Update for the week ending December 7. 2012. Curly Wars!


This week Kirsty went into evil overdrive when she arranged for a little accident involving Fizz’s finger and a malfunctioning sewing machine. When Kirsty non-confessed to Fizz, and after Underworld management failed to find anyone responsible, Fizz called the police in. The police weren’t much help either.

Kirsty discovered Fizz’s texts to Tyrone and administered the worst beating he’s had so far, then demanded he apologize for upsetting her, and asked him to put the tea on. Tyrone confides in Fizz that this has to stop so Fizz enlists the help of Tommy who drives Tyrone and Ruby to the bus station where they hope to run away from Kirsty.

Leanne and Nick had a classy engagement do in the Bistro. Still, Eva couldn’t help but get a little dig in at Leanne’s lack of ring.

The upstairs bathroom in the Rovers is leaking so Jason does an estimate on behalf of Owen. Then he decides that Owen doesn’t really respect him as an employee and rejects his offer to buy into the building business, Jason undercuts Owen on the price. He hopes he knows what he’s doing and so do we. You don’t want to make Owen your enemy.

Dennis got a debit card. By 2152, he should be paying for things with his smartphone.

David really wants to start a family with Kylie. Gail, ever on the lookout for her sons, suggests that if she did truly love him, Kylie would give him a baby. So they break out the Google calendar and start arranging baby making dates. However when David is left caring for Max, Joseph, and the baby known by Kylie as “thingy” (Hope), it may dampen his enthusiasm for creating more children.

Lewis’s revenge on Gail continued this week as he faked a fall on her recently mopped floor.

Jenna, in addition to giving Sophie rides home from physio, seems to be visiting the Rovers more and more these days and not just to see Mandy and Lloyd. Her interest in Sophie seems to go beyond professional.


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7 Responses to Update for the week ending December 7. 2012. Curly Wars!

  1. S. Poole says:

    Would there not be security cameras in the factory and the Bistro thus catching evil Kristy and clever Lewis and their trickery? Well, maybe not so much the factory as it seems to run on a shoestring budget but surely Nick would have theft prevention in place including ceiling surveillance cams. Another plot hole. 😉

    That knicker factory must have one of the worst safety records in the industrialized world. It definitely needs the [Zero] injury free days sign. Or XX days since the last death, lol.

    Feeling scared for Jason too, when Owen is crossed he tends to make Charlie Stubbs look like a compassionate, caring soul.

  2. K Bowman says:

    Yes, Kirsty is getting more and more evil as time goes by. Hoping Tyrone can shake her without leaving the street for good.

  3. K Bowman says:

    wondering if anyone knows where to find Coronation Street merchandise in Canada?

  4. K Bowman says:

    oh yes, and happy birthday Coronation Street! 52 years and going strong!

  5. Mary Prankster. says:

    I don’t understand why, if at the end of episodes where Kirsty attacks Tyrone, information is posted in the U.K. for an organization which helps men in such circumstances, no one on the show thinks to contact such an organization. Surely Tina or Fiz would investigate that, and certainly any advice agency or the lawyer Fiz has contacted would be aware of it. Every time Tyrone says he thinks things are getting better I want to yell at the TV “All the statistical evidence says things are only going to get worse!” And I don’t understand why Tyrone can’t have a DNA test done, with or without Kirsty’s consent. Plot holes like this detract from enjoyment of the show.

  6. Bea says:

    I wish I had Rita’s power to influence young people.

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