Update for the Week Ending September 28, 2012. Baby Mama Drama

This week Tina agreed to carry Gary and Izzy’s baby in exchange for Owen’s £15,000 as the heartbreaking split of the would-be parents lasted all of 5 minutes.

As the issue of Tina acting as Amy Poehler to Izzy’s Tina Fey was discussed Chez Windass, Faye, listening from the stairs, overheard the conversation. She then went and promptly told Tommy about the plan, not knowing that he had no idea. Although, I have to say that I think Faye may have had an inkling that this would be news to Tommy and telling him would stir the pot. I think Faye has a bit of a troublemaking streak in her.

Tommy did not take it well and threatened to leave Tina over the issue, citing a number of complex legal, moral, and emotional issues that Tina and he would have to consider in a frank and open manner.

But it came out more like:

Knowing that her relationship with Tommy is threatened, Tina asks Rita if she could bunk with her for a while in the event they broke up. Not wanting to see such a nice couple split, Rita went to see Tommy to see what the issue was. Relucantly, he told her that Tina has offered to carry Izzy and Gary’s baby.

Normally, Rita has been the one to guide our kids through life’s big shocks and tends to take social changes in stride. Instead her reaction was this:

Mind you, it is a big thing to decide to have someone else’s baby, particularly when your partner would prefer that your first baby would be with him.

By the end of the week, however, Tommy has agreed to stand by Tina in her decision.

This week, Lloyd was Johnny No Mates as he tried to get Steve join him for a night on the town to see Oldham Funk Outfit, a classic fictional funk outfit from the 80’s who recently reformed. If you’ve ever listened to Craig Charles’ funk and soul show on BBC 6, you’d know this is right up Lloyd’s alley. Gotta admit they fooled me.

Anyway, while in line, Lloyd runs into Mandi, an old flame from the 80’s who recently moved back to Manchester. They catch up on old times and Lloyd learns that her husband, and his old pal, passed away. When Lloyd returns a bracelet she left in his cab, Mandi is polite but doesn’t appear to want anything to do with him.

The truth about Gloria’s departure from Spain came out this week: she isn’t on the run from the mafia. She just burned down the drycleaners where she worked and was too embarrassed. And her boyfriend Cliff wasn’t exactly Paulie Walnuts but a meek old fella with a broken heart.

Anyway, she entered the Rovers in a “best pub” competition but Stella thinks those contests are rigged for the posh pubs. “Money goes to money.”

Also, this week got a “You’re neither use nor ornament” from Stella and a “Cheeky mare!” from Fizz (or was it Julie?).

Kirk drove Beth to her internet date at a pub in an industrial park. How depressing. It gets worse. Her “date” wanted nothing more than a few pints and roll around in his sheep skin rug.

“It ain’t real, but it looks it!”

Fortunately, Kirk came to her rescue and took a sock to the jaw for his troubles. Their getaway was thwarted by a dead car battery, however, so they hid in the van until Buddy staggered home.

Beth, who wasn’t so nice to Kirk before, suddenly sees him in a new light and clearly has developed feelings for him which may be reciprocated.

Two final notes:

I like Mandi’s style. That’s all.

Gail and Gloria on their prowess as cleaning ladies:


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19 Responses to Update for the Week Ending September 28, 2012. Baby Mama Drama

  1. corrierules says:

    KIrkeh and Beth! Now that’s the new Vera and Jack!

  2. S. Poole says:

    Faye is clearly the go-to person when something needs to be revealed, she sometimes adds a little something to spice it up a bit too.

    Rita really hating the Tina baby momma idea, almost like there is something more to it?

  3. eps says:

    I am really disappointed with Rita’s reaction. I don’t get it, why is being a surrogate so shameful; am I missing something? I could understand if Rita was upset about Tina having a child with Tommy the Whinger. He is getting way too much like Joe – Self-Pity Central. The debts are his, he was the guy willing to package drugs – Tina is willing to help a couple have a baby to help him. No contest in my book. I agree with Owen (never thought I’d write that).

    • corrierules says:

      I agree eps. I thought Rita’s reaction was OTT. And let’s not forget, Tommy handed Terry the $ and let him walk out with it, knowing the loan shark would come after him and Tina.. For what?To prove what point exactly? And it wasn’t even Tommy’s money!

  4. eps says:

    John, Thanks for all your time putting this update together – great ad-ons.

    I reckon Mandi is the maid and ashamed for Lloyd to know. “Vanity…”

  5. Wild Rover says:

    Thanks for the link to the Funk and Soul Show. I’m listening to it now.

  6. fondue123 says:

    I’m going to say it right here and now, I think Mandy is hiding the fact that her child is actually Lloyd’s. They did have an affair back when. I think she wants their past to stay in the past, and having Lloyd around could raise uncomfortable questions.

  7. fondue123 says:

    I guess I misheard, but anyway, turns out she was hiding a daughter who might be Lloyd’s…

  8. corrierules says:

    Question here: IIRC, Jason and Tina went halfsies on the flat (Joe fitted the kitchen). Isn’t she owed some $ on its sale?

    This detail has been bugging me…(yes, I know. I need to get out more).

    • John says:

      Good point. I know Jason had a hard time selling it due to the real estate meltdown in the UK so maybe he didn’t make much money off it. Or he just didn’t get the money yet.

      • corrierules says:

        Thanks John. But there has been absolutely no discussion of her getting any money back. Even her part of the deposit. This little detail has been ignored… in order to further the plot. It’s kind of annoying. But maybe I missed something.

    • Wild Rover says:

      I’ve been wondering about the ownership of the flat ever since Jason locked Tina and Graeme out of it after they started seeing each other. I don’t recall him ever buying out her share, but now it seems to belong to Jason only.

  9. eps says:

    I wondered about Tina’s share of the flat, as well. Did Jason buy her out previously perhaps? Any odds on: if Tina does get pg there is a complication during delivery which precludes Tina being able to have another child? Seems a CS-type convoluted twist of tale.

  10. Bea says:

    I’m scared for baby Ruby. ;o(
    Also, how big is Maria’s apartment? She has Kirk, Liam and Marcus living there. Now Jason wants to move in. Where’s he gonna sleep, eh?
    Also. Gloria needs to be run out of town. How can anyone be so annoying and live?

  11. lovethestreet says:

    Good on Tyrone for putting the baby’s well-being before all else!

  12. Wild Rover says:

    That scene where Kirsty lost it while she was alone with the baby was truly frightening. Let’s hope this is a turning point for Tyrone.

  13. juders says:

    I was just reading the bluenose corrie blog and was reminded about something I had totally forgotten about. Tina was pregnant once before with Davids baby. Didn’t Gail help her with the abortion? Would she be asked about this during a medical exam?

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