Update for the Week Ending November 16. Lewis’ Revenge

Well, as Khan Noonien Singh once said, “Revenge is a dish best served cold and it is very cold in space.” It’s also cold at the Rovers where Lewis finally learned that Gloria’s feigned illness and windfall were part of a ruse to show his true colours.

The award for the pub of the year was soon to be awarded but Mary smelled shenanigans in the spirit of Bush v. Gore:

And so, on Bonfire Night, when the Rovers was presented its award for Pub of the Year from Lancashire Life magazine, Lewis brought in a reporter and insist that that they read from the comment cards. As they read glowing review after glowing review from patrons who were surprised to learn they had written any such thing.

Although it turns out Mustafa O’Shaughnessy is a real person and, in my mind, he’s already the greatest off-screen character since Fat Brenda.

Lewis was quite a treat this week, swilling lager from the can out in the street, just like the poors do and generally losing all sense of decorum as he enacted his plan against Gloria. Tired of everybody thinking that this leopard would never change his stripes, Lewis Archer just don’t care. It was all very honeybadgeresque on his part.

So, shamed and shunned, Gloria slunk into a black cab and took off but not before Archer could get one last dig in, letting her know that this was all his doing and she was a buffoon.

Meanwhile Pub of the Year went to the Weatherfield Arms which is now being run by Carole Evans, an ex-employee of Stella’s and former bedmate of Karl’s who got off Sunita’s couch long enough this week to put in an appearance at the Rovers. I sense
Stella and Carole are heading into a Walt/Gus Breaking Bad-style turf war.

Gloria is gone but will return in the new year as soon as she’s finished filming the Royle Family Christmas special.

Meanwhile, Lewis will now turn his revenge on Gail. Oh, dear.

Also making an arse of herself is Wendy Crozier Stroumboulopoulos Popoudopoulous who first claimed Ken came on to her, then tried to get Ken to kiss her, assuming he would chuck his life with Deirdre and join Wendy in bed. Finally, she withdrew her accusations and Ken was back in the board of governors good books. She and Ken had a heart to heart in which she admitted in her mind she was still 32.

Sophie is getting along with Jenna as her physio progresses although Sally thinks Jenna is not being encouraging enough. Meanwhile, Kevin had a pint with Jenna and learns that she is Lloyd’s long lost daughter and that this news has led to tension among him, her mother, and her. She also thinks it’s disrespectful to her and her dad’s memory that Mandi and Lloyd have gotten together. Kevin talks sense to her saying that Lloyd is a good guy and she should go easy on her mum so now this newly formed family is has settled in.

Mandi, as it happens, catered the Rovers’ victory party and got a job at the Rovers with the caveat that Sean have control over the hotpots.

Aidan got offered a job in London and sought Maria’s help in feeling out Marcus in regards to the move. Well, Maria went to Marcus and, oh, long story short: Maria and Marcus totally did it.


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2 Responses to Update for the Week Ending November 16. Lewis’ Revenge

  1. Tvor says:

    What baffles me is… The pub contest was put on by a posh magazine “Lancashire Leisure”. It’s astonishing that one back street pub could win let alone the second runner up be another Weatherfield backstreet pub and not some country pub somewhere.

  2. Joy says:

    Can anyone tell me what Lewis’s line was at the very end of the pub prize episode?

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