Pamela Nomvete, aka Mandy Kamara, and her new book

A small number of Coronation Street cast members follow the Corrie Canuck Twitter account, including new Rovers barmaid and Lloyd’s girlfriend Mandy Kamara, who’s played by Pamela Nomvete.

I’m often interested in what cast members who have interests outside their roles on Corrie. For example Sean Wilson, formerly Martin Platt, spends his days making cheese. And Beverly Callard, formerly Liz Macdonald, used to run a pub.

Pamela Nomvete is no exception and has written a memoir of her life as an actress in a post-apartheid South Africa. Here’s the description from the website for the book, Dancing to the Beat of the Drum:

Here no amount of fame or money is able to bring solace and acceptance to Pamela Nomvete. Appearing to lead a life of luxury and success, behind closed doors she is faced with infidelity in the guise of a polygamous husband, addiction, and spiritual confusion. Her life spirals into the cliché of a riches-to-rags horror story.

The struggle of a country, South Africa to find itself in an incomprehensible vat of denial, reflects in the struggle of an individual’s fight to find her way out of her own pit of self-denial. It would seem the only victory lies in finding the beat of the drum and dancing to it.

It sounds interesting and worth checking out.

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1 Response to Pamela Nomvete, aka Mandy Kamara, and her new book

  1. Mark Daye says:

    For those who are on twitter her account is @baxdale

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