Update for the Week Ending December 28, 2012.

This week things began to fall into place for this year’s Coronation Street Christmas. As we all well know, Christmas is never boring on the street.

Let’s start with Simon. This kid has had some crap Christmases. This year, the part of Joseph in the public-school sanctioned Nativity play, for which Simon was cast, had to go to another kid when it was thought that he would be spending Christmas in Nevada watching Leanne and Nick get married. The Peter and Carla waltz in and the overseas wedding is off. So Brian Packham does him a solid and casts him as the narrator in a part especially written for him.

Then a drunk Carla goes to pick him up at school and he refuses and runs to Leanne, causing a good old fashioned cobbles fight between Leanne and Carla. But, hey, at least his dad will be back for Christmas, right? Well, wrong. You see, Carla has been hitting the bottle as soon as her feet touched British soil as, for her, Weatherfield will forever remain “the place where…” So she makes a plan to go back to L.A. as soon as she can and plans to sell the factory to raise funds for another business and buy last minute plane tickets at Christmas. So Peter turns around and tells Simon that he won’t be spending Christmas with him after all. Simon decides that Nick is his dad now and Peter can go pound sand.

But the Simon feels bad about that he should give Peter one more chance so he runs to the airport to plead with his dad not to go to America. In the end, he decides he can stay and but Carla tearfully goes on without them. Will she return? We shall see. But I guess this provides Peter an opportunity to continue to work on this calm psychopath personality he adopted in America.

Eileen set up Stella with one of Paul’s fireman friends but the date was a bust. Karl, seeing this, asked Stella to go out on a date with him to clear the air (oh, he’s still with Sunita, you may have seen her this week if you weren’t checking your texts) and possibly get back together. But Jason offers her something better so Karl gets stood up and Christmas came early this year for Stella and Jason.

Well that stayed secret for about 5 seconds when, clad only in his skivvies, Jason had to run back to his place. Eventually Stella announces to all and sundry that, yes, she and Jason are indeed pulling each other’s Christmas crackers. Because the law in England’s North West require that all new sexual relationships must be announced at your local within five days.

Roy gave Fizz a job at the café at Ty’s urging. Unfortunately, Ches overheard their plotting together and assumed they were having an affair. Pretty sure that’s coming down the road but for now, they just told him the truth.

Kirk bought 8,000 turkeys to sell before Christmas to pay for something nice for Beth. Craig has now replaced Chesney as his ginger tween protegé. Kirk’s keeping the turkeys in the old butcher’s and using the electricity from his flat to keep them frozen. This will turn out perfectly.

Steve’s battle with the Lollipop Men reached a fever pitch when they confronted Steve on the street, en masse. In the end, goodwill was restored and peace returned in time for Christmas.

Don’t forget on January 1st, we get to ring in the New Year with 90 minutes of Corrie.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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6 Responses to Update for the Week Ending December 28, 2012.

  1. corrierrules says:

    Wonderful recap John.Wishing all Corrie Canuckers the very best for 2013! Came across this on youtube the other day — a episode from 1977/78. And guess what? Dodgy turkeys were being flogged. Obviously a corrie tradition. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhp8uE4okg0

    • John says:

      Thanks for that! Kirk is the next generation’s Eddie Yeats!

    • Wild Rover says:

      That was fun to watch! And great lines, too.
      “That’s why millionaires are so miserable. They never sup nowt.”
      “It was two weeks before I finally conquered my will power.”
      Thanks for the link.

      Happy New Year to everyone!

  2. Karen says:

    thanks for that clip! great to see all the old gang, Stan and Hilda, Eddie, Len and of course Albert Tatlock and Mrs. Walker. Deidre’s glasses haven’t changed a bit!

  3. eps says:

    In the middle of watching the triple set. Geez, Ty cannot catch a break – first Fizz’s card then the baby’s toy. He deserves better. His talk with the vicar was so sweet. I’m wondering if Kristie would float like a turkey.

  4. megan says:

    Thanks for the clip. So refreshing to see Corrie with scenes that last longer than 30 seconds. Loved seeing young Rita, Emily and Deidre and wouldn’t it be lovely to have Hilda back again.

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