Update for the week ending January 4, 2012. ‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

Well, this is something. We’re seeing the UK Christmas episodes just before Twelfth Night as opposed to next September. Pretty darn cool, I day.
This week on Coronation Street, Ty and Fizz finally got together, just as many were hoping would happen. It was Ty’s 30th birthday and Kirsty arranged to have a surprise party for him in the Rovers while Emily watched over Ruby. That left Fizz to hide in Ty’s until Emily dozed off in front of the TV. She made good her escape but left behind a Christmas card for Ty with an “xxx” on it. Kirsty discovered this and gave Ty a truly horrible beating. Fizz took photos of his injuries with her phone and took him to the hospital to get looked at. The whole affair, horrid as it is, has lead them to grow even closer and this week, they slept together. And Tina found out but offered them the keys to her flat so they can have alone time together as she and Tommy ain’t having much of that lately.

The whole plan to marry Kirsty so Ty can have legal custody of Ruby sounds a bit and it probably is and I have an idea it’s not going to go as well as they’d like. Still, nice thta Ty and Fizz finally got together.

Natalie Gumede as Kirsty is doing a great job. She’s basically playing someone with two personalities and the switches between the two would come off as a panto villain for a lot of actors but she makes it seem natural. Still, I’m curious to see where her character will end up if/when Ty leaves her.

And Alan Halsal has really stepped it up as well, particularly in that scene with the vicar when he talked about his desire for a family.

Kirk’s turkeys ended up in the canal after he learned they were stolen so he bought Freshco’s turkeys for the people who already ordered. Now that they’re in the hole, Craig, in a moment of self-sacrifice sold his iPod to buy Beth a necklace that Kirk would give to her. It will be an ironic twist if Beth sells her neck to buy Craig a new iPod.

Anyway, they all end up moving to Maria’s flat where she and Marcus are awaiting to the arrival of his parents. Marcus is nervous about seeing them due to the Maria thing.

Dylan is in town and Sean is being a dick about Marcus seeing him, stripping him of the title “Uncle” and present-giving privileges.

Having learned that his wife was on the Pill, David got particularly offensive with Kylie at the Bistro during Nick’s stag do. To his credit, Nick has been standing up for Kylie while David drags up her stripper past. During egg roulette, David ended up with egg on his face.

Congratulations, David.


Simon’s Nativity play was this week and Nick couldn’t make it due to a last minute Christmas Eve booking at the Bistro. But the booking was faked by Eva but Nick thought it was Peter so he went and started a fight with Peter in the middle of the play, again upsetting Simon.

This put Leanne off Nick for a while so Peter’s weird passive aggressive plan to win her back (while his own girlfriend is in California) went into play.

Leanne got particularly wrecked on her hen do (thanks to Eva who just wanted a vomiting bride on the big day) and came back to find Peter waiting for her. They had a long talk where Peter did his creepy voice on her and it almost worked until Stella put the run to him and he went back to his flat.

Suddenly there’s someone at Peter’s door. Is it Leanne? Is it Lady Vastra?

No, but that would be AWESOME! It is, instead, the almost equally awesome appearance of Carla who is back from America where, apparently, cheap flights at Christmas can be found at the last minute. Well, that’s going to put a dent in Dr. Lector Peter’s plans to get Leanne back through passive aggression.

Gonna be a corker of a Christmas, I tells ya. Corrie Christmas falls on Monday this year. Enjoy!


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4 Responses to Update for the week ending January 4, 2012. ‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

  1. S. Poole says:

    Thanks, tuned in late and wondered how the heck Fiz ended up having to sneak out past sleeping Aunty Em. Put me in mind of the famous Richard Hillman scene when he was planning to smother her with a pillow. And then the one where he nearly succeeded in knocking her off the night he (spoiler alert) killed Maxine with a pry bar. Emily would be best off staying awake on tot sitting jobs. 😉

  2. eps says:

    John, thanks for the update. My viewing has been a bit sketchy during the hols. Plus, it is always good to see another Dr. Who fan. The Christmas episode was one of my favorites this year.

    S. Poole, I thought the same thing about Emily – one would think she’d have learned. I have had it with Kirstie and am on pins and needles when Fiz and Tyrone are together – Kirstie will explode like the tram crash if/when she finds them together.

    Though not a Kylie fan did feel very sorry for her. She did not deserve Doofus David’s scorn, especially so publicly. Gail must be so proud of her boys and their reflections of her parenting skills (or lack thereof).

    Is Amy back to living in the underground bunker or the loo in the back garden?

  3. Karen says:

    Agree that Kirsty’s role is very challenging and although she is the pyscho we love to hate, the actor is doing a superb job, as is Ty, as always!

  4. Thel Haug says:

    I agree with you, Karen. 🙂

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