Update for the Week ending November 3, 2012

This week’s go round with Michelle and Steve ended on both a predictable note and an unexpected one. Calling Tracy’s bluff, Steve dumped Michelle in front of both Ryan and Tracy in hopes that Tracy would no longer have any reason to date Ryan.

For his part, Ryan then proposed to Tracy in front of everyone in the Rovers only to be turned down and told, as Steve expected (and Tracy privately confirmed to Beth), that she was no longer pregnant (in fact she never was).

Steve then goes back to Michelle to explain his ruse only to make things worse with Michelle. Michelle is well on her way to Rob’s bed by now.

Ryan’s reaction was even more over the top, deciding that his was going spend all his savings on shots and cocaine, all while Sophie (the only person he can call a friend) ran after him, trying to get him to calm down and talk about things.

Unfortunately, screaming “RY-UN!” every five minutes did nothing but send him off to play in traffic. Sophie pushed him out of the way of an oncoming car but ended up getting hit herself. That was a shocker.

After a successful Moroccan Night, French Night, Spanish Night, Canadian Night (poutine), American Night (Denny’s), Russian Night (disappointment), Swedish Night (meatballs and crime thrillers), everything came to a head when an exhausted Anna and fed up Norris quit during Greek Night.

Lloyd and Mandi and her fab head scarves finally got together and patched things up with Jenna.

Audrey paid Penny her missing 10 grand on behalf of a contrite Lewis but Gail has a theory they’re in it together. I tend to agree. Meanwhile, Lewis is working the bar at the Rovers to class up the joint during the best pub contest as Gloria feigns a fatal illness to get Lewis’ attention.

And Dennis posing as the mystery drinker was some solid gold comedy.


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12 Responses to Update for the Week ending November 3, 2012

  1. S. Poole says:

    If the Sophie story seems like deja vu, it was Sarah Lou injured in a car crash with ne-er do-well Aidan way back when, he was a Ryan type who lived on the edge, stole Ken’s car, etc, rinse, repeat.

    Dennis was a very convincing drunk, as good as our Kev.

    Steve is such a div!

  2. Trudy says:

    Steve, Steve, Steve – will you never learn? How hard would it have been to tell Michelle about your plan. She would have gladly gone along with it

  3. barbee says:

    I agree with the first two posters whole-heartedly.
    Sophie fell off a church tower within the past year or two. Are the writers considering making her accident prone full-time?
    Gloria feigning illness to Lewis and he’s falling for it? You can’t con a con, IMO. And I don’t want Lewis to hurt Audrey again. Please let them have some fun!
    Tracy’s character is so predictably awful and I really resent the writers letting her out of jail. Remember the comments made at the time, that even in soap world, the real baddies always have to pay. I think I must have been really bad, because I’m paying a serious price watching her. (although scathing Ken is a real treat. He really does have a way with words.)

  4. eps says:

    Go Michele! Atta way to continue to enable that cowardly wastrel of a son of yours. I am disgusted that she is not holding him responsible and compounding that by offering a list of folks to blame for his idiocy. Grrrrrrrr

  5. Mary Prankster says:

    We’re sure being shown the consequences of over-indulgent parenting lately. Not only has Michelle switched almost instantly from shock and anger at Ryan’s idiotic, reckless, self-absorbed behaviour to sympathy and redirecting the blame, thereby minimizing whatever lesson he could learn, but Kevin and Sally are making promises to Sophie they can’t possibly keep, telling her everything will be fine when they have no way of knowing that.,attempting to shelter and protect her, thereby taking away her opportunity to learn how to handle adversity and to test her own strength, Of course the supreme example is Dierdre, who never blames Tracy for anything, even when the evidence is staring her in the face. Tracy has learned that she can get away with whatever deluded behaviour she can concoct and her mother will be there to support her, protect her, and clean up the mess if possible. These parents have produced young adults who have no clue about how to function productively in the real world.
    Soaps are not morality plays and have no obligation to teach anything, but they can show behaviour and its consequences. What the viewers take from that is up to them.

    • eps says:

      Well said, indeed

    • Gayle says:

      Very, very well said. I’ve thought that for years. 90% of the kids on that street are spoilt rotten and have no sense of responsibility. They constantly live off their parents and rarely want to better themselves – get a decent education and a job (there have been a few exceptions happily)what the heck does Tracey live on she had a job for five minutes at the Kabob Shop then immediately quit when she was “pregnant”. I thought Ken threw her out once maybe it’s time he does it again. I couldn’t stand having a parasite living off me for years.

  6. robin says:

    What’s botherng me about the whole tracey fake pregnancy is there was a scene where they mentioned Ryan and Tracey went to the doctors. Not sure how the writers explain that one….

    • eps says:

      I thought the same. Supposedly Ryan was flirty with the doc, at least I believe that Tracy said that. Perhaps the doc was distracted. Continuity continues to appear weak with the writers.

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