Update for the Week Ending November 30

This week, a very jealous Steve and Eva got in their heads that Rob and Michelle were, in addition to winning back an important client, were also doing the dirty in Sheffield, city of romance.

Well, the client was suitably impressed with what he saw and decided to celebrate with a good old-fashioned knees up which Rob and Michelle had to go along with to keep him keen.

When Steve and Eva got the posh hotel, desk clerk Neil Armstrong (conceived during Apollo 11) refused to divulge their room number until Eva turned on the charm.


After a few drinks, Rob confessed a lifelong crush on Michelle but she shot him down, claiming it was the drink talking. When Steve arrived, he discovered that after all, he had nowt to worry about as Michelle had no interest in her dead husband’s brother friend (thanks to Tvor for the correction). Eva, on the other hand, did as it was a naked hostess who emerged from Rob’s bathroom and not, as Steve feared, Michelle.

Well, Rob found himself dumped and Steve was a little more secure in his relationship with Michelle. Eva did a good jump embarrassing Rob in front of Underworld, while wearing a weird dress, but she still found herself turning to former boyfriend Nick.

It was Nick who cheered Eva up a little, saying she had a lot to offer. Eva takes this as a sign that there may be something between her and him. But when Leanne, depressed over the finalization of her divorce, is asked by Nick for her hand in marriage, she rebuffs him. Nick is depressed think he just can’t measure up to violence prone, alcoholic, child endangering, unfaithful Peter Barlow (except for the unfaithful part). Eva know has a project that involves breaking those two up.

In an email exchange this week among myself, Debbie, and Glacia, Debbie had this to day about Eva, her actions this week, and That Dress:

I think Eva is the kind of young woman who would think that looks
classy (said in a well beck-street accent). She is the kind of young
girl who’s ambitions are strictly man related. I think she’d think she
looked hot, but doesn’t really know the line between sexy and alluring
and trashy and cheap.

Kylie for her part is still bummed about not having as much money as Leanne but doesn’t exactly help her case when she’s seen guzzling red wine from the bottle.

Kirsty is now the PA at Underworld. It’s just never going to happen for Sally, is it? Kirsty has decided that Tyrone is not allowed to go to the mummies group because one of the mums signs her texts with a kiss. Tyrone goes to her kid’s birthday party anyway which drives Kirsty into another range. Realizing that Fizz had something to do with it, she arranges to have Fizz injure her finger on the sewing machine.


Marcus and Maria went out on their first official date, which went sour when he refused to introduce Maria as his girlfriend to his boss from the hospital.

Kirk drove to the Isle of Wight when he misprogrammed the GPS but Rob thought that London would have been his first clue.

Mandi is updating the jukebox with proper music.

Sophie came home this week. She’ll be on crutches but will continue to see Jenna but she sounded a little disappointed that their sessions will start decreasing as Sophie’s recovery continues.

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10 Responses to Update for the Week Ending November 30

  1. Tvor says:

    Great update! Hmm I think Rob is Carla’s brother, not Michelle’s Dean’s brother.

  2. Karen says:

    I LOVE your weekly sum ups and the tweets (don’t tweet but appreciate the tweet!). Agree that Rob is Carla’s brother but sounds like they were all mates and that he was there the night Michelle met Dean (Dino he said but I had never heard him called that before…)
    Keep up the GREAT work!

  3. corrierrules says:

    I echo the comments above: your recaps rock! Does anyone else think it’s weird that Leanne calls Stella “Mum” after knowing her for all of five minutes… and that Janice,. who raised Leanne, is called Janice? Also, I thought Kylie’s imitation of Leanne was spot on. She got the voice and inflections just right.

    • Wild Rover says:

      Did Leanne ever call Janice “Mum”? I only remember her calling her “Janice”. I agree, though, that Leanne was very quick to start calling Stella “Mum”. It sounds a bit odd – I think it would be more natural for her to call her “Stella”.

  4. S. Poole says:

    Disappointing update, was sure it would have a mention of Rob and M̶i̶c̶h̶e̶l̶l̶e̶ Michelle’s breasts going to the big meeting with the slightly off-putting ginger guy. 😉

    Eva and Kylie, who woulda thunk they could hatch a plan capable of getting off the ground, project bust up is off to a good start it seems.

    Love the Nick Bistro explosion tweet, I can tolerate the character in small doses but how so many women on the street think he is a good catch eludes me, maybe if it was the last bloke to play the part it would work. (he was a pretty boy!) This new Nick is not exactly charismatic either.

  5. Mary Prankster says:

    The Kirsty/Tyrone situation is raising some interesting questions for me. Dare I say “double standard”? If the Corrie writers had undertaken a storyline about the more typical scenario, where a woman is the victim, would we be responding in the same way? Are we more horrified because a man is seen as the victim, not defending himself? I suspect this is the case. When a man demands subservient obedience from his female partner we hardly bat an eye. It’s even still included in many couples’ marriage vows! We only get upset when he gets physically abusive, because that’s seen as taking unfair advantage of his larger (in most cases) size, “going too far”! It’s only very recently that police have been responding to “domestic abuse” calls as the assault cases they are. It seems more demeaning when a woman humiliates her partner than the reverse. We don’t think a woman is a “wimp” if her husband controls her. Kirsty is being portrayed as psychotic. Would the same be the case if it were a man doing the abusing, or would he only need an “anger management’ course?! I wonder where the writers intend to take this. What are they trying to achieve, beyond exposing female on male abuse, as an unacknowledged phenomenon? Until ALL abuse, in whatever form it manifests, is no longer tolerated, we can’t call ourselves civilized. I hope this is the point to this painful story.

  6. matthew says:

    While I agree with the general comments about the potential for a double standard , Kirsty is in a league of her own , when it comes to dangerous , criminal -type behaviour . Her actions in turning back on the electricity injured Fizz , and could have killed her . In Canada she would be prosecuted for assault , or worse . This follows on her criminal conduct in harassing Tina , and abusing her police badge ,to obstruct justice .

    • barbee says:

      I think the operative word here is “potential” double standard. I agree with Michael, though, that Kirsty is criminally abusive.
      I don’t think Corrie has generally not stood back and ignored or downplayed abuse because the victim was a woman. Central characters have always been feisty women we all cheer for. Alan Bradley was horrible, and got his comeuppance, and if we’d been online at the time, there certainly would have been loads of sympathy for Rita. There was a lot of concern for Shelley when the Charlie Stubbs storyline was played out. Abuse is horrifying, no matter who is the abuser. Let’s hope this finishes with Kirsty being exposed, and punished. And no bringing her back like Tracy getting out of jail. Now there’s a double standard, when it was said that real murderers would be punished.

  7. eps says:

    Good grief. I have been thinking that the mustache David has was something he penciled on when playing with Max. Tonight I realized that it apparently is a mustache he has grown/groomed on purpose. Is there not a chorus of either stifled or outright giggles every time he walks into The Rovers? H. Poirot has absolutely no competition in Weatherfield,

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