ITV: Hayley Cropper to Leave Coronation Street after 15 Years


It’s a dark day here at Corrie Canuck. After 15 years on the cobbles, Julie Hesmondhalgh has decided to end her time as Hayley Cropper. She had been on a break to some theatre work but I guess she decided that that’s where her heart truly is.

Hayley was a favourite around here and it will be sad to see her go. Reaction among the Corrie Canuck community was swift and unanimous.









Here’s hoping her exit is worthy of her and that she leaves with a door open to someday return.

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9 Responses to ITV: Hayley Cropper to Leave Coronation Street after 15 Years

  1. misspimms says:

    oh now now ….. dark days indeed ….. will miss Hayley and her innate sensibility in all occasions.

  2. S. Poole says:

    My gosh, 15 years? Seems like half that, time flies by when you are having fun I suppose as the saying goes. Will miss her like mad, poor Roy will be lost.

  3. eps says:

    I can’t think of an exit good enough for Hayley. I do hope they let her leave in a black cab rather than Streetcars. With luck they won’t kill her so the possibility of her returning sometime in the future will be left open. Poor Roy, whatever will he do?

  4. lovethestreet says:

    Say it ain’t so! Hayley is a WONDERFUL character. Her cardigans, prim little walk and straight-laced lifestyle belie an uncanny perception and depth of character second to none. Not only one of the most decent characters on the street, but also one of the most entertaining. Hayley’s personality is so engaging that I tend to forget the transsexual storyline that introduced her to the program, although it was considered sensational at the time.

    Oh, this is a sad day…

  5. Bea says:

    I think Hayley is supposed to be in the US looking after her mother and her man friend. I hope they don’t just leave her there and forget about her.

  6. Wild Rover says:

    Although I would love to have the door left open for a return, it’s difficult to imagine Hayley leaving Roy, so having her character die might be the only option. Whatever they do with Roy when Hayley is gone, I hope no one gets the idea of pairing him with Mary.

  7. Tvor says:

    Absolutely gutted. I really hope they don’t break up Roy and Hayley so it might end up that Roy leaves too! Otherwise I”m very afraid she’ll die. I doubt very much Roy will ever find another partner after losing his soul mate.

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