Update for the Week Ending January 11, 2012. And So This is Christmas.

And What Have You Done, Leanne?

After a riotously drunk hen do, a very inebriated Leanne was confronted by California Peter and That Voice as he tried to tell her that marrying Nick would be a big mistake. He almost succeeded in breaking her down had Stella not walked in.

On Christmas morning, the Stella and her two girls, clad in their winter furs got ready to go to the venue to where Leanne would wed Nick but not before she confronted Peter and wanted to know if there was a chance for them.

Well, there was but not while Carla’s back.

“Oh I think that ship’s sailed love,’ she declared.

So.. back to the church where it looked as though everything was back on track until the officiant asked if anyone has any objections to Leanne and Nick getting married.

Well, Eva certainly did and told all and sundry that Leanne gave Peter first refusal. Well, that cleared the way for that Dutch royalty and the Man City footballer who were waiting to have a disastrous marriage of their own.

So that was it. Wedding’s off and Eva had to get her own ride back to town and Simon was heartbroken…again.

And What Have You Done, Nick & Kylie?

Nick went to the posh hotel he rented for his wedding night where was joined by Kylie to whom he had been sympathetic when David was being awful to her. 

Well, two broken hearts plus several drinks and a bottle of champagne mean you know what in this town.

The next day, they both regretted it but when the Platts came looking for Nick, Kylie hid in a closet and heard David’s regrets about how he treated his wife, she felt extra guilty and decided to call Becky and arrange a flight to Barbados. At the last minute she changed her mind and by New Year’s Eve, she was working at the Bistro helping Nick celebrate his birthday (David was born on Christmas Day, Nick was born on New Year’s. Gail only gives birth on High Holy Days because she’s very religious.).

And What Have You Done, Tyrone?

Tyrone and Fizz are in love and they’re doing it, thanks to Tina who offered up her flat.

However when Fizz’s boiler was on the blink, Tyrone came by to slap together a fix. Later Fizz and Ches were feeling like they had the flu. Fizz collapsed and Tyrone had to break in on New Year’s Eve. If Fizz survives this, she won’t survive when Kirsty finds out. 

And What Have You Done, Kevin?

Kevin tried it on with Jenna who very quickly shot him down. Feeling her professional relationship with Sophie was at stake (not to mention that pretty bracelet she gave her for Christmas), Jenna decided it would be best for Sophie if she started seeing other physiotherapists. 

Ryan, who is transforming now into slightly more likeable person, susses that Sophie likes Jenna and Sally convinces Sophie to give it another go. Besides, since the confrontation at Lloyd’s (oh, that was awkward between Kevin and Lloyd), Sophie fell down and will need more physio. 

And What Have You Done, Rob?

Rob messed with the books so Underworld would be undervalued which would make it cheaper for him to buy a piece of it but Carla quickly figured it out. 

And What Have You Done, Marcus?

Finally! Somebody had a decent Christmas as Marcus’ parents came up from Dorking (yes it’s a real place) and he reconciled with them and they love Maria and all is well.



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11 Responses to Update for the Week Ending January 11, 2012. And So This is Christmas.

  1. S. Poole says:

    And What Have You Done, John? Given us much joy this year with excellent updates and the best GIFs on the web. (might have gone with the Michael Scott NOOOOO!!! yesterday in the Hailey is leaving thread but hey, you probably prfer the UK version of the Office same as moi)

    Happy New Year all!

  2. wilhelminathethird says:

    Happy New Year, John! I have read everything here for years although I have left only one previous comment. I must say Thank You so much!! I truly appreciate your time and effort as this is my favourite Corrie website by far! Best Wishes to you and your family for 2013!

  3. lovethestreet says:

    Ditto from me! Happy new year, John, and thank you for your updates. This is my favourite Corrie site too!
    Best wishes for 2013 to all the other fans out there. Wishing us more scenes like the lollipop men vs Steve in the new year.

  4. Tvor says:

    Ryan…likeable??? How can you tell? All I ever hear is mumble, mumble mumble (mumbled very quickly) and the occasional word. Reaction from Sophie is the only way i can tell what he’s talking about.

  5. Trudy says:

    Thank you for your updates. I love to read them and participate in comments afterwards. Happy New Year to everyone.

  6. barbee says:

    I agree with everyone – I love John’s updates. But my burning question today is “where the heck is Hope?”. No sign of her at Anna’s when they were getting ready to go to the Lake District, no sign of her at the house where Fiz’s condition is rapidly deteriorating, no sign when Tyrone races in. And to top it off, when the doctor asked Tina who lived in the house with Fiz, no mention of Hope (that I heard anyway), just “her brother, his partner and their baby”. With all the children on the street, perhaps this one, so rarely seen, has just been forgotten about! We do hear about Amy occasionally, but I think she’s been in the dishwasher for some time now. Did we see her at the Christmas table?
    Anyway, I’m about ready to issue an amber alert.

    • eps says:

      barbee, Since Fiz was feeling unwell Katie offered to take Hope to the family holiday at the Lakes. Darn good thing, eh?
      Didn’t Ty fix the boiler at Fiz’s? It used to be a council house so I suppose it still is so wouldn’t the council as landlord be responsible for fixing it?
      There was the briefest of scenes with Amy on Christmas Day while they were waiting for
      Peter to show-up. Was she in the Christmas play?

  7. eps says:

    John, I also appreciate your endeavors in keeping this site open. It is my favorite as well.
    The hiatus (much deserved) lead credence to “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.
    Well, “heart” may be a bit much but I’m sure you know what I mean. Thank you.

  8. Gayle says:

    I agree with the posters wondering where Hope is? Fizz must have a lot of free childcare available because she is never with her daughter. She’s either in the pub, at Roy’s or getting it on with Tyronne. How nice of Anna to take Hope on holiday.

  9. Bea says:

    Leanne, Stop Grovelling. ;o(

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