaking.), Ryan steps up to take the job. Then Tracy decides that this is a perfect opportunity to destroy Steve and Michelle so she sleeps with Ryan. When Steve and Michelle found out, they can barely find it in themselves to be flummoxed.

Karl’s smoke alarms turned out to be crappy so he ended up giving everyone their money back. They went off constantly and not just when people were making oven fries.

So instead he gets some cash-in-hand driving job and then goes and drinks his pay at the Bistro so he can moan to Stella that he wants her back.

So now Sunita has a loser of a boyfriend and an empty joint account that was intended for the twins.

Fireman Paul moved his furniture into Eileen’s as well as Dead Leslie’s ugly vase. Unfortunately Drunk Sean, upset that Marcus is having a relationship with Aidan, knocks over Dead Leslie’s vase. When he buys a new one to replace it, he learns that Paul thought it was ugly anyway.

This week: Stella’s mum Gloria arrives on the street. As she is played by Sue Johnston of the Brookside, the Royle Family, and Jam and Jeruselem, this is going to be me all week:


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4 Responses to Update for the week ending September 15. Asleep at the Wheel

  1. S. Poole says:

    Kirsty is beginning to make scheming Tracy look like an amateur, she is super mean. But then to be fair, Tommy is not the brightest guy when he was getting a full nights sleep, not so hard to manipulate him while Tina is a ball of anger waiting to blow at any minute.

    Unless I misheard it there was a crack about dropping a radio in the bath (Kirk?), shortly after Leslie dying by electrocution it seemed a little odd, maybe the writers sharing a laugh about how that whole story line was a yawn.

    And where has Max gone, into the dishwasher and are his school lunches up to snuff? 😉

  2. matthew says:

    Gloria is a piece of work ! Now I know where Stella inherited her impulse to meddle in others affairs . Gloria’s efforts to bring Carl back into the fold reminded me of Stella’s efforts to mediate the feud between Eva and Leanne . And what about the Gloria – Ken Barlow interaction . With Ken’s track record , can a fling be far away ? Poor Tommy has the same luck as Joe Mc Intyre , and his judgment is about as sound as Joe’s was . Poor Tina .

    • Bea says:

      I had to laugh when Ken came out in ‘the robe’ lol

      • lovethestreet says:

        Ken is one of the most consistent characters, I think. I smiled at “the robe” too, and all that it symbolizes: Ken’s romantic longings for love and literature, art and intellect. How tragic that he is stuck in a cramped terranced house beside a down-at-the-heels pub on Coronation Street! What a maroon.

        (And I say that with great affection. I really like Ken’s character.)

        John, I am so happy that you will be dancing all week! 🙂

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