It’s a busy week here chez Corrie Canuck what with the Chrimbo partying and the shopping and the eating and the drinking and making of the merry so it’ll be a quick update this week.

Fizz hatched a plan with Ty that would help him keep Ruby in his life and get Kirsty out of his life and all he has to do is … marry her. Well, if he’s married to Kirsty he would then get parental rights to Ruby. Crazy, yes, but it just may work. 

Unfortunately for Fizz, the plan got her fired and re-hired and then fired again from Underworld. But a date was set for a rush wedding at Christmas.

In other news, Dennis got a job as a “traffic management” thingy. This was because he was going a little nuts with Rita’s debit card to the point where the bank put a hold on the card due to unusual activity. So he decided to get his own job. 

At Rita’s urging Tommy is trying to be supportive of Tina’s surrogate pregnancy but when she faints in public and the reason is revealed to be her full womb, everybody is congratulating Tommy on a baby that isn’t his. 

Speaking of babies, David is super keen to make one with Kylie but Kylie is finding work at the bistro very rewarding and even manages to salvage a double-booked party with horsie doorvies and a Richard Ashcroft soundalike. I think Kylie had a child in her teens and would like a chance to be something other than a mum for a while. 

Finally, with Jason and Stella, Corrie is going for the lusty landlady/randy builder storyline so popular in films of an adult natures. 

I think I know what Stella’s getting for Christmas.



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3 Responses to Update for the week ending December 14, 2012

  1. corrierrules says:

    As Rob was angrily firing Fizz, I was thinking to myself: “Why is he doing this? She could sue him for pain, damages and suffering regarding the sewing machine incident. Last week, he admitted publicly he was wrong to ask the girls to try and sort out their machines. I think she has a case. It is in his best interest to keep her sweet and onside.”

  2. S. Poole says:

    Jason using Charlie’s old barmaid quote was a nice touch.

    Boy, our Tommy really likes to wallow in his own self pity, could it be Tina turns her men into clunkers.? Well, not so much for David, but Jason and Tommy seemed much smarter when they were without her.

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