Gloria is here! And Ken’s still wearing the kimono!

There is a small list of Northern actors whom I’ve always felt should be on Corrie and one of my favourites is Sue Johnston. Last night, she finally appeared on Corrie as Stella’s mum Gloria.

Back in the 80’s she did appear briefly in role of Mrs. Chadwick. It didn’t last but it did lead to her major role in Brookside, a Liverpool based soap which I don’t believe ever made it to Canada but was well regarded by its fans for its realism.

After Brookside, Johnston went on to write and star in The Royle Family, with her Brookside co-star Ricky Tomlinson, again playing her husband.

“How does your mind work, Barbara?”

Then she starred in “Jam and Jeruselem”

So now she’s on Corrie and all is right with the world.

I wonder if Ricky Tomlinson needs a job…


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8 Responses to Gloria is here! And Ken’s still wearing the kimono!

  1. barbee says:

    Wouldn’t that be awesome? He’d need to be a longlost friend of someone like Jack Duckworth’s. Maybe he could sort out the Tommy/Tyrone thing and rescue Ty from the evil Kirstie! (and get Tina to just shut up for a while) And be another man for the cougar Gloria to flirt with. Just imagine the scenes………..

  2. Mary Prankster says:

    Once again, thanks John, this time for the video precis of Sue Johnston’s career. As much as we in Canada get British programming, thanks to our public TV stations, I hadn’t seen Ms. Johnston before.

  3. eps says:

    SJ was also in the absolutely worst police/detective show ever, “Waking the Dead”. She played a psych profiler or police psychologist who was not only needy and a world class whinger but also apparently grossly incompetent (in my opinion). That colored my impression of her, however, I loved “Jam and Jerusalem” as much as I hated “Waking…” so it evened out my impression of her a bit.
    If you haven’t seen J and J I consider it a must-see. Truly endearing characters – Dawn French (I think I have the right name) was great. Of course, some scenes in “Gavin and Stacy” made me laugh out loud so consider the source.

    • barbee says:

      “blushing” I actually liked Sue in Waking the Dead and thought that the lead man was the needy narcissist. However, I totally agree about Jam and Jerusalem. That show was a real gem with some of the queens of British TV rounding out the cast.
      I’m finding that she is really playing the role of Gloria to the hilt, which could get wearing if she was going to be a really long term fixture, but as it is, I love her so far.

  4. Wild Rover says:

    Tyrone: “We can’t call her Harper. It sound like something you shove down the loo.”

    That made my day!

  5. Bea says:

    Tina attacks a pregnant woman, and then she wonders why everyone hates her. No one understands. wah!

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